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Key Points for Captain Mona Shindy, CSC

  • CAPT Mona Shindy, CSC is the CEO and founder of MSC at NFP organisation specialising in strategic leadership and management consulting; with a focus on imparting knowledge in the areas of STEM as well as Diversity and Inclusion.
  • She is a retired Australian Navy Captain, a highly successful and inspiring leader . She is a role model for women and cultural minorities.
  • CAPT Shindy is a a highly capable engineer, having served on a number of the nation’s most advanced warships, leading thousands of technical sailors and officers in times of peace and war.
  • She holds an Electrical Engineering degree with honours. She also has degrees in Master of Commerce (Organisation and Management) and Master of Arts (Politics & Policy). She is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (GAICD) and has a Diploma in Export Management.

Topics for Captain Mona Shindy, CSC

  • Leadership - From migrant child to navy captain and beyond
    CAPT Mona Shindy, CSC came from humble migrant beginnings. She took many paths not well trodden and forged roads never before traversed to become a highly successful strategic leader, engineer, project director, change agent and author. Throughout her journey she encountered many barriers and setbacks. Her story is one of courage, being true to self and carving out a path to success against the odds. Modelling strong integrity, resilience and leadership qualities, Captain Shindy has championed many innovative change initiatives to capitalise on inclusion and diversity in the workplace. In the process she created a legacy that is both inspiring to minorities as well as educative for organisations serious about addressing blind spots to get the best out of all employees and target markets.
  • Inclusion and diversity - Shattering identity bias (also the title of her memoir)
    Diversity and differences in perspective generate new and superior outcomes for all. Biases (unconscious, affinity, confirmatory) are real and must be guarded against through the dismantling of any structural and systemic barriers. Open and respectful two way communications and decision taking based on evidence, facts and data are the key ingredients needed to maximise individual and organisational potential.
  • Pluralism – Navigating across seemingly disparate communities and cultures
    Understanding the art and skills necessary to live all aspects of one's full identity as a minority in different settings. The speech is a practical guide to breaking down barriers, increasing understanding and paving an easier path for those aspiring to follow. It is aimed at inspiring confident and capable people fully contributing (without compromising one's sense of self) to achieve great personal and organisational success.

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