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Key Points for Brenda Bence

  • Brenda Bence is a Global Certified Speaking Professional, so you know you are hiring a speaker with a proven track record of outstanding speaking experience, eloquence, and expertise, no matter how diverse your audience.
  • Customer repeat rate is 95%, with organizations inviting her back again and again, even to speak at the same conferences and conventions, year after year.
  • Breaks down complex topics into simple and eye-opening bites of information that are also easy to understand and practical to immediately apply.
  • Brings her diverse, international talent and extensive experience to every live or online keynote address, educating, entertaining, and engaging your audience from start to finish.
  • Instils accountability within each audience member, empowering them right away to use what they have learned.
  • One of only a handful of professional speakers worldwide who have earned the coveted Global Certified Speaking Professional title from the Global Speakers Federation.

Topics for Brenda Bence

  • Thriving in the New Renaissance
    In a world where possibilities seem endless, why do most of us still feel so stuck? Learn how to ride the wave of the future by letting go of limiting beliefs and releasing your innate, wide open potentiality, both personally and professionally.
  • Master the Brand Called YOU™®
    How you develop and communicate your personal brand makes the difference between success and failure in this new, wide open world.
  • The Art and Science of Inspirational Leadership
    Top lessons learned from Executive Coaching about how to become a more inspiring leader of both yourself and others.
  • Leading Through Uncertainty
    What do you do when nobody knows what to do? In the face of unsettling times, get answers to the most common questions asked during a crisis and walk away with hands-on and immediately applicable solutions to addressing uncertainty—in yourself and others.
  • Embrace a Global Mindset and Perspective in Today’s Workplace
    How do you cut through the confusion of today’s increasingly diverse world and learn to navigate your way to success on a global scale?
  • Excel as a Wide Open Leader
    Given your existing mindset and behaviors as a leader, be honest—would you want to work for you? Learn key tips, tools, and techniques to becoming the leader everybody wants to work for.

Testimonials for Brenda Bence

Brenda’s speech blew me away! There are some speakers I just remember and other speakers who make a profound impact, even after the event is over. Brenda is the latter. Even till today, her speech still lingers in my memory. She deserved the standing ovation she received.
J. Walter Thompson Worldwide

Brenda is dynamic, clear, and captivating. She has the ability to make the audience focus on what matters to them and create a wonderful sharing environment.
Director, MNC Business
AIA Hong Kong

Professional speakers like you, Brenda, are called ‘professional’ for a good reason. Several team members actually thanked me for inviting you to speak! I am already arranging to have you come back and speak again.
Area Director
Eli Lilly Asia

Brenda is a fantastic speaker. She managed to make the two-hour session so interesting that I didn’t even realize time passing by.
Head Fixed Income, APAC
UBS Singapore

It’s rare to find a speaker who is both entertaining and informative, and that’s the gift you brought us. Working with you was a pleasure. The feedback was so positive that I am sure that we will be engaging your services again soon. Thank you, Brenda, you delivered all you promised to and more!
Senior Human Resources Manager, APAC