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Key Points for Bradley Dryburgh

  • In 2020 Bradley launched his first fundraising event, #42forCF, where he pledged to run a marathon to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis Australia. On December 12th 2020, with bleeding lungs, he achieved his goal and inspired thousands along the way. #42forCF is heading into its 4th event in just 3 years having raised over $100,000 in the process.
  • Brad is one of Cystic Fibrosis Australia’s key ambassadors and has accepted an award at Government House for his national service to Cystic Fibrosis.
  • Brad also hosts the podcast, A Lot to Talk About, where he has connected with Olympic athletes, world-class actors & musicians, inspirational characters, and other incredible storytellers unpacking key lessons and points of growth in their journey.
  • Brad has also been invited to meet with former Prime Minister Scott Morrison and has featured on several of Australia’s biggest TV & radio programs to speak on his philosophies to overcome adversity and live a life on purpose.
  • Brad recently received honours as a runner up in the ‘Dean Publishing’ manuscript competition for his auto-biography titled ‘Blessed With Bleeding Lungs’. He is currently in the process of completing the book before he secures a publishing deal.

Topics for Bradley Dryburgh

  • Purpose fuels progress
    Research shows that having a sense of purpose is good for our well-being and improves our resilience to stress. Most people believe that purpose is reserved for elite in society (celebrities & sporting stars), but that couldn’t be further from the truth. We can all craft a unique & intentional purpose for our life by answering a few simple questions & applying the answers to our everyday lives.
  • Developing resilience
    Adversity is a normal part of the human experience. We will all have to unwillingly face adversity at times in our life. The question is, are you willing to seek it out so that you can intentionally develop the grit required to overcome the challenges you face?
    If we harness the power of our purpose, set measurable & specific goals, align with a support system & apply discipline to the process, anyone can develop the resilience required to feel steadfast in the face of extreme & even life-threatening adversity.
  • Master your perspective and self-belief
    Time & time again, we hear successful teams & individuals talk about ‘controlling the controllable’. Our perspective & our beliefs are two of the very few things we can truly control & they both serve an incredibly important role in challenging times. Belief dictates behaviour & behaviour often determines our outcomes. But let’s not forget, that outcomes often fall outside of our control & that is where perspective serves as a valuable asset to have in our toolbox. Perspective allows us to reframe the outcomes that aren’t desirable & find the opportunities to learn & grow. 

Testimonials for Bradley Dryburgh

We invited Bradley to speak at our Mid-Cycle Meeting where all our commercial employees come together to reflect on the previous six months and refocus for the coming six months. As a healthcare company, understanding how everyone’s work connects to helping patients live healthier lives is important. Bradley did exactly that, he brought everyone on the journey to understand more about the experience of someone living with cystic fibrosis and has exceptional story telling skills. Everyone in the room was highly engaged and his presentation was so impactful that many people were talking about this after the event and gave this feedback in a post-event survey. I highly recommend Bradley Dryburgh as an inspiring speaker at your next event, he’ll help prove that we aren’t defined by our circumstances but rather how we respond to them.
Country Manager

Rarely in my life have I come across such an inspirational young man. His story is one of determination, defying the odds and dreaming big! Brad’s an engaging speaker who gets you in. It’s easy to connect with this guy and you can’t help but to walk away with a double shot of his positivity!!
Principal Consultant
Batavi Special Projects

Bradley has been such a strong advocate in sharing his story that he is a recipient of our Patron Award by the Governor Generals Wife Mrs Hurley in October this year. Not only is Bradley a great speaker but he is excellent to work with and is very professional. I know that I can always count on Bradley and most of all each time I hear Bradley speak I am personally inspired and encouraged. One of the things I enjoy most about listening to Bradley speak is how authentic and genuine he is. If you are looking to develop resilience and unlock purpose in your life then you must have Brad at your next event. Anyone listening to Bradley share his story will walk away inspired, encouraged and full of hope as he demonstrates to us all what it is truly like to live life to the full.
Cystic Fibrosis Australia