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Key Points for Brad Smith

  • Brad Smith is a two times winner of Australian Young Entrepreneur of the Year.
  • He was a runner-up International Young Entrepreneur of the Year.
  • He is a 4 times Australian Retail Business of the Year.
  • Brad is the author of DIRB It up Do It Real Big: From Backyard Business into a Multi Million Dollar Enterprise.

Topics for Brad Smith

  • Growth
    Brad reminds us that the areas of our lives that we are most passionate, the areas of our lives that make us feel most alive are the areas of our lives that we are growing. Growth is the essence of life. This session inspires us to create consistent and compounded growth in our lives and organisation.
  • Passion
    Passion comes from how you do it, not what you do. Find Passion in right now. Brad talks about how no one gets to do the things they love every day. The secret to growth is not doing what you’re passionate about, but being passionate about what you’re doing. Passion is an attitude.
  • Vision
    Vision is the corner stone to growth. Vision overcomes challenge. We all have a visionary inside of us. Brad shares stories and strategies to solidify the vision you have of yourself and your organisation.
  • Be afraid
    Your ability to live outside your comfort zone is directly proportional to your ability to grow as a person. Brad’s ‘Be Afraid’ session inspires you to embrace fear, to make fun of failure and to step outside your comfort zone.
  • Yes
    YES “It is always YES in the end, if it’s not a yes, it’s not the end” This session equips you with the tools and skills to deal with rejection, to overcome “NO” and to move towards the outcome. Brad shares how he got laughed out of the office of over 50 Motorcycle manufacturing plants before he found a manufacturing partner.
  • Do more than you're paid to do
    The habit of doing more than you’re paid to do is the science of growth. Reward follows value. Brad speaks about why we would want to do more than we are paid to do, sharing stories and lessons to inspire action from the audience.
  • Think
    “The brain is a muscle, treat it like one.” How do we feed our brain the thoughts required to grow into the people we want to become? Brad speaks about proximity and how to get in proximity of people who think at a higher level than we do, hold us accountable and push us forwards.
  • DIRB
    "Do It Real Big"
  • Grow against the odds

Testimonials for Brad Smith

What a fantastic journey to share and amazing to hear someone who’s vision goes years ahead. Brad was very open and honest, sharing some great stories with lots of takeaways.
Entrepreneurs' Organisation

Inspiring, exciting message, a pleasure to work with.
Commerce Ballarat

Brad was fantastic, very engaging and very inspiring.
Tasmanian Association of Community Houses

Brad was a very good speaker and related well to our group (young professionals).  I feel they could relate to him as 'speaking their language'.  And they asked a lot of questions, which indicates to me they were very engaged with the key messages. 
QBE Management Services

Brad was inspiring, it was so refreshing to hear a young person with such clarity of vision and aspirational goals for business, and life generally. His story is so compelling – be conscious and plan to become the person you want to be. I want my children to hear Brad speak!
Brown Brothers

Brad was more than just excellent, he was unbelievable. The whole room was captivated by his presence. The room was buzzing with so much energy when he finished, the feedback I have received has been nothing but rave reviews. He was extremely professional and keen to assist where necessary. I would definitely recommend Brad to any group.
Re/Max National Sales Rally

I first met Brad at the CBA sponsored Small Business Champion Awards in 2008. Brad was the winner of the Young Entrepreneur of the Year. Brad has a level of vitality and 'can do' approach that is infectious. He has the ability to engage at all levels and inspire others to take up and make his, and others, dreams a reality. His community engagement is extraordinary. I would encourage anyone who has an opportunity to work with Brad to take up the challenge and enjoy the ride!
General Manager
Productivity at Commonwealth Bank of Australia

The White Pages crew got it 100% right with Brad Smith - Founder of braaap Motorcycles as a motivational speaker today!!
Sensis Staff

I’m going to call up Microsoft and see if we can Paste and Copy Brad Smith into our Local Economy, We need him.
Minister of Finance

A real pleasure hearing you speak and I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. We had Verne Harnish yesterday and although he is rated in the world as one of the top 10 best minds, he did not receive a standing ovation like you did. When you are next in Perth, let me know as some of the guys would like to buy you dinner and thank you for your outstanding efforts. Stay well and will look forward to getting my first braaap motorbike.
Entrepreneurs Organisation

…Since Renee put me onto Brad, we have been communicating on the phone regularly with some mentoring conversations. Yesterday I had the opportunity to hear him speak at Cosgrove High to about 80 teenagers from disadvantaged backgrounds. They hung on every word!  I won't recommend speakers until I see them in action...and Brad is fabulous!!!!! He is not loud and brash...just very authentic with lovely Tassie family values. This 21 year old now employs his Mum, Dad (who went back to TAFE to become a mechanic) and his sister... in his businesses. His accomplishments, philosophy, humility and discipline...are awesome! He's also very suitable for corporate audiences (they would wet their pants hearing this story from someone soooooo young and yet so wise!) …This is a young man who can shake we older people up!
Robyn Moore

After I was advised by students on the organising committee of this year’s Australian Business Week about getting you involved, I am so glad that they did because the presentation was excellent, spoken in a calm manner that did not appear as a teaching exercise but contains so much useful information that the students can use in their own business plans. Also on a personal note, I was so glad to have the opportunity to meet you and work with you on this presentation, because you are an inspirational young business person whose down to earth personality can easily bring out the best in people.
sheepISH Productions

Brad was fantastic and everybody just loved him!   His energy and enthusiasm was great and he related his presentation back to the audience in such a good way that we couldn’t be happier. I think you will be getting calls from a lot of the golf clubs involved as they really enjoyed the presentation and need to drive a way forward to encourage Gen Y to play golf and Brad could certainly achieve that for him.
Event Co-ordinator

Thanks Brad, Best motivational speaker i have seen in a long time!! The White Pages crew got it 100% right with Brad Smith - Founder of braaap Motorcycles as a motivational speaker today!! Brad really impacted them with his drive and passion. Feedback from the school has been great. Top job Brad. Your success is deserved and inspirational, and you are a genuine young bloke. Well done.
Mike Baimbridge

Real-life situations spoken from experience and "the heart" are what makes Brad so popular and credible. Not to mention "following the dream" wherever it may take you - not just dreaming but putting the dream into action and taking steps to make it happen. So, thank you Brad, for a delightful session. 
Vija Hughes

The students were all inspired by his stories of resilience, his dynamic speaking and his enthusiasm and motivation. He had an easy rapport with students from this age group and they hung on his every word. 
Viv Ride

Brad was fantastic - his enthusiasm and wisdom captured the audience. I think people who attended the forum will long remember and be influence by his inspirational and grounded story. 
University of Ballarat

The client was really impressed with Brad and we will definitely consider him for future events.