23 Feb 2022

The best speakers on health and wellbeing in Adelaide and South Australia

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Health and wellbeing are important at the best of times, let alone in unprecedented times like these. Having speakers who understand the health and wellbeing industry minefield means your audience have an expert guide on their path to health, and experts like these are critical to building a solid event program.


Annie Harvey

With an Amazon bestselling book under her belt, it’s no wonder Annie Harvey is a sought-after speaker in the wellbeing space. The Little Book of STILL’s author is a qualified mindfulness trainer and laughter wellness facilitator.

Annie is known as the pattern interrupter. Her theories on the power of stillness are revolutionary, and what she has to say resonates on a deep level with her audiences. As a speaker, she is well-versed in connecting with large audiences, having spoken previously to over 1000 people at TEDxAdelaide.

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Dr Troye Wallett

Aged care is Troye Wallett’s passion. As a GP working with the elderly, he’s had unique insights into the challenges of caring for the country’s older citizens. He used these insights to create GenWise Health, a healthcare platform aimed at improving the care provided to elderly patients.

GenWise Health was recognised for its outstanding contribution to caring for the elderly with the 2017 Telstra Business of the Year award.

As a speaker, Troye is focused on bringing together his passionate work as a GP and the knowledge he’s grown as a small business entrepreneur. His story is inspiring, and his deep commitment to the welfare of others leaves audiences hopeful for the future.

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Brent Reilly

Brent Reilly learned resilience both on and off the field. A prestigious AFL player with the Adelaide Football Club, his career came to an abrupt and dramatic halt when he suffered a fractured skull in a training accident.

While his life as an elite athlete made him strong, his injury and recovery taught him true resilience. Brent now understands resilience to be the ability to survive, recover and move forward no matter what happens. He is a resilience trainer, teaching others how to harness their inner resilience to strengthen them in the face of adversity.

His story is deeply emotional, and Brent’s take on emotional resilience is refreshing.

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John Schumann AM

Few songs have captured both the horrors of war and the imagination of a nation like John Schumann’s ‘I was only 19’. John is an activist, environmentalist, writer and musician. He is involved in many facets of veterans affairs, primarily in acknowledging and marking the sacrifice made by Australian veterans.

John’s broad experience in Australia’s music and political scenes makes him an excellent, empathetic speaker. He speaks with genuine conviction, and his message resonates just as much as his songs do.

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Michelle Stanton

It took a near-death experience to wrench Michelle Stanton out of the high-pressure corporate world. After realising it had nearly killed her, Michelle knew she had to change track. Her extended hospital stay profoundly affected her, including triggering her to enter what she refers to as a State of Grace, known in athlete circles as being ‘in the zone.’

This experience so inspired Michelle that she knew she had to bring it to the world. Today, Zonehigh, her company, offers group, corporate and individual training as part of its mission – to fulfill the human potential.

Michelle speaks candidly about the experience that changed her life, and her dedication to helping others achieve the same state is inspiring.

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The past several years have brought home the true importance of health and wellbeing and all that it encapsulates. It’s never been more critical to have experienced individuals guiding our collective wellbeing as we navigate the challenges of COVID-19. These speakers know their stuff; they bring lived experience to the table and leave audiences everywhere inspired and uplifted. To find the perfect match for your next event or for more information on any of the above,

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