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Key Points for Michelle Stanton

  • Peak performance, emotional mastery and presence expert. Michelle knows how to upgrades humans from Human 1.0 to Human 2.0 by removing fear from their system, so that they can be open, collaborative and agile in order to thrive in this exciting era of constant innovation.
  • Books published: The Timeless World – Debunk your fears and discover Heaven on Earth and Selling in the Zone – Stress free success in sales. Michelle has more than 5000 books in circulation.
  • She has interviewed on Talk Back radio with Jeremy Cordeaux and many articles written about the Zone.
  • Clients Include: ASC (Australian Submarine Corporation, NOVA Entertainment, Bernie Lewis, CFS (Country Fire Service), Bendigo Bank, Brand South Australia, Victorian Tourism Industry Council, Women in Treasury, Dean Brogan ex Port Power and Jessica Trengove Olympic Marathon Runner.
  • Michelle is the past President of The Professional Speakers Association in South Australia.

Topics for Michelle Stanton

  • How winners become champions
    • Learn the 3rd key to success, beyond purpose and process – your state of being.
    • Understand you how manage how you feel moment to moment to close the gap between intention and action.
  • How winners become champions in sales
    • How to get the X-factor that distinguishes a great sales person who breaks sales records in their company and industry and a good producer in sales.
  • Networking in the zone
    • The process of networking and follow-up, as well as the mental and emotional mind-set you need to do this exceptionally well.
  • In the zone of personal leadership
    • Presents a different perspective to leadership that empowers you to lead yourself and your team.
  • Everyone profits from happiness
    • Happiness is a resource not a reward. Shares tools and skills required for being happy Now so that you can use this to power your success at work and in life.
  • Relax and stop worrying
    • How stress and worry work and shows how to relax and stop worrying to improve well being and productivity at work and at home.
  • Increase your productivity by getting in the zone
    • The art of quantum leap in productivity by clearing your mind of limiting thoughts and tapping into the creative power within.
    •  Understand the tools and skills to dissolve procrastination and encourage spontaneous productive action.
  • Get in the zone
    • How to get into the peak performance state champion athletes call being in the zone.
    • Learn the tools and skills to get in the zone and perform at your peak at work, home and sport.

Testimonials for Michelle Stanton

Michelle spoke at our YWCA SHE Leads Conference.  She was extremely personable and funny, and each of the 200+ delegate attendees walked away inspired and ready to put their learning into practice. 
YWCA of Adelaide 

The feedback forms were full of glowing praise for Michelle and for the content of her presentation.
CPA Australia

We only heard amazing feedback about your session – it worked so well and was definitely the highlight of the conference.
Victorian Tourism Industry Council (VTIC) 

Overall feedback was overwhelmingly positive and the ongoing demand for your presentations are testament to their quality. Our members continue to find your knowledge and experience valuable and highly sought after.
Brand South Australia 

The information that Michelle presented, along with her unique and engaging personal nature, have bought a significant change to our business. We have reduced absenteeism by 34% and increased productivity in our property management department by 22%.
Professionals Richmond, SA 

One of the best speakers I have ever seen. Michelle has had a lasting impact.
Bernie Lewis. 

I was unable to recall a time where the audience seemed so enthused and connected with the keynote speaker.
BDM SA Great

Thank you for giving such an inspiring and interactive presentation. The feedback forms are full of glowing praise for you and for the content of your presentation. If you're an example of how The Zone can improve our lives, then we should all be making an effort to learn more about this exciting state of being.
CPA Australia  

Having coordinated many speaking engagements, I was unable to recall a time previously whereby the audience had seemed so enthused and "connected" with the key-note speaker and was thrilled that Michelle had exceeded every expectation I had set in the lead up to the event. I commend her to you in the highest terms.
SA Great
Michelle Stanton is an exceptional speaker. It’s apparent that she speaks straight from her heart. She moved us from tears to laughter. We learnt so much just by listening to her. Our lives will never be the same again. She has my highest recommendation as a speaker.
Mission Australia

Your interaction with the sales team created a strong association within minutes. There is a great saying "The teacher will come when the student is ready". We were ready for you and the Zone – the response was very, very good!

Michelle was so clear and compelling as a presenter, I signed up for her course on the spot!
Ray White