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Key Points for Brent Reilly

  • Through his personal experience Brent Reilly understands that resilience is to have the ability to withstand, recover and grow in the face of adversity.
  • He played 203 games for Adelaide Football Club.
  • Brent Reilly is a life member of the Adelaide Football Club.
  • He was an AFL footballer for 14 years.
  • Brent Reilly is a resilience instructor.

Topics for Brent Reilly

  • Resilience in times of adversity
  • Transition from football into working
  • Highs and lows of an AFL footballer

Testimonials for Brent Reilly

Brent Reilly did an excellent job and was very well received by those attending the function. He gave his story with passion and linked it back to building resilience. The fact that there were lots of questions and people wanting to catch up with him demonstrated the connection he made with the group.

Great speaker today thanks. Fabulous to hear from someone who has so much to share in a quiet and inspiring way. I am sure his story and perspective will be being shared across many dinner tables tonight.
BHP Senior Leader
Adelaide Football Club

Brent Reilly’s life experience allows him to translate his message to both young and old. Resilience, thinking positively and gratitude are key messages in his presentation and he offers great tools to move forward in life.
District Council of Cleve