18 Oct 2021

Out&About: Pete Ceglinski, Founder of the Seabin Project

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ICMI is proud to announce that entrepreneur and environmental activist Pete Ceglinski has joined the ranks as one of our brilliant exclusive speakers.


About Pete Ceglinski


Pete has spent his life in the ocean, free-diving, surfing, scuba-diving and paddle boarding all over the world, before designing and building high speed racing yachts for over a decade. These days, he’s running the mind-blowingly successful marine-waste initiative he co-founded, the Seabin Project.

Having addressed the UN, spoken at TEDxAuckland, and contributed to the Volvo Ocean Summit and the Global Wave Project, Pete is an impactful speaker and leader in the field of finding solutions around ocean waste through both removal and prevention.




Fans of the ABC’s Foreign Correspondent show will already be familiar with the Seabin Project, as episode “Saving the Big Blue” aired in 2016 and contributed to the viral online success of the organisation. The project uses science and behavioural studies to reduce ocean waste, whilst maintaining a low-impact on important marine ecosystems. To date the Seabins have collected over 1.7 million kilograms of waste from the ocean, capturing just over three and a half tonnes a day with 820 Seabins located along the US West Coast and Mediterranean sea.

Included in TIME Magazine’s ‘Best Inventions of 2018’ list, Pete’s Seabins are small, non-invasive bins that float on the surface of the ocean to capture floating rubbish. They do this by creating a whirlpool effect, sucking rubbish and debris towards their centre, which vastly improves waste removal efficiency. The bins are strategically dropped in popular marinas, allowing for changing winds and currents to push waste towards them, catching rubbish (most commonly cigarette butts) and surface oil before it floats out to the ocean.

Pete’s experience as an entrepreneur, changemaker, speaker and leader were all utilised in the development of the Seabin Project, and we’re thrilled to have him join ICMI and share his hard-earned knowledge and skills.

Learn more about Pete here

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