11 Nov 2021

Out & About: Russel Ord and Shanan Worrall

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The ocean has long been a source of both great inspiration and intense fear for us mere mortals. But none know this better than two brilliant men who, just short of being able to breathe underwater, have found almost every aspect of their lives entwined with this great force of nature. Introducing Russell Ord and Shanan Worrall – two Exclusive ICMI speakers certainly worth their weight in salt! Both have experienced the ocean at its most powerful. Both have equally powerful stories to share about their experiences.

Internationally acclaimed surf photographer Russell Ord has come face-to-face with some of the biggest waves on the planet. His attempts to capture one legendary wave simply known as ‘The Right’ even landed him as a subject of the ABC documentary series ‘One Shot’. And that’s when he’s not saving lives as a professional firefighter! Equally accoladed surfer, skipper, and all-round waterman Shanan Worrall has had his own share of close encounters in the ocean, and holds claim to the World Surf League International Big Wave award. His experiences as an abalone diver took him to some of the wildest places on earth, but also left him with PTSD and anxiety about the ocean after a series of terrifying encounters with sharks.

While their deep love of the ocean is moving in and of itself, this seafaring duo also have powerful stories to share about resilience, adversity and turning intense pressures into personal growth. Neither are afraid to push their boundaries, and they hold a great knack for inspiring others to do the same.

Welcome Russell Ord and Shanan Worrall, we are so excited to have you aboard as the latest additions to the star-studded ranks of ICMI exclusive speakers.

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