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Key Points for Babette Bensoussan

  • Babette Bensoussan has more than 25 years' of management and business ownership experience providing leadership and business coaching to start-ups and executives around the world.
  • She founded The MindShifts Group in 1992, a leading consultancy specialising in competitive intelligence (CI) and strategy.
  • Babette was awarded the SCIP Meritorious Award in 2006, the highest global CI award.
  • She co-authored five critically acclaimed books, translated into multiple languages – two in the top 1% of best-selling business titles on Amazon – Analysis without Paralysis and Business and Competitive Analysis.
  • Babette is an experienced entrepreneur, company director, board member and business coach bringing a genuine understanding of leadership fundamentals that drive modern teams.
  • Babette Bensoussan is an Adjunct professor at the School of Business, University of Technology, Sydney

Topics for Babette Bensoussan

Business topics

  • Making better decisions in a VUCA world
    There is no doubt – we are living in a “VUCA” world – volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous – where everything around us is constantly changing. New competitors and competitive factors are shaping business profitability at an unprecedented rate. Furthermore, good decisions are so much harder to make. So how can we minimise the risks involved? How can we identify those resources available to us to make better informed decisions? And where can we look to identify business’ disruptors and future trends?
  • The myth of the level playing field
    No-one has ever said: “Go ahead and take 10% of my market share”! But businesses so often end up giving away market share because of market misunderstandings. Awareness of competitor initiatives, competitive influences and disruptors is often completely missing. What tools can you use to uncover your competitive strengths for improved strategies and better results? How can you build a competitive advantage?
  • Management’s ugly duckling – SWOT
    Everyone uses the SWOT…… but when you have a hammer, suddenly everything becomes a nail. As a result, this well-known technique is the most misused, abused, misapplied analytical tool in management today. When used in the way it was developed and intended, businesses turn information into insights, identifying real strategic outcomes for their business and delivering real intelligence to decision makers. Learn the real value of the SWOT, as well as the range of analytical tools available to help you and your team make smarter decisions. You will never go back to filling in four boxes! 

For executives wishing to address deeper knowledge and greater market insights

  • Analysis without paralysis (Book)
    The importance of business data has become mission critical. So how do you create the insights needed for developing appropriate strategic directions without becoming overwhelmed with the analysis? How can you make better decisions, get better results? Learn where to start, and how to avoid one of the biggest traps of all - analysis paralysis.
  • Business and competitive analysis (Book)
    How do you turn data and information into insights that decision makers cannot ignore? While great strides have been made in terms of managing information, social media and knowledge, little has been done to convert this bounty into a valuable form for decision making. Business and competitive analysis can and should be a key weapon in the firm’s arsenal for achieving competitive advantage. Understand the value of mission critical analysis and learn more about the myriad of techniques available to minimise the risk in executive decision making. 

Self development / personal growth topics 

  • Fearless living
    In this talk, I address the roots of fear and provide the tools need to move beyond the insidious universal feeling of “not being good enough”. Learn the art of fearless living by understanding:
    • how our thinking creates our emotions which in turn create our behaviours
    • how the way we see the world limits out options
    • the biases that keep us from making great decisions
    • the value of identifying and utilising our key strengths
    • how to change our thinking to create what we seek
  • Leadership and you - You’re a leader whether you like it or not!
    EVERYONE is a leader, either by choice or default. That’s because leading is the way we help move people, including ourselves, to action. So if you don’t think of yourself as a leader, you are limiting your thinking and your effectiveness. The question is not whether or not we are leaders, but how well we lead and how well we are creating the life we want.

    How do you positively influence and change not only yourself but also those with whom you work and interact? Learn how to use 7 levels of awareness to catapult your energy, performance and leadership to shift away from the negativity that surrounds our personal lives, our work environments and our communities.

Testimonials for Babette Bensoussan

Thanks for a great couple of days. The best workshop I have been on for years.
Office Brands

Babette Bensoussan is truly an excellent teacher. She has a wonderful wit and bubbles with enthusiasm.

I just wanted to say how very much I had enjoyed your session at this years SCIP conference. Wow the amount of information to take in was so incredible, so worth the trip.

Excellent teaching style, great at simplifying 3-D skills.

Babette Bensoussan is an excellent facilitator who brings a wealth of expertise and enthusiasm to the session that enables participants to ask questions relating to their current work at hand, allowing everyone to get the most out of the workshop.
Fonterra, New Zealand

A very interesting and lively presentation.  Practical examples presented made it easy to understand concepts. Babette is very knowledgeable about the topic. 
CPA Australia

The French Chamber of Commerce would like to thank Babette for her fantastic speech and valuable advice.
The French Chamber of Commerce

Babette Bensoussan is not only a brilliant presenter and communicator, she is one of the few people in this world that can really make a positive impact on your business.
Greenlight Corporate LLC.,a USA

Your participation made a significant contribution to the overall success of the program.  Feedback has been very positive.
Municipal Association of Victoria

Babette Bensoussan's workshop was interesting, inspiring and productive to the max. 
Lonza Pharma, Switzerland

You made really good key points and kept it lively and amusing. 
Xplore for Success

I have worked with Babette Bensoussan for almost 4 years on our Business and Competitive Analysis workshops in Singapore and Malaysia, her excellent breath and depth of knowledge in the area of Competitive Intelligence has always made these workshops highly informative and much appreciated by participants. She always shows great patience in answering all the questions put to her and her professionalism makes it a great pleasure to work with her on these events.
The Learning Group Pte Ltd., Singapore

Babette Bensoussan is a bright and personable speaker who arms her audiences with tools they can use immediately to enhance their best practices and achievements.
National Student Clearinghouse, USA