Ask about Andrew Lock OAM
Key Points
  • Andrew Lock OAM is the only Australian in history to climb all fourteen of the world's 8000 metre peaks, including Mt Everest, twice during a sixteen year odyssey.
  • He featured in the DISCOVERY 6 part mini series - Everest: Ultimate Survival.
  • He is the author of SUMMIT 8000.
  • He was awarded the Order of Australia, the National Medal, the Australian Defence Medal, Adventurer of the Year, nominated for Australian of the Year, twice awarded the Mount Everest medal by the Government of Nepal.
  • Delivering practical strategies for remaining focussed and capable in the face of adversity.
  • 30 years leading teams in the world’s most extreme & uncertain environments has equipped Andrew with powerful and successful insights into enabling individuals and organisations to stay the course and ignore the ‘noise’.
  • His clients include NSW Blues State of Origin team, ANZ Bank, Deutch Bank, Toyota, Optus, Cisco, Baxter Pharmaceuticals, ABIGroup, Brisbane City Council and many others organisations.
  • Summit secrets – Leading to succeed
    Key themes – Authentic Leadership, Inspiration, High performing teams

    Great leaders don’t bring teams with them; they develop and inspire teams that drive their own successes. They create more leaders! Andrew Lock’s sixteen year project to climb every 8000 metre peak on earth, including Mt Everest and thirteen other ‘death zone’ mountains, without guides, oxygen or Sherpas, demanded project management, goal setting, perseverance and team skills. But when climbers died and the teams he joined failed, he developed the key leadership skills necessary to drive both his own success and those of his teams. This keynote explores how great leaders turn small steps into summit successes by cultivating their people and managing those perceived minor issues that, if ignored, can derail major projects. This is about authentic leadership at critical moments.

  • Risk – It IS worth it!
    Key themes – Risk versus Fear Management, Safety Leadership, Teamwork

    ‘Climbing isn’t worth dying for but it is worth risking dying for.’ This quote sounds a bit hollow doesn’t it? Or does it? After 25 extreme altitude expeditions and over 100 exploratory, research and remote area adventure expeditions to every continent on earth, Andrew Lock knows about risk. He succeeded, and survived, where more than 20 of his friends were lost to the mountains. Andrew’s practical insights into understanding risk attitudes and human response processes, managing risk and building a culture of safety leadership are tools that every person can use, and his clear analogies show how great leaders succeed where so many others fail.

  • The mindful organisation – Staying the course when the world is going crazy!
    Key themes – Mindfulness, Focus and Resilience

    Today’s world is one of constant change and uncertainty. While that creates enormous opportunity, it can be exhausting and extremely stressful. Staying focussed and resilient are key to surviving and succeeding. In this keynote Andrew shares powerful and successful insights into enabling both individuals and organisations to stay the course and ignore the ‘noise’.

  • Summit ready – Creating high performing teams that succeed from the start
    Key themes – Leadership, High Performance Teams

    Few of us have the luxury to develop teams slowly. Today's teams come together remotely, quickly and are required to perform immediately. Andrew’s practical tools for creating high performing teams with purpose, resilience and camaraderie, in the shortest amount of time, can be used by any person, right now.

  • Summit 8000 – The farthest goal
    Key themes – Inspiration, Self Leadership

    An inspiring and extraordinary account of the 16 year journey that took Andrew to the summit of all fourteen of the world’s 8000 metre ‘death zone’ mountains, the only person in the entire British Commonwealth to have done so. Learn of the resilience, motivation and self leadership required to continue, as over 20 of his friends perished along the way. Laugh, cry and be inspired by the extraordinary stories of sacrifice, success, loss and joy, and the insightful leadership lessons he draws from the experiences.

His speech was very engaging and would recommend as a fantastic option for a formal dinner with professional development theme.
Australian Defence Force Academy

We were looking for an exceptional speaker for our recent Client Conference. After looking at quite a few speakers, we settled on Andrew Lock. Personally I am very grateful for having Andrew speak at our conference. I was very moved by his presentation, as were the 100 people in the room. Andrew does a great job. He truly makes a difference. Our clients are still talking about every facet that Andrew spoke about – the systems under adversity, leadership at the highest level, culture, risk analysis, to name a few. My advice is to book him now!
Business Coach
Entrepreneurial Business School

Your address inspired and motivated delegates encouraging each of them to question and challenge their individual approach to project management and how they contribute. The response to your address has been overwhelmingly positive. Your presentation reinforced values of getting things done, working together and having the courage to make a difference.
Chief Executive Officer
Brisbane City Council

You engaged with the 99% women’s audience with uncanny ease! Not what you would naturally expect discussing the extreme sport of high altitude mountaineering. We all went away inspired, motivated and able to make very clear and useful connections between your story and our daily lives.
Only About Children

I have received so many positive comments regarding Andrew’s presentation – it was the perfect end to a 3 day conference (and the 6th day for some who had pre-meetings). He provided an excellent blend of inspiration and knowledge take aways.
Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors

Andrew was very engaging and provided some useful insights that our employees took away.

Most importantly thank you so much for your inspirational presentation on Monday. When I looked around the room I could see people shaking their heads with disbelief as you spoke about your conquests. Not to mention on Tuesday morning as all of us here at the Sydney office discussed it all over again. Thank you Andrew, I look forward to working with you in the future.
Raine & Horne

Andrew presented a compelling and fascinating story, which kept people's interests and captivated their imaginations. The group extracted a lot of learning from the presentation and it set them up to have a very constructive conversation about our biggest issues. Andrew did a great presentation; his use of mixed media meant you got a real sense of the physical environment he was speaking about. We were delighted with his speech and would definitely recommend him to others.
Head of Human Resources, Markets

The management team couldn't stop talking about your presentation today and I'm sure when I get to the office on Monday the staff will be buzzing. Thank you so much for the thought you put into both presentations. They were perfect.
David Thompson

Andrew’s presentation was both insightful and entertaining. He has the credibility and real life experience that really captured our guests imagination. He also was able to relate the issues of leadership, strategy and team culture on Everest back to Australia's boardrooms.
Joint Managing Director
Crown & Marks Executive Search

Your presenation at our recent training weekend was the highlight of our program. 
Manager, Customer Relations Department
Toyota Motor Corporation Australia Ltd

Supporting our conference theme…, your talk was relevant, succinct and highly motivating. Our team was still on a high for the two days of the conference following your presentation. 
Chief Accountant
Craig Mostyn & Co Pty Ltd

Just a quck note to thank you for your exhilarating talk at our recent national sales conference.  Your talk demonstrated very succinctly the vital role teamwork and communication takes.
Managing Director
Halley & Mellowes Pty Ltd

I applaud Andrew on his approach and commitment to our Forum. It is rare to find a key note speaker who is willing to commit so much time and energy into getting to know and understand the organisation to whom they are speaker. Andrew did this and subsequently tailored his presentation to the issues, themes and messages that underpinned the whole Forum. Even though Andrew has such a rich tapestry of experience to draw from, it was his ability to weave his story into the business messages of the conference that resulted in the Forum participants, and my clients, to talk about Andrew’s impact for days afterwards. I simply couldn’t have asked for a better speaker to augment the Forum. I would recommend Andrew to facilitators and conferences wholeheartedly. 

An incredible, inspiring, exhilarating and motivating presenter. Andrew had a complicated presentation brief but he delivered it perfectly. He was humble and yet inspirational, he was elite and yet convincing. Andrew delivers a very strong message in regards to tackling everyday tasks in addition to the importance of team work and leadership. Andrew’s story and real- life images captivated the audience and added great value to the day. I highly recommend Andrew as a keynote for any event looking to inspire and leave your audience in awe.
Senior Policy Officer
W. A. Department of Sport and Recreation