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Key Points for Anaita Sarkar

  • Anaita Sarkar's venture into sustainable packaging stemmed from her previous business, where excessive plastic usage prompted the founding of Hero Packaging. Starting small, her initiative grew into a global force, selling millions of compostable mailers to thousands of businesses worldwide.
  • Beyond her role as CEO, Anaita's influence extends through her authored book, "Sell Anything Online," guiding entrepreneurs in digital marketing. As an e-commerce mentor at She-Com and guest lecturer at Macquarie University, she shares her expertise with aspiring business owners.
  • Anaita's passion lies in helping businesses understand marketing strategies like paid ads, SEO, emails, and community building. Her coaching at SHE-Com for e-commerce founders generating substantial monthly revenues underscores her commitment to enhancing marketing know-how.
  • Anaita's impact resonates through her features in, SBS, Channel 7's Sunrise, and other notable media outlets. Her collaborations with industry giants like Google, TikTok, and HubSpot for lead generation content amplify her influence in the marketing sphere.

Topics for Anaita Sarkar

  • Conscious consumerism
  • Entrepreneurship and business - How to grow grow your business
  • Digital marketing and e-comm

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