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Key Points for Alison Nancye

  • Alison Nancye is the author of 10 books, 3 films, several e-books and 2 meditation albums. Includes adults, teenagers, tweens and children.
  • Her media gigs have included regular spot on Channel 9 morning television, and mindfulness and meditation expert on radio and in print.
  • She is a global inspirational and motivational speaker including Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington D.C.
  • She takes resilience to a whole new level. Hearing Alison’s stories of triumphing trauma and continually getting back up, will encourage you to overcome any life obstacle.
  • She is a creative powerhouse and prolific writer that can get any audience to awaken and channel their right brain.
  • She is a meditation and mindfulness expert having practised meditation for 21 years.

Topics for Alison Nancye

  • Morale Boost
    No amount of technical training or on-the-job expertise will fully kick your company goals if team morale is low or individuals are struggling personally. Low self-esteem and personal set-backs can significantly affect the best company with the greatest vision. Learn from expert resilience and mindfulness writer, coach and speaker, Alison Nancye to overcome any obstacle in any area of your life.
  • Quieten the Mind - Awaken the Intuition
    With around 1 billion sources of research supporting the value of meditation, mindfulness and leaning into your intuition, you cannot deny that if you want your people to operate at the best, dig deep when the chips are low and find energy when there’s little left in the tank, you need to go inward in order to perform well in the world. Expert meditation and mindfulness teacher, writer and coach, Alison Nancye will share practical exercises and case studies of the value of going within and using the breath and intuitive mind. 
  • Inspiring Women to Do, Be and Have anything they would Love
    Alison Nancye loves to inspire women of all ages and demographics to be all they would love to be at home, work, health and play. Her own life stories of leaning into a creative path and leadership style that has led her to write books, movies and more, is an inspiration to any woman looking for a fresh approach to living more fully with purpose, intention, strength and grace.
  • Big Picture Creative Vision
    Alison Nancye is the author of 10 books, 3 movies, several e-books and 1,000 blogs. She has facilitated thousands of people throughout her career to look at life in a different light through connecting to the creative power within. Her unique, relaxing, fun and creative tools invites any individual and any organisation to go bigger than ever imagined.
  • Re-Write Your Story
    Alison Nancye is a creative powerhouse. She writes content for all ages and a diverse range of genres and for all mediums – books, movies, audio, tv, live audiences. Creating a new chapter for your people and organisation can be done through the power of writing and storytelling. Never underestimate the power of the pen combined with the imaginative mind. Alison Nancye is gifted at getting anyone to tap into the prolific storyteller within.
  • Meditation
    20 minutes of meditation is equivalent to about 2 hours rest / sleep time. Learn ways to meditate that works for you now that you can apply effortlessly during mini breaks at work and longer sessions during your downtime to increase your performance, resilience, wellbeing and happiness any day of the week.
  • What is Your Potential?
    We all have unique gifts and talents that makes us great in the world but so many of us are not fully living our potential. Expert motivation coach and creative thinker, Alison Nancye teaches people to tap into their purpose, greatest gifts and how to share those talents now and in the future.
  • Escape into the world of Film and Publishing
    After over 20 years working in film and publishing, Alison Nancye has some genuinely memorable entertaining stories to share with audiences that is a welcome and refreshing break from the norm of corporate content. Sometimes the best way to inspire an individual, team or organisation is to step into that magical world of ‘what if’ through fiction.

Testimonials for Alison Nancye

The world needs more Alison Nancye’s! She effortlessly carries herself with oracle-like wisdom and welcoming, approachable humanity, making an audience feel safe, inspired, guided and seen. Alison has lived what she teaches, and from this comes depth and truth, that is so compelling. She has that special gift for making everyone in the room or online, whatever the forum, feel personally connected with. We all need Alison Nancye in our lives!
Good Empire & Vinomofo

Alison brought our team emotionally together for the first time. Her exercises guided our session well and allowed us to think outside of work. It was a great opportunity to find gratitude in ourselves and others. I will continue to practice what we learnt and thank you for her time.
Queensland Airports Limited

Alison captivates the whole audience. She also involves everyone in the audience. The feedback we have received has been amazing from staff!
Scenic Rim Regional Council

Alison’s Mindfulness course was a life changing experience.

A big thank you again for empowering those girls. It was really positive and powerful and I even got something out of it! Hopefully we can continue to work together in future programs as you certainly are an inspiring individual. The girls haven’t stopped talking about it and want you to come back soon.
New South Wales Police Force

Alison Nancye was the highlight speaker at our Health & Wellbeing Conference. Our head office now constantly quotes her tips and meditation techniques that were practical and fun. She injected humour and fantastic mentoring exercises from her book into her session, which made it easy to absorb the information and apply to every part of your life.
Estee Lauder

Alison exudes the joy of being a writer and it’s infectious. Her techniques, including meditation for tapping into the imagination will get you back in touch with your creativity.
Society of Women Writers NSW

Dear Alison, just writing in to say a BIG thank you for your Work/Life Balance Seminar! You were amazing and your talk really helped and inspired everyone. Your Seminar is not only thought-provoking and motivational but your natural ease and charm creates a warm & peaceful atmosphere. In a world driven by the lure of success, it is refreshing to know that you have someone like Alison Nancye encouraging the journey, not just the destination. Once again thank you so much. It was a very rewarding experience for us all.
Women in Film & Television (WIFT)

If you ever need a group of non-believers to understand the benefits of meditation and widening your mind, Alison Nancye is your person. After a long week on a Friday afternoon she managed to entertain, engage and get all the females and males of our marketing department using her simple techniques to bring focus to both their personal and our business goals. Highly recommended.
Bendon Group

This year, we were fortunate to have Alison Nancye work with our Stage 3 Girls on a range of issues that are currently facing tween girls. Alison was like a breath of fresh air for our girls. She spoke in a way that they could relate to and gave strategies that were practical and easy to use. Immediate feedback from the girls was all extremely positive and they couldn’t wait until our weekly Friday “girl” sessions. With the number of issues and challenges now facing our girls in today’s society, we desperately need people like Alison Nancye to motivate, inspire and support this generation of young women. To this day, the girls and myself still use and discuss Alison’s sessions and strategies. We cannot thank her enough.
Brisbania Public School

Alison, your presentation was such a great way to kick off our seminar. You were so vibrant, natural and down to earth which made it so easy for everyone to relate to you. Your story is so inspiring and the combination of your warmth and motivation were the perfect ingredients for our seminar. Lots of easy and fun techniques from your book ‘Recipes for Everyday Life’ made the presentation interactive and engaging. Absolutely fantastic! Thank you! Can’t wait to see you on Oprah’s Couch!
Zest for Life Events

Dear Alison, I just wanted to thank you for sharing your story, it brought a tear to my eye. I think you have a tremendous gift to reach others as you are relatable with a laid-back attitude and good sense of humour. Also, you speak with real honesty and everyone appreciates that. I only wish it were possible for your message to be shared with others like me.
Randwick Library

What I learned during that session unlocked something inside me and gave me the courage to take action and propel my life in a thrilling direction.
Maura Fay Group
London UK