Glenn Singleman

Glenn Singleman

Glenn and Heather are a husband and wife team with a truly unique presentation. There is nothing else like it anywhere in the world. It is also inspirational, visually spectacular, and educational.

Key Points

  • One of Australia's most famous base jumpers, holding multiple world records.
  • Producer of "BASEClimb", a film watched by over 150 million people world wide and winner of 21 International Awards
  • Also writer, producer and director of the enormously successful BASEClimb 2 and BASEClimb 3
  • Has made over 700 professional presentations, many of them return visits to "Top 100" companies.
  • Is a medical practitioner working in the Emergency & Critical Care units at Sydney Seventh Day Adventist hospital.
  • Was doctor and part of camera crew for James Cameron's Deep Ocean Expeditions


Glenn and Heather are a husband and wife team with a truly unique presentation.  There is nothing else like it anywhere in the world. It is also inspirational, visually spectacular, and educational.

Glenn and Heather have made over 500 professional presentations worldwide to every kind of audience from a Director’s dinner for 20 to a stadium of 15,000. The typical responses include “mind blowing”,  “life changing”, “inspirational” and “WOW”.

Glenn and Heather hold one of the most astonishing official Guinness world records. On May 23rd 2006, they flew from a 6672m Himalayan mountain-top to make the worlds highest ever wingsuit BASEjump. Their breathtaking flight was the result of six years unrelenting hard work and an unshakeable commitment to their goal and their partnership.

Glenn is an Emergency Room Doctor and professional adventure filmmaker. His films have won 22 International Awards and been watched by hundreds of millions of people through the National Geographic and Discovery Networks. He has been awarded three ‘Spirit of Adventure’ Awards by the Australian Geographic Society and is an internationally recognised expert on fear (featuring in print and electronic media around the world). He has explored and survived some of the most extreme environments on earth including Antarctica, the Himalaya and a submersible journey to the Titanic (where he worked with Academy Award Winning Director James Cameron).

Before meeting Glenn, Heather was marketing manager of a large IT company followed by National Manager of a media/public relations company. The fact that she had never been climbing or skydiving makes her transformation and achievement all the more remarkable. Over 6 years, with Glenn’s guidance, Heather learned to overcome her fears, rockclimb, mountaineer, skydive, BASEjump, wingsuit skydive and wingsuit BASEjump. Her story is universally appealing – she is an ‘ordinary’ person who overcame her fears to achieve the ‘extraordinary’. Her journey parallels the process of achievement that every successful individual and company must understand. “Defying Gravity, Defying Fear” (ABC Books), Heather’s book about her transformative experience won a prestigious international award and sold out it’s print run. She is also a recipient of Australian Geographic’s ‘Spirit of Adventure’ Award.

Glenn and Heather are not just adventurers. They are dedicated professionals with a special interest in peak performance. As a doctor, Glenn has participated in brain research on the role of fear in our decision-making. Managing fear was one of Heather’s main challenges and the presentations use science plus sensational photos and video to make the point that we can all achieve our dreams. Heather and Glenn’s presentation is guaranteed to deliver the WOW factor to your next event.

If you want a presentation that is uniquely high impact and that your delegates will remember and talk about long after the conference is over – this is it.  


Glenn and Heather’s Keynote presentation can be delivered in timeslots of 45 minutes to three hours.  They call it ‘One Step Beyond’, but this can be changed to suit other conference themes.  They use their compelling personal story to introduce important performance subjects such as ‘Understanding and Using Your Brain’, ‘Overcoming Fear’, ‘The Power of Personal Responsibility and Commitment, ‘Powerful Mental Techniques to Transform Your Reality’ and ‘Peak Health and Fitness’.

Any and all of these topics can also be developed in workshops of up to two days.



Presentation Topics
  • Medical doctor and professional speaker, DR. Glenn Singleman is a key member of the Deep Sea Challenge team that saw team leader, James Cameron dive to the deepest part of the ocean - the Mariana Trench. This is a historical achievement of huge significance, and it took the next level of human performance to achieve it, both individually and as a team.
  • What does it take to develop and foster that level of performance?
    For more than 20 years, DR. Glenn Singleman has been researching and testing the latest science (and his own ideas) in human performance. His methodology has seen him successful on some of the most extreme challenges ever undertaken in remote areas of the planet, from Antarctica, to Everest and now the deepest place on earth.
  • His totally new 45 minute keynote presents his latest findings on how to move yourself and your team to the next level of performance, in the entertaining framework of fascinating expedition stories, including this latest expedition - Deep Sea Challenge, perhaps the most demanding, yet.
  • Drawing on his key roles as :
    2ND UNIT DIRECTOR -  On Jame Cameron’s historic
    dive to the Mariana Trench Monday March 26 2012.

“In 25 years of television and literally thousands of presentations – yours in the best I have seen.”
Australian Story, ABC Television

“In staging a successful event, you have to find a “WOW” segment.  You certainly provided that element and more!  No matter what personal fears we all have, … you showed that there is really no limit to what one can achieve if one sets one’s mind to it. … We all climb our different mountains every day of our lives.  You’ve shown us … how we can harness the fear and turn it into positive thrust.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart”.
Commonwealth Bank, Australia

“The senior management team thoroughly enjoyed your session and we thank you for taking the time to come along and share your experiences, thoughts and ideas.  Your message is indeed powerful and you have all of our utmost respect and admiration.  It was a pleasure to work with you and I hope we will see you again in the future”.

“We themed our entire conference around Glenn & Heather and their concept of ‘taking one step beyond’.  It was an unprecedented hit with our 400 delegates.  Glenn and Heather were fantastic to work with and we’re looking forward to working with them again, and again.  In fact we’ve already booked them for two more events in the coming months”.
Managing Director, Results Plus

“There is no doubting you were amongst the stars at the ‘Day of Inspiration’.  You truly moved the audience and I have had no end of comments on the inspiration you gave to them based on your true-life stories. As I said on the day, I loved hearing you speak and it truly is such an amazing achievement that you've accomplished. “
Blue Moon Creative (organiser Tour de Cure)

“It gave me so much pleasure to look around our audience last Friday and watch their faces as your story unfolded. You had them mesmerized. I've since received countless emails from people saying how much they enjoyed your presentation and many of our regular Business Chicks even went as far as to say that you're the best speaker they've ever heard. It's fun being fearless!”
‘Business Chicks’ for Kids Help Line


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