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Key Points for Yvonne Adele

  • Yvonne Adele is up. Refreshing. She’s an invigorating breath of fresh air. She has a bright smile and a thoroughly energetic presence.
  • Her wisdom, insight and sharp intelligence will bring your event to life, and she knows exactly how to keep things moving.
  • Remaining connected throughout your event, Yvonne's experience supports your planners, teams, speakers, partners, sponsors and delegates.
  • Yvonne can contribute specialty knowledge in a range of domains, drawing connections, and sparking practical action.

Topics for Yvonne Adele

  • Switch
    Tapping into the joy and curiosity we get when we do something for the very first time, Yvonne challenges delegates to SWITCH just one element in a task which needs a fresh result. This is an inspirational keynote which sparks vital inclination in delegates to take action and revamp how the ‘DO’.
    Key learnings include:
    • Inspiring, relatable stories of success, where one small change made a huge difference.
    • Identifying areas for business improvemen.t
    • Applying fresh, creative thinking techniques to generate a SWITCH.
    • Tools for teamwork and collaboration.
    • A one-page-action plan to ensure the SWITCH sticks.
  • 5 pillars of digital marketing success
    In this session, Yvonne will UNPLUG social media. You will discover how you can STAND OUT amongst the conversations that are already going on in your area of expertise / industry. Rather than blind the delegates with science, this talk is practical and full of implementable tactics.
    Key learnings include:
    • How to make the technology work FOR you, finding new customers and extending your relationship with existing ones.
    • The 5 Pillars for success: Website, Blog, Newsletter, Social Media, SEO/SEM.
    • Where social media MUST fit into your marketing strategy.
    • A system for fail-safe implementation: 10 minutes a day, 3 times a week.
    • The winning way to build a list of brand advocates (followers).
  • Consumer-eye view of your brand: A day in the life
    The sophisticated strategies, tools and software we use to reach consumers have become so packed-full of data, science and tech that we're in danger of forgetting we're targeting humans.
    • Forget B2B and B2C - let's get back to basics and re-define it as B2H: Business to HUMAN.
    • In this insightful keynote, Yvonne Adele takes us beyond the avatar and buyer persona, directly into the life of the everyday consumer from the moment they wake up until the day is done. She deconstructs 'the consumer' into the many layers of context contained within. Along the journey, you'll see just how many screens our consumers. interact with and get a birds-eye-view of the exposure to your marketing messages in an average day (and how much impact those messages have).
    • Not every 45-54yr old, self-employed, married, mother of three with an interest in fitness and travel is equal.... or are they?
  • Authority building / thought leadership using LinkedIn and Twitter
    LinkedIn and Twitter are powerful platforms to demonstrate your experience, expertise and build authority. With LinkedIn the good news is: most people are using it as a resume INSTEAD of a dynamic, multi-media broadcasting platform which demonstrates your authority and compels prospects to do business with you. Twitter is the most under-utilised professional eavesdropping tool we’ve ever seen.
    Key learnings include:
    • Compelling examples of best practice LinkedIn profiles within your industry and beyond.
    • Vital tweaks you must make to your profile to have it working for you at full potential including Cover image, profile photo, headline, bio, summary, examples of your work.
    • Understanding the concept of 'social selling' on LinkedIn and steps to become a superstar social seller/connector (how to leverage your brand to fill your pipeline with the right people, insights and relationships) .
    • Creating content using LinkedIn Articles (to find a whole new audience).
    • Curating content - how to find and share compelling content.
    • The importance of LinkedIn Groups .
    • Keyboard shortcuts and LinkedIn tricks for power users.
  • Better brainstorming – From disruption to innovation
    For any business audience
    Yvonne believes everyone has unlimited ability to think creatively about everyday challenges, and she is on a mission to show people how to unleash those hidden talents. She calls it a ‘friendly poke in the eye’.
    Every conference aims to stimulate, educate and inspire new ways of thinking. So why not harness this energy by holding an “Ideas Summit” at your event? In this engaging and practical think tank, Yvonne will facilitate a powerful idea-sparking process, using the participant’s actual business challenges to help them generate mountains of ideas.
    Key learnings include:
    • A systematic, fresh and simple way to approach idea generation.
    • Useful method for identifying the challenge.
    • Effective activities to generate sophisticated ideas.
    • A practical system for evaluating the best ideas.
    • Most importantly, the creation of a one-page action & implementation plan to ensure the ideas are swiftly brought to life back at the office.

Testimonials for Yvonne Adele

10 out of 10….Yvonne brought energy and engagement to our conference. She connected the content well and supported time management and ad hoc requests. She quickly became ‘one of the team’.

Insightful and entertaining, you captivated the audience. Your individual style and sense of theatre captured everyone’s attention and we were all talking about it the next day!

Yvonne’s energy, humour and enthusiasm were contagious, keeping us engaged and entertained throughout the day. Yvonne had a way of making even the driest topics interesting and relevant. Highly recommend Yvonne to anyone looking for a dynamic and engaging MC.
Think Business Events

You made the event run very smoothly and you injected entertainment and fun into it. Thank you again Yvonne and we hope to be working with you again.
Starlight Foundation

Organising conferences can be a bit stressful! To have an experienced, capable, resilient, funny, and highly professional emcee at the helm took a great deal of pressure off me as the CEO. Yvonne engaged the audience from the minute she stood up, to the end of the day.
Daylesford Macedon Tourism

A sincere thank you for your working with us again this year, and at such short notice. Thank you for everything you bring to the event, your professionalism, your skills as an MC, your ability to make others smile, and your smile. You are amazing! Thank you again.
Better Boards

Loved your energy, knowledge and facilitation, your professionalism and how you moderated the sessions and looped the conversations back to each speaker so smoothly. I will definitely be calling on you again!

Yvonne is not JUST the person you hire to introduce your next speaker and keep time. She’s the person who brings together the strands of all the speakers, builds them into a narrative, and takes you on the journey to the next one. She’s armed with research, deeply immersed in the topic at hand, and has a genuine passion for what she does that everyone can see. Good fun with a wicked sense of humour, you would be hard pressed to find a better MC for your event than Yvonne.
QBE Insurance

Yvonne is in a league of her own. She keeps the audience engaged, she is organised and clear, quick on her feet and brings her own kind of ‘gravitational pull’ that focuses the audience on the content.
Kimberly Clark

Yvonne played a crucial role on our team as MC/Speaker for over 7 years. She does her research and really cares about the industry. Our audience, staff, exhibitors and speakers love her. Yvonne is professional, hard-working, loyal, and fast of mind and feet if anything goes south. We highly recommend Yvonne.
Retail Global Gold Coast & Las Vegas