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Key Points for YuJin Wong

  • YuJin Wong is the world’s foremost thought leader on mental toughness with his own radio and TV show.
  • Is a peak performance guru, having being awarded as the Global Brands Icon in Peak Performance by the Global Branding Awards 2016.
  • Best-selling author of 4 books, the latest is Mental Rockstar which is available in print, Kindle and Audible.
  • Has given more than 1000 presentations to over 100,000 in the last 12 years.
  • Featured in various magazines and newspapers including the front cover of Men’s Health, the best-selling magazine in the world.
  • Has trained leaders, professionals, entrepreneurs, stage performers, athletes and beauty queens (official coach for Miss Universe and Miss World)

Topics for YuJin Wong

  • Be a mental rockstar!
    YuJin will bring your event to life with engaging stories, powerful music and energetic interaction. You can expect an empowering line-up of uncommon mindset shifts and brave modes of operation designed to create empowered trailblazers - perfect to motivate and inspire attendees to new heights personally and bigger results professionally.
  • Energize and achieve
    YuJin will narrate his story of how he lost his health through the devastating events in his own life and gained it back to become the cover model of MEN’S HEALTH. He quotes various research and example of how the body and mind is deeply connected.
  • Unlock your potential
    YuJin brings his audience on an emotional roller coaster ride of first rebuilding his mind after depression, then his body and ultimately his business. He shares yet another challenging story of a business partner who went rogue, took all he had and forces him to start over again.
  • 5Cs of success
    YuJin will share a powerful formula that can be used in any industry to empower the mind and achieve success. He shares how he has used the formula to become an award-winning speaker and owner of 5 successful businesses.

Testimonials for YuJin Wong

YuJin has an amazing stage presence that holds large audiences captivated by his energy, confidence and leadership. Whether speaking about mental toughness or health and discipline, YuJin has audiences engaged, active, learning, and loving it. If you're looking for a speaker to inject energy and dynamism into your event, to keep your audience engaged and focused, and to add a special spark of motivational magic to your event, stop reading and connect with YuJin now.
Transformational Leader

One of the most respected motivational speakers in Malaysia and some say Asia to date. YuJin leads by example and many people find his enthusiasm and dedication both inspiring and motivating.
CEO and Founder
Red Fusion Asia

YuJin's passion in helping others to reach their peak potential is unparalleled. He digs deep into the soul and exposes his own vulnerability in order to get the message across. As an international keynote speaker, his energy is simply infectious. He knows exactly how to get a crowd excited and moving. Above all, he speaks with humility and always with the intention to empower his audience. You will not regret having him in your event, I assure you. He will ROCK your participants and raise the level of your event!
Ivor Lok
Peak Performance Master Coach and No. 1 Best Selling Author

YuJin is the mental toughness guru who has the authority to train and coach leaders, managers, busy executives and entrepreneurs in mental toughness. Why? Because he experienced adversity and challenges in life and he understands the importance of mental toughness to overcome these difficult times. Mental toughness is crucial in business, work and daily life especially during crisis and YuJin is the best person to train your organisation.
Business Development Director
Financial Alliance

YuJin, Thank You for your Sessions in our Final Sprint 2019.More than 10,000 attendance in the sessions excited with your High Level Of Energy Sharing. I’m sure you inspired lots of them to always achieve Peak Performance not only in this Final Lap 2019 but also in their Life. I wish You all The Best , keep Continue Touching and Inspired More People to achieve their dreams with Your Powerful Sessions.
Chief Agency Officer
Prudential Jakarta

I came to the privilege of Mr. Wong’s acquaintance through a mental toughness workshop he conducted for my department at NUHS: in essence, our staff, all highly achieving professionals, were mesmerized by YuJin’s content, appearance, and message. His style of imparting essential tools towards unleashing one’s full potential is powerful and genuine. If it’s true that all in life is about Energy, Frequency and Vibration...then YuJin finetunes you into the right resonance, within Self but also as a team. A decorated professional, whose aura and appearance alone , commands replication and respect in the audience, has a substantial message to share, and triggers those cords in ourselves , that get the clockwork of our best self moving. I thank and congratulate him for this first-in-NUHS experience and highly recommend his course/workshop to anybody or any group, who is embarking on the path of self-improvement or feels compelled to “oil” his corporate machine.
Head of Department of Cardiac, Thoracic and Vascular Surgery
National University Hospital