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Key Points for Umbilical Brothers

  • Dubbed Australia’s hottest export since Vegemite and with longevity to equally be proud of.
  • The winning formula combines slapstick, mimicry, puppetry and hilarious audience participation to turn everyday situations into contagious comedy.
  • Have also appeared alongside star-studded guests on The Late Show with David Letterman and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.
  • Support act for boy-band Take That, which gave rise to Robbie Williams’ career, as well as Justin Timberlake’s N’Sync.

Topics for Umbilical Brothers

  • Juvenile insanity 
    The duo happily refers to their style as “juvenile insanity with comic and theatrical traditions” but at the core of their success is the fact their shows are pure fun and entertainment that leave audiences across generations in throws of laughter.

Testimonials for Umbilical Brothers

Brilliantly choreographed, faultlessly executed physical comedy.
Chortle UK

wildly funny, wildly creative...they truly seem to be psychic twins, joined in an irresistible conspiracy to commit comedy...inspired anarchy...silly behaviour of the highest’re left only to shake your head and marvel.
New York Times

Twisted and absolutely hilarious...a hell of a good time.
Time Out NY

Fast, inventive, cheerfully crude and wittily self aware, thwak might be classified as performance art, but we call it pure theatre and pure fun.

The umbilical brothers’ “thwak” is hard to describe but easy to love...high points include the abuse of latecomers and a puppet show involving a bunny and a mallet. Even if you think you hate mimes, you won’t hate ‘thwak’.
Entertainment Weekly

My faith in comedy was restored. If you thought Lee Evans was the last word in physical humour, Collins and Dundas raise the stakes a hundredfold.
The Times

Over the course of 90 insanely inventive minutes, they both exceed and subvert our expectations of what two wiry men can do with a bare stage and a microphone.
Time Out London