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Key Points for Tony S Wilson

  • Tony Wilson is the founder of Performance Lab, an company focused on helping leaders build high performance organisations.
  • He was originally a performance coach for elite athletes and sporting teams throughout Australia and the USA.
  • He combines his degrees in performance science (BSc) and contemporary management theory (MBA) to put a unique slant on high performance in and out of the office.
  • He focuses on the science of high performance to create an environment for people to thrive in.

Topics for Tony S Wilson

Resilience Balance Wellness

  • Building Resilience:
    One of the keys to performance and wellness lies in our ability to bounce back from adversity. Most have us have experienced some kind of large adversity, either in the workplace or personally, and having a clear strategy to deal with these situations helps us get back to our best quicker. Quite often, though, it is the small cuts of every-day-adversity that impact us enormously: our rejected sales calls, a lack of quick wins, or constantly being challenged to be better when we think we’ve already given out best.

    Over more than 20 years, Tony Wilson has dealt with elite athletes and other high performers who have to keep picking themselves up when they feel they’ve been knocked down. In this presentation, he shows us the cutting edge skills that help people boost themselves, their attitudes, their motivation and their performance and get back on track after setbacks. He shows us how to manage emotions, change our internal dialogue and how to work on the skills of optimism and happiness, which have been shown to drive resilience and grit.
    • Strategies for managing adversity
    • Lesson’s from high performers on getting back up again
    • Mental strength
    • Understanding your triggers
    • Managing nerves, anxiety and the Choking Zone

  • Balance, Focus, Productivity
    Work Life Performance is the new Work Life Balance. And Focus is the cure for busy-ness.

    Work life balance is not a compromise and it’s not a sign of mediocrity. Work-life balance is essential to performing at our best in and out of the office. Productivity studies in Australia show that the most productive people aren’t the ones who are first in the office and leave late at night. People with work-life-balance are up to 2.5 times more productive than those without.

    In this presentation, you’ll find out why. And when work-life-balance is done right, you not only get improved relationships and personal achievement, but you get better at your job as a result.

    Tony Wilson shows us why work-life-balance is so important, but so elusive to the average high performing worker. From this workshop, your people will develop strategies to work with more productivity and focus, and take those same performance skills and apply them to their life outside the office as well.
    • Understanding why work gets our attention
    • Structuring your day to be most effective
    • Focus on the things that make a difference instead of being 'busy'
    • Identifying your MIT’s (Most Important Things)
    • Identifying Key Behaviours to make you more productive
    • Setting yourself up for balance


  • Leading In the Face Of Change
    Managing people through change can be difficult. And keeping people performing at their best is almost impossible when things are changing all around them. In this talk, Tony shows us why constant change affects people’s behaviours and attitudes so profoundly, and how it sabotages their ability to perform at their best. More importantly, he shows leaders how to make the most of the situation, so that their people don’t only survive the change, but actually use it as a tool to take control and perform even better. Leaders will take away three key things that they can do to make sure that their staff stay on track, engaged, focussed and productive during these challenging times. Tony’s clients often do a complete 180 as they begin to embrace change and learn how to run with it.
    • Why people find it hard to perform during uncertainty
    • Strategies for helping people gain a feeling of control
    • Creating consistency in times of uncertainty
    • Managing change-resistors
    • Inspiring people to embrace change

  • Dealing with Disruption
    Change is happening faster than we like. Disruption, distraction, restructure and re-engineering are becoming constant. People are finding it hard to stay focussed on the things that really count, and managers are finding it hard to keep their people performing at their best.

    Tony shows us the science behind how change affects our performance and the behaviours that we choose. He helps staff embrace change and focus on their high performance behaviours, and he shows managers how to keep their people engaged during these periods. Most of all, Tony challenges the audience to embrace change and take responsibility for making it work.
    • How change affects us mentally and emotionally
    • How we are hardwired to resist change and what to do about it
    • Embracing change and changing your perception
    • Getting out of the comfort cycle and challenging your mindset

Mindset and Performance

  • Next Level Performance
    In the new economy, there is a new definition of performance. We need to consistently do our best thinking and perform at our best mentally. We can't keep doing the same things we did last year and expect to be more successful. But how do we continually operate at full intensity without burning out? 
This session shows how we are actually wired NOT to do our best work in today's environment and how our current way of working is at odds with what the science tells us would be most effective.

    Through some entertaining thought experiments and fascinating presentation of performance science, participants will leave with strategies to get into the Performance Zone more often and stay there for longer - helping them do their best thinking and perform at their full potential every hour of every day.
    • Understanding the performance zones
    • How we are hardwired NOT to perform at our best in today’s workplace and what we need to do about it
    • Strategies for beating procrastination and other unproductive, low-motivation behaviours
    • Strategies for managing emotions and stress so we can perform at our best more often and for longer

  • Winning Mindset
    To succeed in a tough market, we can't just continue to do the same things that worked last year. We need to constantly challenge ourselves to operate at full intensity - to be the best versions of ourselves - if we want to thrive in this challenging environment. We need to change what we do, but maybe more importantly, we need to change the way we think.In this presentation, Tony will show you some of the tools that high performers use to keep that winning mindset, and constantly push the boundaries of high performance - in and out of the workplace.
    • Thriving under pressure – Good stress, urgency and goals as a means for performance
    • Personal accountability as the key to performance
    • Winning every moment of every day
    • Defining high performance
    • Challenging ourselves to find the next level

  • Thriving Under Pressure
    High-pressure situations have a habit of bringing out either the very worst or the very best in us. Some crumble, some cope, some not only survive but thrive under considerable pressure. And there are tools and tricks which make success more likely. Tony shows us the science behind how pressure affects our performance, resilience, well-being and relationships… and how to thrive when the pressure is high.

    In today’s workplace, there is more time pressure than ever, and greater expectations on us to perform at our best; underperformance, burnout, presenteeism and stress-related illness are sadly becoming a familiar part of our language.
    We all know that stress affects our health, but in this keynote, Tony shows us how it kills our performance as well, stopping us from doing our best thinking, robbing us of energy and making it harder to control our emotions and behaviour. Take a journey around the body and brain and see what performance science can tell us about stress. Learn quick and simple re-charge techniques, strategies for emotional control and how effective sleeping and eating can help alleviate this potentially debilitating problem.
    • Understanding the good aspects of stress as well as the bad
    • Pressure, resilience and well-being
    • Strategies for performance under high pressure situations
    • Strategies for preventing chronic stress so you can perform at your best more often and for longer
    • Understanding how even small amounts of stress over the long term affects performance

Leadership, Teams and Culture

  • Next Level Leadership
    How do we lead our people to perform at their best in the 21st Century? Most leadership lessons are observational, but in this keynote Tony focuses on the science behind why our people do and don’t perform at their peak and how leaders unknowingly affect this equation. Performance Science shows us that there are four universal human factors that drive performance, behaviour and emotional conflict. When we use these Performance Triggers, the chemicals that keep us focussed and motivated increase, and activity shifts to the most effective brain regions. This helps keep people focussed, proactive and able to choose the most effective behaviours. The audience will take away four key things that undeniably boost performance in today’s workplace and will better understand what drives behaviour and ultimately the performance of their people.
    • An understanding of what triggers high performance
    • A clear realisation of how leaders impact people’s ability to perform at their best
    • How to use the concepts of Autonomy, Belonging, Consistency and Status to influence performance
    • The high performance environment

  • Building Teams that Thrive
    To help people and teams do their best work, managers need to create an environment of clarity and ownership and keep people engaged and passionate about their work. In this talk, Tony shows how our current thinking is completely at odds with what the science tells us. He shows us the secret to building teams that really care about themselves, others and their performance. Using performance science, he explain how we create the environment for people to thrive, and to build ownership, clarity and constant improvement.
    • Build  the skills for leaders to keep their people motivated and focussed
    • Increase team productivity
    • Strategies for creating high levels of engagement and team  performance


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