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Key Points for Tony Gattari

  • Is considered to be a "Guru" in the following business arenas sales, marketing, negotiation, retail.
  • Graduated from the University of Western Sydney with a business degree and secured a job as an organiser of Harvey Norman's computer and communications division. Within a few years he was promoted to general manager and increased the division's turnover from a healthy $12 million to a staggering $565 million.

Topics for Tony Gattari

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Negotiation
  • Retail

Testimonials for Tony Gattari

Tony Gattari, the young salesman credited with driving the Harvey Norman Group to dominance in computer sales, typifies the Harvey Norman style: straightforward, passionate, optimistic and an enthuser on a grand scale.
James Kirby
Gerry Harvey Biographer
He first came into public view as the fast-talking sales hurricane behind Harvey Norman's computer superstores.
The Sydney Morning Herald
I have had more positive feedback concerning your sessions, than anything we have ever done in the past.
Managing Director
Network Communications
Once again thanks for the invitation to the breakfast this morning. He was without doubt the most inspirational key note speaker I have ever heard. I would like to see his reaction to our industry with all its regulations and politics. I thoroughly enjoyed the morning.
Michelle Peden
The Harvey Norman computer store managers left Tony Gattari's presentation pumped! His raw enthusiasm and obvious credibility in the subject matter had made significant impact on their understanding of the profession they were in - SALES. There was no scepticism. There was no confusion. It was without doubt one of the more relevant presentations I've I heard on sales.
Harvey Norman Computer Store, Auburn
The impact on staff was dramatic to say the least.
Harvey Norman Proprietor
The passion and enthusiasm of Tony towards his work rubs off on the audience.
Harvey Norman Proprietor
Tony creatively expands the realms of possibilities within individual lives. Tony genuinely builds people! Tony's dynamic and powerful presentations will challenge your motive, mindsets and practical management skills. A clear and concise communicator, Tony creatively expands the realms of possibilities within individual lives. Tony genuinely builds people! Encouraging, motivating and activating the heart to believe for more. Wherever life's journey finds you today - glean from the experience of an individual whose passion will propel your destiny! It has been such a privilege to walk with one, whose motivation exceeds the boundaries of 'self', whose voice resounds with truth and integrity.
Residential Services, Teen Challenge NSW inc
Tony is down to earth and people respond to that well. The staff was fascinated by the "real life" angle Tony uses.
Managing Director
Space Furniture
Your professionalism and enthusiasm shone through in your presentation and the audience left feeling inspired. It's a pleasure to hear someone who has such clear convictions and such clarity in communicating them.
North Sydney Chamber of Commerce
Tony Passion and enthusiasm for this is the driving force behind what we learned. Everything said came from experience and humility. There was no quick fix or empty promises simply common sense ideas with an outstanding approach.
Resource Manager
Network Communications
Tony enthusiasm, passion is passed on to the crowd and mixed humour with wisdom, knowledge, role plays and activities. He had me awake all the time with only 4 hours sleep.
Medland Orthodontics
The guys here are unanimous in their praise for the workshop. They found it relevant; inspiring; accessible; and fun.
Contact Centre Manager
The Wine Society