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Key Points for Tom Thum

  • Tom Thum’s 2013 TEDx show holds the record for the most viewed TEDx of all time, with over 77 million views to date.
  • Tom has performed at official events hosted by Google, Youtube, Xero, Samsung, Mitsubishi, Cascadia.
  • Titled Thum Prints, Tom Thum’s collaborative project with world renowned composer Gordon Hamilton is the world’s first 60-minute beatbox concerto, which has been performed all over the world (Malaysia, Lithuania, Nurnberg, Cologne, Mumbai) and at the world’s most celebrated classical music festival – The BBC Proms.
  • Tom has executed official campaigns for brands such as Pepsi, Roadshow Entertainment, Audi, Virgin Australia and Sennheiser, plus many more.
  • Tom Thum has collaborated with several artists/groups including Australia’s most successful Hip-Hop group The Hilltop Hoods, and global pop superstar Ruel.
  • Tom created and performed the world’s first live endoscopy analysis of the workings of the human larynx, demonstrating what really goes on in your throat when you beatbox.

Topics for Tom Thum

  • Beatboxing
    Record breaking international artist Tom Thum offers a mind-blowing, high-octane performance, showcasing the intricate and fascinating art of beatboxing. Brimming with humour and hyper talent, Tom’s one-man-show is one of exceptional musicianship, guaranteed to thrill any audience.

Testimonials for Tom Thum

There are not enough superlatives to describe the wonder of this beatboxing virtuoso - I am still trying to figure out how he got those sounds out of his mouth.
The Daily Telegraph (UK)

The mic master seems to have an orchestra living in his throat: trumpet blasts, guitar strums and samples from classic songs including Michael Jackson's 'Billie Jean' effortlessly spout from his mouth.
Time Out, NY

Tom Thum was ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING! I cannot even put into words how incredible he is. He sure did stop 600 people in their after dinner chatter at our event, and had them absolutely spellbound during his performance. What a talent! As an event manager you sometimes hold your breath when you take a chance on an act - about three seconds into his performance I could safely exhale watching the wonder on peoples faces.

Tom was a huge hit at our event! Please pass along my thanks for his participation, incredible energy and talent, and the awesome show he gave our associates.
USANA Health Sciences, Inc.

Tom was an incredible speaker! Articulate, thorough, passionate, inspiring, humble, hilarious, a perfect candidate for the Conscious Club stage.
Conscious Club