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Tom Cronin

Key Points

  • Tom spent 26 years as a leading broker in the global finance markets trading swaps and bonds for international banks
  • At the age of 29, after years of addictions, anxiety, depression and eventually a nervous breakdown, Tom made a pivotal change in his life, turned to meditation and brought his life back on track
  • Tom has spent 20 years exploring the mind, meditation and spirituality in India, Bali, Australia and the USA
  • In 2012 Tom left the finance industry and founded The Stillness Project, which is a global movement to inspire 1 billion people to meditate daily
  • Tom is the Executive Producer and Producer of a soon to be released cinematic feature film called The Portal
  • Tom is the author of 5 books including the children's book Missy Moo Meditates and Faster Deeper Calm - How To Live A Life Without Anxiety And Panic

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