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Key Points for Tara Howell

  • Tara Howell is the co-founder of Blue Derby Pods Ride, the first luxury adventure mountain biking Experience to be created in the world.
  • Via the success of Blue Derby Pods Ride, Tara has been the recipient of many awards including: 2021 Judges Choices National Tourism Award, 2021 Gold Tasmanian Adventure Tourism Award and the 2018 Tasmanian Young Achiever Award.
  • Tara entrepreneurial spirit has lead her to build and sell her own marketing consultancy and social enterprise hotel – Change Overnight.
  • She has presented many keynotes and workshops for organisations more recently these include: South Australian Tourism Industry Council and Tasmanian Tourism Industry Council.
  • Tara Howell holds number of board positions including; University of Tasmania, Tourism Industry Council Tasmania (Deputy Chair) and Mountain Bike Network – Tasmania (Chair).

Topics for Tara Howell

  • The Blue Derby Pods Ride story
  • Creating a truly sustainable business
  • Experiential travel and curating life-long experiences
  • Entrepreneurship in a competitive world
  • Brand and marketing – how to set yourself apart

Testimonials for Tara Howell

Tara Howell is an exceptional Tasmanian entrepreneur whose wealth of experiences across marketing, product development, tourism, and innovation belies her young age. She is an award-winning tourism operator at the fore of Tasmania’s emergence as one of the word’s premier mountain biking destinations. A naturally gifted public speaker, Tara’s story will resonate with a broad audience, from the savviest of marketing professionals and industry boffins, to those who love a can-do attitude with a shot of entrepreneurial vigour.
Tourism Industry Council Tasmania