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Key Points for One Team, One Voice

  • Brilliant team building activity designed to heighten wellbeing, creativity and innovation, emotional expression and self-awareness.
  • Usually preceded by an inspirational keynote speech on Leadership, Creativity, Innovation and Courage by presenter Tania de Jong AM
  • Suitable for groups from executive teams of 10 to entire departments and companies and more than 1000
    Successfully used for Industries ranging from banking, finance, consulting and accounting to resources, retail, IT and telecommunications.
  • Highly satisfied clients include McKinsey & Company, AGL, David Jones, BHP, Telstra, ANZ, AON, Veolia, Perpetual, BCG, PwC, La Trobe and Melbourne universities.

Topics for One Team, One Voice

  • New streams of thoughts and ideas for business development
  • Business strategies and tactics

Testimonials for One Team, One Voice

“Thank you so much for being part of BCG’s 50th birthday Celebration Day. The feedback from our staff on your session has been tremendous – it was a real standout for many of us. One of the teams told me that before your workshop, they were struggling to get the rest of their team to engage and be creative and that afterwards they all wanted to be involved and participate. Thank you for being flexible and accommodating with our event. Your energy, passion, enthusiasm and joie de vivre are a real inspiration. Keep it up!”

- The Boston Consulting Group

“The program is most useful in transforming and building a stronger and more cohesive team.”

- Visionstream/Leightons

“The speech was heartfelt and moving and you presented one of the most memorable participative workshops many of us have experienced. The ‘With One Voice’ workshop highlighted our key aims of creativity and innovation as tools for great leadership and teamwork. The workshop brought these to life and proved that working as one team aligned to one outcome can achieve amazing results.”

- Spotlight

"A great activity that really brought together our 250 HR leaders as one team. We started with 70% saying they couldn't sing and finished with an amazing four-part harmony song that they really were proud of. Highly recommended!"

- Andrea Grant, Telstra

"It brought the group so much closer together – the room was tingling with our combined energy."

- Macquarie Bank

"I could not stop my lips from turning upwards and smiling during the session! It made me feel so happy and alive!"

- Accenture

“The feedback we received from the session indicated that many thought it a highlight of the conference. By the conclusion of the session, the room was abuzz with energy, the faces of participants were bright and there was a really positive vibe.”

- Brown Brothers

“Session was great. A terrific buzz after it. Freedom is coming…truly first rate!”

- McKinsey & Company

“The ONE TEAM, ONE VOICE Workshop was truly a binding experience, inspirational to a group in need of self-belief and confidence. In an engaging and memorable way, the team was able to perform as a unit like never before. Something to refer to for a long time!”

- Mondelez

“A big thank you for your contribution to the Unleashing our Potential workshop. The excitement and energy you created was amazing – what a buzz! We are very optimistic about the ideas that were generated and have already commenced the next steps to implementation. Again, thank you all for your commitment and professionalism and giving 150 of our top people a thought provoking and fun day.”

- David Jones

“We were delighted with the impact and outcome of your session. Many people have made positive comments on the session and the energy and passion that it produced. Brilliant!”

- AON Top 200 Conference

“You were wonderful. You engaged with over 700 of our consultants in a powerful way and reinforced our own potential. The standing ovation was a testament to the way you moved us into a different headspace. Many people have mentioned it was the best session they have attended at a conference anywhere!”

- Price Waterhouse Coopers

“One of the most memorable participative workshops many of us have ever experienced. The “With One Voice” workshop highlighted our key aims of creativity and innovation as tools for great leadership, and team work. The workshop brought these to life and proved that working as one team aligned to one outcome, can achieve amazing results.”

- Mark Goddard, Spotlight

“Your One Voice presentation and workshop was the perfect fit for our conference which brought together over 100 of our management and leadership team. You, Shaun and the entire team at Creative Universe were the ultimate professionals in the lead up to the event, and made my job as the event organiser so much easier. At the dinner event where you presented your personal and uplifting life-story, followed by some memorable performances set the perfect tone for engaging with the crowd to demonstrate the power of an individual and then that of the group! I have received nothing but positive feedback from attendees about how invigorating the workshop was and how in a very lively and active way, we could indeed sing with one voice! The general make up of our delegates was very “blokey” and I was fearful that they would not give 100% when they found out we were all going to be singing – but how wrong I was… I can still see them all stamping their feet and singing with gusto!”

- Veolia

"It was truly amazing to hear everyone singing in a manner none of them thought possible! Finding the key event to launch a day of creative and innovative thinking was not easy however we 'nailed' it with Finding Your Voice."

- Centro Properties Group - Marketing Managers Conference

“This workshop managed to challenge and inspire us to think beyond the usual bounds of leadership style by taking us on a journey of breath, chant and song. It affirmed for many that if allowed, creativity can and will 'create' great leaders."

- Committee for Melbourne Future Focus Group