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Key Points for Steve Simpson

  • Steve Simpson stands as a renowned international speaker, consultant, and author, with a focus on corporate culture, customer care, and organizational transformation.
  • Steve's pioneering concept of UGRs® (unwritten ground rules) has garnered worldwide acclaim, enabling organizations globally to strategically enhance their workplace cultures. His insights have graced prestigious stages, including two US-based World Conferences on Customer Service Management.
  • His impactful contributions stem from his close collaborations with diverse organizations, translating theory into tangible, transformative outcomes. His pragmatic approach is the result of continuous partnerships, allowing him to apply real-world insights to drive actionable change.
  • Steve's diverse skill set encompasses not only revolutionizing customer service paradigms but also sculpting enduring workplace cultures. He's celebrated for aiding leaders in seamlessly infusing service commitment into their organizational ethos and introducing the innovative UGRs concept to foster improved workplace dynamics.

Topics for Steve Simpson

  • UGRs: Cracking the corporate culture code
    Steve Simpson shares his concept of UGRs - unwritten ground rules - and how these constitute an organisation's culture. Most importantly, Steve shows how the UGRs concept can be used to transform cultures and performance.
  • Creating a culture of service
    Underpinning every move to improve customer service is the organisation's culture. Steve Simpson shows how to ensure customer service initiatives reap maximum benefits by getting the culture right.
  • Leading cultures
    Culture is the number one issue for the world's business leaders according to the latest Deloitte Global Capital Human Trends Report. Steve Simpson shows how leaders can manage their workplace culture to enable strategic goals to be achieved.
  • Change fatigued? Look at your culture!
    It's not uncommon for change initiatives to fail to achieve their pre-defined goals. The most common reason? The organisation's culture. Steve Simpson shows how cultures can be transformed from being change resistant to a place where people embrace change.
  • If you think safety is important, think about your UGRs
    A great deal has been invested into ensuring people conform to safe workplace practices. Yet despite these investments, safety breaches occur all too often. Steve Simpson shows how UGRs impact on safety, and what can be done to lock in a genuine safety oriented culture.

Testimonials for Steve Simpson

Loved his presentation! Everyone was talking about how funny yet informative the session was. Thank you. Will book again.
Plumbing Plus

Feedback from all delegates has been fantastic with message right on point and told in an entertaining and fun way.
Gener8 Events

UNBELIEVABLY GOOD++++ One of the most skilled facilitators I have ever seen.  Kind, caring, clever, funny and engaging.
Royal Australian College of Surgeons 

Steve Simpson delivered a very good presentation including group activities that were made relevant to our conference’s theme and audience.
University of Melbourne

Steve Simpson's simple yet effective keynote on leading cultural change was exactly what we needed to help our leadership team take control of the UGRs and culture in their workplace.  Very interesting, knowledgeable and humorous keynote.
National Vet Care

Went exactly the way we wanted it to be.
Philip Morris Australia

Steve Simpson's presentation was highly engaging and the contact fitted perfectly with our conference theme and discussions.
APCO Service Stations

Steve Simpson brought home the need for businesses of all sizes and types to get their culture right….and the consequences if they don’t.
Australasian Association of Convenience Stores

Steve Simpson's style of presentation was easy to follow and relate.  He engaged the audience to participate and linked three concepts into the one presentation seamlessly and logically.
Enterprise Geelong

Inclusive speaker who engages audience
Geelong Business Club

Steve Simpson was very thought provoking and challenged the team to develop our own concepts on culture.
The Body Shop Australia

In the 1980s it was ‘Situational Leadership’ with Ken Blanchard. In the 1990s it was ‘Body Language’ with Alan Pease. In the 2000s it was ‘Good to Great’ with Jim Collins. Now it’s the time for Steve Simpson and UGRs.
CEO Kmart Australia Limited

I have no hesitation in ranking Steve Simpson as one of the best public speakers that I have ever encountered. His recent presentation on “Unwritten Ground Rules” at the Australian Institute of Building Surveyor’s state conference was nothing short of excellent. His content was easy to understand, relevant and at times humorous. Further, his presentation skills kept the audience completely captivated and focused on the message being conveyed for the whole hour. I certainly hope that I get to experience another one of Steve’s presentations in the not too distant future.
City of Mandurah, WA

If you are a leader or manager in your organisation and can't work out why your visions and missions are not being achieved, I suggest you get to know and understand your UGRs fast - how? - attend one of Steve Simpson's seminars as soon as you can.
Wyndham City Council, Victoria

Excellent seminar, one of the best I've attended in some time – recommended to all managers.
Epson, NSW

It was my pleasure to be at your seminar yesterday, and I thank you for the opportunity to meet you and listen to you speak, and of course pick your brains for a bit afterwards. Thank you again for the wonderful opportunity to meet you and hear you speak so passionately about something I live for also, caring for our customers, and trying to get others to feel the same passion.
Kodak, NSW

There are speakers who speak well and then there are speakers that inspire and delight. Steve Simpson is the latter of the two. That room was “alive” when Steve finished – even the ones that needed help off the floor! I just wanted to express my appreciation to Steve. There are so many talented people in this world, but not all of them have the ability to share it with others in such a magical way.
Health Alliance Medical Plans, Illinois, USA

I would like to thank you for your remarkable performance as the final speaker in our ‘Leading in The New Millennium’ seminar. The content was superb, and exceptionally well received. I am not sure if you were aware of it, but you were the only speaker to achieve a spontaneous round of applause from the 1,000 delegates.  I have received very positive feedback about the whole day, and can say that your segment was universally popular. I especially appreciate your success in raising the energy of the audience late in the day, and for using humour so effectively. Thank you once again for your contribution – it was a great pleasure to see you working with a large audience at first hand, and I gained a great deal from your segment myself. 
Andrew Publishing House

Stephen Simpson demonstrates an unexpected wit that not only enlivens his presentations but creates an air that his broad research has been tested in the harsh light of reality. He is a thinker who is both contemporary and street-wise -- an unbeatable combination for a successful public speaker.
Subaru America

I recently attended the SOCAP international conference, at which Steve Simpson was a speaker.  Steve Simpson spoke on “Creating a Pervasive Service Culture”, a relevant and timely subject.  Mr. Simpson was an engaging and “fun” speaker, and held his audience for close to two hours, allowing plenty of time for questions and comments as well.  He knew his subject well, and tailored the presentation to his audience, most of whom were from the Consumer Affairs industry. I recommend Mr. Simpson as a speaker, and would not hesitate to see him again, or to invite him to speak at a conference or seminar.
Consumer Affairs, Coca Cola Bottling Company

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the ACSA National Conference held in Melbourne. I had expected a high standard of presenter, with some subjects obviously closer to my personal interests than others. However, when Steve Simpson began his address, entitled 'How to Create a Culture of Service', I don't believe that there was one person in the room who was not engrossed.”
“Steve spoke without notes about something he is passionate about. The special charm about Steve's presentation was the fact that he carried you along and infused you with his excitement and enthusiasm. I was very pleased with the standard of the Conference, however, Steve's presentation stood out for me as something different, exciting and innovative.
Barwon Region Water Authority

I was privileged to be part of Steve Simpson's presentation.  I say "part of"...., because the combination of his sense of humour, depth of knowledge of his topic and his easy-going style, kept his audience thoroughly involved from the moment he walked onto the stage. If only all learning could be such fun!.
Gordon, NSW

Your presentation at the Conference was the highlight of the presentations in my view. The material was well researched and your presentation was excellent. You were able to capture the audience for the whole of your presentation. Well done.
Pine Rivers Shire Council, Queensland

I've seen a lot of presenters at a lot of conferences - but few with the skills, the humour and the engaging cheek of Steve Simpson.

Steve Simpson would have to be one of the most energetic and motivational speakers I have encountered. Not only is his subject matter relevant, delightfully insightful, incredibly well researched and fresh, his delivery is second to none. I can't wait to start working on our own UGRs™. Thanks Steve.
Draeger Safety Pacific Pty Ltd

What an inspiration! I am already preparing a presentation for my Management Team to introduce them to some of your ideas with serious revolution in mind.
Latrobe City Council

You've renewed my enthusiasm and I can't wait to get back to implement many of the suggestions made at the seminar. You have a unique speaking style, which I thoroughly enjoyed. You involve the audience and made us believe anything is possible and that we can each make a huge difference in our own way. You're clearly passionate about your subject and your enjoyment is palpable. Thanks for sharing that with us.

Steve Simpson is a motivating, energetic, knowledgeable speaker who provided a very different slant on the usual topics with his UGR concept.  I thoroughly enjoyed his presentation and have begun to focus on instilling positive UGRs with my team!
Boral Plasterboard

Steve Simpson's presentation was great! Simple, easy to understand and was immediately able to decide how to assimilate into my work environment. Couldn't wait to buy the book and
video on UGRs! Can't wait to share them with my team!
City West Water

He was brilliant and we want to keep him:)

Brilliant, a hit with everyone, very engaging.
My State Financial inclusive speaker who engages audience