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Key Points for Simon Harris

  • It was September 2016 when Simon Harris reached his rock bottom point in life, the unravelling of a decades long addiction led to a decision to attempt to take his own life.
  • In November 2017, Simon Harris was convicted of fraud totalling $2.1mill, all of which had been used to fund his gambling addiction, and subsequently sentenced to 6.5 years of prison.
  • Now living an ongoing journey of redemption and recovery, Simon Harris is passionate about sharing his story with a view to helping to educate the wider public about the effects of addiction and finding a platform to assist others who might be facing the same issue.
  • In 2024, Simon Harris worked with Michael Genovese to produce the ‘The Gambler’ Podcast available on Apple Podcasts.

Topics for Simon Harris

  • The life and times of a compulsive gambler
    Simon talks through what does it actually mean to be a gambling addict and the lengths he went through to give up everything for one thing.
  • Reaching rock bottom and life choices
    Simon explains the thought process in believing that ending it all would be the best outcome rather than having to deal with addiction directly. Simon takes you through the impact of little moments that can allow you to find the courage to forge a different path.
  • Resilience and shifting your mental health
    Simon talks about how he found resilience in choosing to face his addiction, the impact on his mental health when constantly living with shame and guilt and how he has had to battle the concept of self worth throughout the journey of recovery.
  • Becoming addicted to recovery
    The Power of Recovery is something that Simon is absolutely enthusiastic about, and explains what he has put in place so far in attempting to turn negatives into positives. The concept of gratefulness is an important pillar that Simon wants to share in improving your day to day happiness.

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