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Key Points for Shannah Kennedy & Colleen Callander

  • Colleen Callander, an award-winning CEO with an impressive 30-year retail career, including 13 years as CEO for two iconic Australian fashion brands: Sportsgirl and Sussan.
  • She is also the author of "Leader by Design – Be empowered to lead with confidence in business and in life."
  • Colleen was listed in CXO Outlook - ‘10 Most Inspiring Business Women 2022’and has a wealth of knowledge and track record in building brands and establishing winning cultures.
  • Shannah Kennedy, a master life coach and life planner with 20 years of experience, has coached elite athletes, CEOs, entrepreneurs, high-performing executives, and teams.
  • She is the author of the global bestseller "The Life Plan – Simple Strategies for a Meaningful Life" and six other acclaimed Penguin Random House books
  • Shannah specialises in executive strategy, transition, values, vision, overcoming burnout and life planning for individuals.

Topics for Shannah Kennedy & Colleen Callander

  • Leadership and management
    Mastering self-leadership and building a foundation for success
    • Leadership: Self leadership is the key to unlocking your full potential.
    • Values: Identify your core values as the foundation of self-leadership and fulfilment.
    • Vision: Create a compelling vision to drive personal and professional achievement.
    • Confidence: Inside out Leadership. Build confidence to unlock your full leadership potential.
    • Goals: The power of purposeful goals to drive self-leadership and personal fulfilment.
    • Habits: Elevating your leadership game through the power of positive habits.
  • Leadership and management
    The power of self leadership and playing a bigger game
    • Vision: Design a clear and compelling personal and professional vision that aligns with your values.
    • Culture: Create a culture of kindness, growth, and positive impact.
    • Leadership: Unlocking your leadership potential through self-awareness and self-motivation.
    • Brand: How to build a powerful personal brand that inspires others to follow.
    • Celebration: How to use celebration as a tool for motivation and engagement.
  • Health and wellbeing
    From exhaustion to empowerment – Overcoming burnout
    Key Takeaways:
    • Burnout: Understanding the signs, symptoms, and tips to prevent burnout.
    • Self-care: Tips for incorporating self-care into your daily routine.
    • Habits: Reset habits that support new goals and well-being.
    • Values: Define personal values for decision-making and fulfillment.
    • Vision: Create a clear plan for long term health and longevity.
  • Health and wellbeing
    Elevating your performance: The self care solution
    • Health: Prioritise mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health for performance and productivity.
    • Values: Align self-care strategies with personal values to improve wellbeing and performance.
    • Mindset: Develop a growth mindset and positive self-talk to achieve your goals.
    • Confidence: Build your self-confidence and resilience through self-care practices and techniques.
    • Burnout: Prevent burnout and maintain work-life balance through self-care and boundary-setting.
    • Happiness: Strategies for cultivating gratitude, joy, fulfilment, and celebration in life.
  • High performance living and personal development
    Build your personal masterplan for high performance living – Unlocking your full potential
    • Leadership: Take charge of your life and lead yourself towards high performance living.
    • Values: Identify core values to guide your decisions and actions.
    • Vision: Create a clear and inspiring vision for your future to stay motivated and focused.
    • Goals: Set powerful goals and develop an action plan to achieve them.
    • Habits: Cultivate positive habits that support your goals and enhance your well-being.
    • Planning: Develop a personal masterplan that defines the foundations of high-performance living.
  • High performance living and personal development
    The pathway to high performance and personal growth
    • Leadership: Discover and define your unique leadership style for success.
    • Confidence: Overcome self-doubt and take bold steps to build confidence.
    • Mindset: Cultivate a growth mindset that can transform your life.
    • Goals: How to achieve your high potential through effective goal setting.
    • Habits: Build habits that support high performance personal growth.
    • Celebration: How to use celebration as a tool for motivation and engagement.

Testimonials for Shannah Kennedy & Colleen Callander

The HUMAN ELEVATION workshop gave me the time to breakdown the different areas in my life that need more focus and set clear goals for the future.
CEO and Co-Founder
Be Fit Food

Shannah and Colleen exceeded expectations! They delivered with passion, empathy and conviction a bespoke program that packed a punch with high performance living life hacks.
Complete Skin Clinics

Informative, entertaining, educational, authentic & practical. Shannah and Colleen delivered high performance information that inspired staff to take immediate action to ELEVATE.
Complete Skin Clinics

Informative, Practical, Inspiring – what a dynamic duo! Highly recommend for any organisations wanting to elevate their employee engagement and retention.
Chief Supply Chain
Corval Group