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Key Points for Sarah Furness MA Cantab RAF

  • Sarah Furness MA Cantab RAF has had a groundbreaking career path, spanning from a combat helicopter pilot in the RAF to founding Well Be It, emphasizing resilience and peak performance.
  • As a pioneer, she shattered gender barriers by leading UK Special Forces missions in Iraq, showcasing exceptional leadership and courage.
  • Through her bestselling book "FLY HIGHER," she shares science-backed mental training techniques honed in combat for resilience and peak performance.
  • Balancing dedication with humor, Sarah, a thought leader and advocate for mindfulness, draws inspiration from her son in her daily endeavours.

Topics for Sarah Furness MA Cantab RAF

  • Train hard, fight easy
    The secret to performance under pressure.
  • How to be fearless
    Why leaders can and should embrace rejection.
  • The power of choice
    A counterintuitive approach to leadership in adversity.
  • Fly higher
    Working together for a better future.

Testimonials for Sarah Furness MA Cantab RAF

Ex-RAF Squadran Leader, Combat Helicopter Pilot, motivational speaker and yoga worrior - just a few ways to describe Sarah Furness, who regaled our Women's Inclusive Network today with an inspiring account of how she juggled childcare arrangements as a young mother while managing a squadron of helicopter pilots in the Afghanistan war zone.
Women's Inclusive Network

Sarah is a phenomenon. She flew helicopters in combat zones for 20 years, crashing the odd one and turning those experiences, that would have scared the life out of most of us, into entertaining stories. She's no helping the world by educating us on how to perform, and thrive, under pressure.
Silverman Consulting

It was a pleasure to hear Sarah speak, which sparked a number of nerves on my part!! If I had known it was going to be that good, I would have closed the office and told the team to hear you speak.
Ex-Special Forces Member