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Key Points for Sam Cawthorn

  • Sam Cawthorn is the CEO and Founder of a BRW Fast 100 Company.
  • He is a TEDx Speaker trainer and creator of the worlds first Virtual Reality presenter training experience.
  • Sam Cawthorn was 2015 Edupreneur of the Year and 2009 Young Australian of the Year.
  • Sam Cawthorn is an International New York Times Best Seller and Author of 6 Books.
  • He has keynoted in 36 Countries for over 10 years.
  • On-stage every week in his own training college, Sam Cawthorn's style is highly engaging, very informative and very, very funny.
  • Sam Cawthorn had a major accident a few years ago leaving him with a disability which he embraces and uses to his advantage.
  • Sam Cawthorn is perfect as a keynote opener on day one together with a workshop. He also can close a conference with a guaranteed standing ovation leaving everyone inspired and transformed.

Topics for Sam Cawthorn

  • People follow people
    The 12 characteristics of an Influential Leader.
    At a moment when many of us have lost confidence in brands, companies, influencers and leaders, it’s time to ask why—as well as what sort of leaders we should aspire to be ourselves to bring that confidence back. Sam Cawthorn knows exactly what it took him to get where he is today, and the secret sauce wasn’t flashy charisma, expensive clothes, and a perfect smile. As he argues in People Follow People, what really wins respect—and can tie hearts and minds to you for a lifetime—comes from inside: our values, character, loyalty, and integrity.
    • Win the respect of consumers, clients and employees.
    • Re-examine your own values and priorities.
    • Lead with significance, integrity and success.
  • Storyshowing
    How to stand out from the storytellers
    Everything we see now is telling a story. The story of product and services, brands and organisations; everything now is about the emotion. The next three years will shape the way we communicate for the next 30 years. The more we stop telling and start showing, at every touch point, will evoke emotional connection and this will be the defining moment in our value proposition.
    In this session you’ll discover:
    • The secret ingredients on sharing powerful stories in order to win mind and hearts.
    • The difference and insider tips between content.
    • What you say ; and Methodology - How you say it.
    • The four disruptors of the sales cycle and how to stay ahead of the curve.
  • Bounce forward
    How to transform crisis into success
    We’ve all heard about and even spoken about how we all bounce back following crisis, downturns or tough times. However have you considered that bouncing back implies that we are not learning ang going back to where it all started. The interactive presentation discovers how Bounce Forward is the only and surest way in embracing the future by learning from the crisis and failures moving towards innovation and forward thinking.
    In this session you’ll discover:
    • How crisis can always create opportunity.
    • Why the proximity of people we are around is our power.
    • 3 Principles to leverage happiness that fuels success.
  • Mastering communication for influence
    How to win in the future of Influence
    Every leader and manager must learn how to master communication to influence and persuade the right people. There are sub-modalities to influence and persuasion that only the masters have tapped into, until now. This is a very practical and hands on experience; and Sam will show that trust and congruency must be the centre to everything as we watch every single thing when others communicate with us to determine if we buy in or not.
    In this session you’ll discover:
    • Why method is important than content.
    • 3 Implementable Keys to come across confident and with certainty every time.
    • Why charisma and humour are key to influencing.

Testimonials for Sam Cawthorn

Extraordinary... If you’ve met Sam it’s a unique experience
Kevin Rudd
Prime Minister of Australia

Sam has a unique ability to be entertaining, professional and informative – all in the same presentation. I observed a dynamic, motivating and effective speaker who was able to capture the audience within the first minute of his presentation. Sam connected with the audience at an emotional level and made a lasting impression
HR Manager
Fairfax Media

With out a doubt the BEST speaker we have ever heard and one of the most inspirational hours of our lives.
Pymble Ladies College

Outstanding. Sam's message was so powerful. He was well researched and really cared about giving value that was relevant to us. He was most certainly the best speaker we have had.
Finance Manager
Johnston & Johnston

Sam’s honest yet entertaining approach has inspired our workforce. He has encouraged them to really think about how their reaction to a situation, not the situation itself, will truly define them and their ability to lead happy and fruitful lives. Sam has given us much to think about, reflect on, and to celebrate what matters: life
General Manager
National Foods

Your speech was thoroughly inspiring and crafted with just the right amount of humour, drama and showmanship. Once again, thanks for your magnificent effort in closing the Convention (NSAA)
International Federation for Professional Speakers

Sam’s presentation is one that inspires and motivates all in a story of great courage and determination, his enthusiastic style and love of life is second to none.
Beacon Foundation

Thank you for your presentation at our annual client seminars across Australia. Your story should be one that inspires everyone and was it delivered with wonderful enthusiasm, humour and humility. Our clients appreciated having an opportunity to hear from a "non-financial" speaker who can offer a different perspective on life and what is important.
Chief Executive Officer
Shadforths Limited

Great presentation and some really good takeaways. You demonstrated that you had done your research and had us all in the palm of your hand. You were very funny, relatable and gave us some insightful lessons. I'm glad you closed the convention, I could not have thought of a better choice. Thank you.
Million Dollar Round Table

Brilliant. You were the highlight speaker for many people at the event. The way you tell stories and how you can keep us all at the edge of our seats was extraordinary. Thank you for your magnificent effort. You were one of the best we have ever had.
Mind & It's Potential

You are the most extraordinary person that I've ever met. Your courage and will to overcome adversity is commendable. I truly feel privileged to have witnessed such an amazing talent. You are changing the world one person at a time. You've changed us.

Inspiring and entertaining the room was transfixed by Sam's message of optimism in both business and in life.

Sam is a very engaging speaker and his message of “bouncing forward” resonated with our team. He’s a living example of how important it is to stay positive, to be resilient and to keep pushing forward no matter what challenges come.

I have been coming along to these type of conferences for over 15 years, this session is by far the BEST session that I have ever attended.
Commonwealth Bank

We engaged Sam Cawthorn to address our National Sales Team... Not only was Sam's story inspirational he directly related it to the challenges our team face daily. I highly recommend Sam to any organisation seeking to motivate their staff.

Among some of the most high profile speakers in the world, Sam was the highest ranked speaker in the history of our annual conference.

Sam has that rare ability to really inspire change through his own personal journey and the powerful way he tells his story. Today, 1 week after meeting Sam, I had 6 people tell me how they were Bouncing Forwards!

Sam was a really engaging and enthusiastic presenter. He quickly built rapport with the crowd, even bringing some to tears. His style of storytelling and strategies to 'bounce forward' resonated deeply with everyone in the audience and a week and a half later, people are still talking about Sam.
Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

Engaging, inspirational and challenging. An excellent and high energy presentation.
City of Stonnington