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Key Points for Russell Pearson

  • Russell Pearson is the founder of Crimson Fox, an award-winning marketing agency.
  • Has 25 years in brand and business strategy.
  • Has published much in the areas of competitive business strategy including host of The Marketing Report Podcast.
  • Has worked with 1000s of businesses across the globe from Toyota, Sante Fe and Fulton Hogan through to emerging industry leaders and start-ups.
  • Is a past national president for Professional Speakers Australia.

Topics for Russell Pearson

  • The Future of Customer Engagement
    How to capture and keep your ideal clients by focusing on the things that keep customers coming back. With proven tactics and strategies to share, attendees will discover how to not only identify your ideal clients but how to attract them en masse.
  • Re-Ignite Your Passion for Business
    Our greatest challenge is our greatest opportunity if we are willing to dream a little broader and work a little deeper to discover who we are in this new brave world.  Motivation, passion, purpose and a return to what made you great is what this session is all about. If you’re looking to pump your audience and reshape their perspective, this is the session for you.
  • Powerful Positioning for Business Owners
    Russell Pearson will show you what it really takes to positioning your business for success now and into the future by strategically preparing your position and creating a market attraction machine to accelerate opportunity.
  • Simplify the Digital World
    Russell’s unique journey has given him insights to share what really matters online and how you can take small steps to learn a lifetime of skills to navigate the digital world.
  • Secret Identity - How personal branding empowers team environments
    By encouraging personal branding inside your business, you can begin to reveal the hidden superpowers of your team and discover a whole new engaged culture of performance. Learn how to discover the secret superpowers in your people and reveal untapped opportunity, whilst understanding how personal branding in a corporate environment creates high performing teams.


Testimonials for Russell Pearson

Russell Pearson is a true professional in the way he delivers his talks and workshops and is very passionate when he speaks to various business owners. I would recommend him to speak with any business audience in regarding to Brand Design or Marketing.
Bendigo Bank

We engaged Russell Pearson to facilitate an in-house, customised branding presentation followed by an integrated think-tank and Q&A session for our corporate sales team.  Russell nailed it!  He was extremely knowledgeable, informative, insightful and the results were outstanding!  His use of metaphors in a business context were to be applauded and left our teams wanting more. All-in-all the presentation and think tank was a huge success thanks to Russell. We look forward to working with you again very soon!
Santa Fe Group

It was refreshing to hear someone address an audience in a genuine and engaging manner. Further collaboration proved that he is a professional communicator with the ability to convey his message clearly and facilitate excellent discussion.
Oakleigh Centre Industries

I left the workshop feeling more knowledgeable and had an action plan to implement within the business immediately. Even though I have been working in the field of Marketing for over 15 years I still gain ideas & action plans from Russell’s informative workshops.
Victory Blinds

I work with Russell because he is full of creative marketing ideas and also has a high regard for implementation that is practical and simple. Never short of a way forward, Russell is a delight to have on the team and always a much sought after person of influence when the need arises.
Dr. Louise Mahler CSP
Communications Specialist

Russell delivered a superb presentation at a Professional Speakers Australia event. Russell managed to pack a significant amount of information and inspiration into a short space of time and added further value by unpacking the crafting of his talk.
Professional Speakers Australia

I've been speaking for 20 years and the structure that he outlined, and the ways in which you can use presentations for all of your marketing efforts, was seriously one of the best things I've seen during that time.
Gary Edwards
Magician and Professional Speaker

Russell nailed it! He was extremely knowledgeable, informative, insightful and the results were outstanding!
Marketing Specialist

I feel more empowered and confident with my marketing.
Collaboration Consultant

Weekly accountability, weekly sessions. It's been fantastic!
Master MC and Speaker

I find his methods insightful and motivating, and have seen great results within my business.
Landscape Gardener