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Key Points for Ron Lee

  • Ron Lee plays the role of Dr Takashi Kinoshita, a Japanese industrial giant, who is the central character in a motivational comedy presentation designed and written specifically for your organisation.
  • Delivering an, inspirational, experiential and interactive speech, he engages members of the audience to demonstrate the ways in which martial arts techniques can assist individuals and companies in attaining personal and corporate goals.
  • The philosophies come from the ancient writings of Chinese military general Sun Tzu ('The Art of War') and from Miyamoto Musashi, an undefeated 17th century samurai who wrote about success, lifestyle, self-motivation and achievement in 'A Book of Five Rings'.
  • East meets west - combining ancient wisdom and desire for achievement - TEDxMelbourne

Topics for Ron Lee

  • Increases mental clarity and capacity
  • Transforms bored or resentful business and personal relationships
  • Enhances creative vision, inspiration and purpose, awakening inner motivation
  • Heightens the ability to communicate from the heart.     

Testimonials for Ron Lee

Lexmark International has just enjoyed its most successful conference ever, and it was largely due to your amazing techniques in hoaxing, sales training and team building. Many of our attendees summed up the Conference with just one word — AWESOME.
Lexmark International 
...The consensus amongst our people is that it was one of the best conferences we’ve ever staged, and that our Guest Speaker was the best ever!
Mitsui computer

… While you certainly came to us with high credentials — it is always a risk choosing the keynote activity for a conference. You certainly did not disappoint us and added immensely to the success of our event.
Attachmate Australasia 
Dr Kinoshita was a great success! You had everyone fooled. The whole martial arts routine was great, especially with the arrow.
Lexmark International 
Awards nights have a predictable nature, with both award nominees and attendees struggling to survive an evening. Thankfully, the inaugural TQM Encouragement Award had you to uplift and inspire at the most critical moment. It is a consequence of your presentation which I believe ensured the evening ended on a high note.
NEC Information Services 
You promised me that your presentation would be well received, and yes your C.V. read well, but at the end of the day you really don’t know what to expect — you have to see for yourself. Well there is no doubt you left a lasting impression, people were frantically taking notes throughout Dr Kinoshita’s presentation. Why wouldn’t they when a man with such good credentials speaks with such authority? It was brilliantly done. The 2,500 people who attended will talk about it at dinner parties for years to come.
Neweys International 
After speaking to a number of the delegates there is no doubting the impact of your presentation.
Dick Smith Electronics 
What a fantastic performance you put on at the Franchising convention. You may not have known it, but the audience was nearly asleep before you came on stage. I attend a fair bit of comedy as well as seminars, and yours really took the cake, even by international standards.
Franchise Developments 
In the midst of an impressive list of speakers, Dr Kinoshita stood out.  Everyone who was there thoroughly enjoyed themselves and had nothing but praise for your performance. It certainly was a highlight of our conference week.
NSW Chamber of Fruit & Vegetable Industries Inc. 
I am delighted to say that the feedback from the staff has been tremendous and obviously they have gained great strength from "within".  The conference has been unanimously voted as the "best yet" by everyone and your contribution was significant.
Challenge Bank 
Based on the events of the night and the reaction of the conference attendees, I would have no hesitation in recommending ‘The Corporate Ninja’ to any of my associates. Like myself, they would be pleasantly surprised.
...An absolutely sensational presentation … I could not have chosen a better way to start the final day. There is no doubt that you are the consummate professional.
Norwich Union 
Your attention to details ensured that everyone was able to have a good laugh and I heard nothing but good feedback on your routine each day.
Subaru Australia 
I was absolutely delighted with your session and with the reaction of our clients… we all have the memory of a terrific evening.
Munich Reinsurance Company 
Thanks for your outstanding presentation at our recent managers’ conference. I think I had more fun than most watching ‘the sting’ unfold and then the looks on the faces. The ‘value added’ part of your presentation was the very real philosophies you espoused which will be valuable to all who participated...
Bank of Queensland 
...I’m so surprised with the amount of praise that we have received that my feet are still touching the ground! Our associates are still amazed that for very astute financial planners they were not able to see through your ruse!! The amazement on their faces was priceless.
Securitor Financial Group