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Key Points for Robert Tighe

  • Robert Tighe is a writer and storytelling consultant who is passionate about the power of stories to influence, inspire and change lives.
  • He is an award-winning journalist and No. 1 bestselling ghostwriter with a knack for helping people find and share stories that explain who they are, what they do, and why they do it.
  • Robert has been working with words for over 20 years. His clients have included, Red Bull, New Zealand Geographic and New Zealand Trade & Enterprise.
  • He has interviewed some of New Zealand’s greatest sportspeople and coaches including Jonah Lomu, Sir Graham Henry, Dame Valerie Adams and Lisa Carrington.
  • When he’s not writing or talking about storytelling, Robert is a running fool who likes to run ultramarathon trail races.
  • Robert has been a guest on a number of storytelling podcasts including Park Howell’s The Business of Story and Francisco Mahfuz’s Storypowers.

Topics for Robert Tighe

  • How origin stories can help you come up with a library of stories
    Stories you can pick and choose from whenever you need to influence or inspire your audience, whether that’s an audience of one (eg an employee, new hire or a client) OR a roomful of people (eg board of directors, AGM, TED talk).
  • How to overcome your fear of sharing personal stories
    Using examples from Robert’s journey to becoming a storytelling consultant and overcoming his own fears of putting himself out there.
  • Why businesses and business leaders need to tell more stories
  • How changing your story can change your life
    Using examples from Robert’s journey from a lost soul in his 20s to becoming an award-winning journalist, writer and storytelling consultant.


Testimonials for Robert Tighe

Robert’s Origin Story sessions for me at Weave were very well received. His Origin Story provides a very useful tool by which business leaders can share their personal stories of background, learning and experience to increase customer & staff engagement. It’s power is rooted in the sharing of an authentic personal story or experience that shows the human qualities and experiences of the presenter and grows connection and understanding. I consider it a powerful new tool whose quality and potential has already been identified by practitioners in leadership development.
The New Zealand Centre for Leadership Excellence