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Key Points for Rob Hartnett

  • Rob Hartnett is an inspiring, entertaining and insightful speaker and contemporary storyteller who has carried the bag and led sales and marketing teams globally.
  • Rob is happy to value add with onsite workshops and follow up sessions if needed.
  • Rob is flexible and easy to work with. He spoken in Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Malaysia, South Korea, UK, USA and across Australia.
  • Without doubt, Rob adds value to every conference through thorough deep research.

Topics for Rob Hartnett

  • Value selling in changing times
    How to sell on value not price and have client alignment every time.
  • The possibility mindset for goal achievement
    The three things you need to do now, the two things you need to do next and the three things you must keep on doing in order to achieve any goal.
  • The neuroscience of sales in a digital first world
    The science behind how people buy and how sales people can thrive when they align with the science..
    Getting to YES!
    Proven ways value selling can help you win more business faster.
  • Keep it simple. Drive results
    Why winning in sales is about simplicity and focused action in today’s distracted, hybrid world.
  • Additional Workshops/Breakouts
    Additional workshops and break outs are available if needed during the conference.

Testimonials for Rob Hartnett

I normally don’t do this but your insights were so compelling I was taking pics and emailing them to my team during your presentation. Apologies!
Business Development Leader

Rob really challenged our thinking as to what was really possible for us as a Leadership Team.
Bank of Queensland

Your presentation resonated well across our multi generation workforce and as a result collaboration and connectivity is up already.
Managing Director
Cantwells Real Estate

You are an inspirational leader who has consistently delivered great results by sharing your expertise, commitment and experience.
Vistage Global USA

I have never come across a speaker as sincere, knowledgeable and transformative as Rob Hartnett. The sales and leadership sessions he provided our company was exceptional. Rob is also highly intuitive in understanding the strengths of people and orchestrating them for outstanding performance.
Angel Investor
Digital Marketer

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive regarding your content and delivery. Thankyou Rob, you rate right up there with the best.
Spanline Australia

Rob delivered a keynote on Branding & Marketing with quality content using contemporary analogies, all delivered with high-energy.
HR Director

Rob is passionate about the Growth Mindset and is very engaging and deeply experienced as well as being a first-class communicator and educator. Rob’s style was perfect fit for my team – high energy, clear communication, curiosity, strong personal drive and a genuine desire to help others to be successful.
Group Executive
REI Super

Your energy and delivery on today’s topics was welcomed. It got the COGS working to think, reflect and act beyond the moment and actually prepare and be aware. You are a star and we are glad you shone on our team.
SMB Sales Leader
Australia Post

Rob Hartnett is a rock star of B2B and B2E sales. When Rob speaks, people listen and are blown away by the level of his insight and depth of experience, both domestically and internationally.
Head of Learning
Telstra Enterprise