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Key Points for Rob Hamill

  • Winner of the inaugural Atlantic Rowing Race.
  • Followed up by leading two successful defences of the Atlantic Rowing Race.
  • International (Rowing) for 16 years, winning World Championship silver and Commonwealth gold amongst many other podium finishes along the way.
  • World Record holder on the indoor rowing machine.
  • Truly remarkable achiever, truly inspirational story.
  • A film producer, author and event promoter, Rob has a proven record of applying the principles of achievement in sport to his own business.
  • A presenter who has it all: the knowledge, the experience and a wonderful talent to enthral any audience.

Topics for Rob Hamill

  • Anything is possible
  • Anchor to the goal  
  • The winning edge  
  • Teamwork to the top



Testimonials for Rob Hamill

Rob has a remarkable story, told in a clever and compelling way.  He is able to engage deeply with his audience; he made us laugh, cry and most importantly think deeply, as leaders, about our role in the world.  One of the best!
HR Manager

Listening to Rob speak is a breath of fresh air! Too often we come across heroes that seem untouchable, unattainable. But Rob’s earthy humour and humble nature coupled with an unwavering drive and determination gives his story palpable appeal and something that the everyday person can truly connect with. Communicating with a passion that is infectious, Rob’s story is one of triumph and tragedy and provides any listener the inspiration to get beyond the mindset of ‘just getting by’ when enduring tough or challenging times. He imparts the wisdom and notion that self- belief is critical and more importantly ‘possible’ for every one of us to achieve on our own personal journey to success.
Faculty Management

We have received nothing but the highest praise for your open and honest talk – many people have been deeply moved by your story and it was the highlight of the sessions. 
Marsh EA
Country Head

Child Cancer Foundation was looking for an inspirational speaker who would reflect the passion, the hope and the commitment exhibited by CCF and its members.  When I set out to look for such a person Rob Hamil’s name kept bubbling to the surface and I’m delighted I made the phone call.  Rob your speech is probably the most inspiring talk I have ever listened to.  Your story is an amazing one delivered in a passionate and yet entertaining manner.
Christchurch International Airport

… hearing your story was more inspirational than all the traditional "motivational" type trainers put together.
Pinkney Real Estate

It was both an honour and a pleasure to be your host. The whole audience was captivated by your speech from start to finish. The clever way it was put together and how you incorporated our theme was fantastic.  Your speech was truly inspirational and I personally have taken a lot out of it. The perspective on how I view challenges will change going forward as I am sure many others will too. I read a quote the other day that said ‘Don’t wait for sleep to dream’ and I think that sums it up nicely. 
Horizons Regional Council

Rob was outstanding.  As requested he arrived early and set himself up with minimal assistance using our equipment.  He was seated at the top table with some of our senior ranked officers and clearly struck a rapport early on, he skillfully (craftily) knitted some of this into the early part of his talk which was captivating and all were taken along on the roller coaster journey he portrays.  He managed to lift the room initially before plummeting down into a deep and (not depressing) emotional low.  This is done in such a way that he brings you along with him before raising your spirits once more and filling the room with laughter at the talks close. Rob cleverly molded his message around his audience and expressed great respect for the military people in the room. This was appreciated. I would highly recommend Rob to any audience. 
NZ Defense Force

Rob was unbelievable, amazing, so well received, such a lovely guy, so humble.  Had some of the audience in tears. 
Marsh Country Head

Rob did a fantastic presentation which was thoroughly enjoyed by all our guests at our Club Sponsors Function.  We have had great feed-back from people saying they enjoyed the night immensely and is one of the greatest guest speakers we have had to date.  A privilege to hear Rob’s story! 
Rugby & Sports Club

You made a significant contribution to the success of the Pioneer Industry Get Togethers. Overall, you scored and impressive 8.60 out of 9.00 (96%) in the evaluation questionnaire. This puts you at the top of the 10,000 presenters who have spoken at our events in the past! – well done.
Marketing Manager

Rob surpassed our expectations – engaging with our team through a combined lively style, and a content that enthralled. We recently conducted a post-conference survey, with Rob’s presentation being identified as a conference highlight.
Sales Director
Yellow Pages Group

Words cannot describe the effect you and your stories had on the group. Suffice to say the background of the Atlantic Challenges were inspirational and damned exciting.  We pride ourselves in that pioneering and winning. However, your focus on the world order opened more than a few eyes....and Cambodia and your brother utterly saddening and awe inspiring at the same time. You made a huge difference...and I now you will again with our group in times to come.
First National Real Estate

Once again I really appreciate the professional, hilarious and poignant way you spoke.

Your presentation engaged our group from the very start, and your personal comments, coupled with your well constructed audiovisual presentation, enthused and motivated my team - even to the extent that I overheard a number working out how they might put together a team for the inaugural Trans Tasman race!! Your message around the challenges you have faced (exceptional  ones which you made sound normal !) especially with the trans Atlantic Rowing Race, inspired us all in a way that we could relate those efforts to changes to make in our own work (and personal) lives to become more effective in achieving goals.
Group Manager 
Apprentice Training

Our management team were impressed with your story, and your presentation was much appreciated.  I enjoyed the way you spoke both of your adventure and also life lessons, perspectives and values. Many thanks for your time and inspiring message “Anything is Possible”
General Manager
Louis Vuitton

I loved your presentation. It was from the heart and I really relate to that. It’s a bit like watching a movie that is a based on a true story as compared to a Hollywood fake, the true story always gives me much more viewing pleasure. 
First National Real Estate

Rob spoke for AstraZeneca at our sales and marketing conference in March 2009.  He was an excellent speaker - entertaining, yet also able to get across some powerful messages.  The team was quoting him for several days afterwards! Rob's strengths were not only his presentation, but also his engagement and willingness to speak with the team both before and after his presentation. We would highly recommend Rob and wouldn't hesitate to use him again.

He was extremely motivational, interesting and inspirational…It was a fun presentation, lots of laughs and some good stories.
Fletcher Construction

Thanks Rob. Your address last night captivated our audience and I particularly liked the way you wove personal aspects, values, philosophy and humour into your riveting story.

The content of Rob’s experiences are remarkable and were presented in a light and often very humorous style. The speech will be enjoyed by the vast majority of audiences.... He went out of his way to talk to many of the guests about his life and experiences, which was appreciated and well beyond the brief. I could recommend him highly as a great after dinner speaker.
Brookfield Lawyers

Thanks again for you excellent presentation at our Conference. The feedback has all been very positive in terms of your passion, the humour, the presentation slides, and the life messages. An excellent package which we thoroughly enjoyed.

As you are aware we had a most successful and enjoyable Conference with over 650 in attendance. Many people have commented that Rob Hamill’s presentation was the highlight of the Conference. I must say that his ability to thread the sponsor’s name and services throughout his address, and in such a subtle way, was indeed very clever and professionally managed.
Rotary Conference Chairman District 9940

It is always difficult to find an appropriate speaker when we had an audience of such highly successful and motivated people but we found an impressive speaker this year at the breakfast in you Rob.  You really captured the imagination and attention of those people and left them feeling inspired and humbled by your amazing achievements. All through the weeks competition race managers, officials, skippers, everyone that attended the breakfast, were buzzing about your presentation and talking about the attributes and skills that you must have had to achieve such a feat. You truly added value to this event and helped in making it the success that was achieved.
Communication Action

Rob fitted the bill superbly - his story was fantastic enough in itself, as well as being highly motivational, very moving and a real eye-opener.  He has the rare ability to be able to relate his personal insights to issues facing people in business today. He used his story to emphasise the importance of teamwork, planning and communication. He is without doubt one of the most outstanding speakers I have had the privilege of hearing - this is not praise given lightly. I have co-hosted Telecom’s last 3 sales conferences and Rob is the only speaker that I can recall receiving a standing ovation from our sales force. This is a real testament to Rob as we have also had some highly rated international speakers at our conferences.
Telecom New Zealand Limited

Your easy listening and humorous style provided us with great insight into the planning, preparation and successful execution of a truly ambitious goal.  There is always a close correlation between successfully competing in a top-level sport and managing a successful business.  The focus and commitment you guys showed in making the journey across the Atlantic applies equally to any business.  Rob, thanks for a most enjoyable and informative presentation.  I don’t think you’re going to get any takers from our crew for the next race.  We will just settle for another presentation when you’ve completed it.
Lumley Life

Rob, being a ‘closing speaker’ places special demands on a speaker, for theirs is the speech that cements the ‘feel good’ factor as everyone leaves for home. You did us proud!  Your story was fascinating – a story of believing in yourself, of motivation and commitment, of thorough planning and preparation, the actual doing and finally of the accolades of success (unfortunately without the monetary rewards).  Such a story speaks to us at different levels – astonishment that two individuals could achieve what you and Phil did and the courage to believe that if that is possible, so too, must be the goals we set ourselves in our businesses.  You certainly ‘showed’ us along with the rest of the world that challenges bigger than we could believe in, are achievable”.
PAA National President