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Key Points for Rob Gell AM

  • Rob Gell AM is a coastal geomorphologist and environmental and communications consultant
  • Is an international authority on sustainability, climate and environmental issues and how they apply to business and systems management
  • Has over thirty years experience working with, and talking to communities and business on how to better understand the need to integrate sustainability decision-making.
  • An outstanding communicator who has earned the respect of government, business, and environmental groups for his approach to sustainable development.
  • His wide repertoire of knowledge about environmental topics, the media, technology and sustainable business frameworks can deliver key insights and stimulate new paths of understanding.

Topics for Rob Gell AM

  • Sustainable business
  • Sustainable development goals
  • Environmental issues
  • Climate science understanding
  • Global trends and leadership
  • Panel facilitation
  • Conference workshops 
  • Break-out sessions
  • Master of Ceremonies
  • Host

Testimonials for Rob Gell AM

Rob was very professional with his delivery & his power point presentation was exceptional. He also mixed with the delegates over morning tea and was a very friendly & easy person to talk to. All the delegates were very impressed.
Municipal Works Officers Association

Rob was very well prepared and the information was presented in a way that was understandable by all of the participants.

Rob was an outstanding speaker for the recent IBM Sustain & Gain Road show. His presentation was not only fascinating but very tailored to the event theme and each city of the road show giving the audience local insight to the environmental issues effecting all. Rob was very professional, flexible and a pleasure to work with and look forward to the opportunity to work with Rob in the future. Our clients at IBM were thrilled with Rob's presentation and the discussion created with their guests from the presentation.
George P Johnson

Excellent. Very positive response from our delegates regarding both the content and the presentation style.
Australian Funeral Directors Association

The calibre of Rob’s presentation – the subject matter and the credibility of his delivery was noted by all present at our workshop. Rob gets the climate change message out their with great credibility and conviction – he was motivating and sobering all in one. Fantastic speaker to set the scene for our Climate Change Workshop.
Goulburn Broken CMA

Rob put in an amazing amount of preparation as an MC for this event. His preparation was extremely detailed and he really helped us to craft the event program and ensure the linkages between each session were clear and obvious. He had us on time all day, and took control of the audience and speakers as required. He put his own slant on the event topic and did a fantastic job at facilitating our panel discussion and managing the interaction between speakers & the audience with Q&A.

On behalf of the Carey community may I thank you most heartily for your quite splendid lecture last Thursday evening. The lecture has been greeted with acclaim from those who were present and it is worthy of note that some have said it was one of the most engaging addresses they had heard at a Carey function for many years. You presented us with a splendid outline of the current condition of the world, its possible future; and the responsibility on us to change habits and lifestyle. I thought the balance of history and its current application to climate change was exceptional; the visuals thoroughly engaging; the delivery consummate; and your passion unparalleled. It was a masterly presentation and I thank you for accepting both the invitation and the challenge. Please be assured that the thoughts and prayers of this community will not abate for either climate change or academia in general. The school will, I know, make significant changes to its lifestyle to reflect the current concern over the climate. I thank you again for your presentation of the 11th William Carey Lecture.
Master in Charge of Special Events
Carey Baptist Grammar School

Rob was an absolute delight to work with. Extremely professional, well organised, engaging and was extremely knowledgeable on the matters that was discussed at the conference, he was much more than just an MC.

Rob was hugely entertaining and informative! Feedback from delegates was extremely positive, many hearing him speak for the first time. His visual presentation was concise and provided great context for his address. It was pleasure to have a speaker who spoke to the topic and was very well prepared.
City Of Melbourne