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Key Points for Ricky Nowak

  • Ricky Nowak is a highly skilled and talented Master of Ceremonies and Panel Facilitator with years of experience, who is cool under pressure, quick witted, and able to relax audiences so they remain focussed and involved.
  • Ricky is one of only 97 Certified Speaking Professionals in Australia (CSP) - highest internationally recognised designation for professional speakers.
  • She is a Certified Human Resource Professional (CAHRI).
  • Ricky Nowak is one of only 10 Executive coaches for the Australian Institute of Company Directors (MAICD).
  • She is a Speaker Resource Presenter for The Executive Connection (TEC).
  • Ricky Nowak is a media resource for Media Stable and a number of media bodies.

Topics for Ricky Nowak

  • Master of Ceremonies
    Ricky Nowak is an entertaining and high energy MC and lead facilitator, who creates a fresh and fabulous conference experience every time. Clients entrust her to adapt quickly and professionally to different audiences and scenarios, know that she is cool-under-pressure, and can improvise and support speakers, sponsors, event and AV team so the conference do not miss a beat!
  • Panel moderator
  • Audacious leadership – How to lead with conviction, courage and care
    This compelling presentation helps leaders create their own enduring leadership position and purpose by adopting the three crucial components of Audacious Leadership – Conviction, Courage and Care
  • How to make good people great leaders and reap the rewards
    If you’re serious about lifting the bar and not your blood pressure this presentation will transform your people into decisive and inspirational leaders who will drive your business and profits forward and up!
  • The eight critical truths of trust
    In today’s digital world the camera is always rolling and the microphone is always on, and there’s no such thing as  ‘off the record’ – especially for leaders. With transparency being at the core of all business today, it’s vital leaders recognise ‘The Eight Critical Truths of Trust’ in order to improve their commercial outcomes, deepen relationships and get better results. This KEYNOTE  talks about how to build trust from the ground up and build a solid reputation in business.
  • The 5 disciples of a leader’s mindset
    Today’s fast paced business world requires  leaders to deal with unprecedented levels of complexity and ambiguity No longer will they be able to lead or run their business with the same mindset or behaviours that build their businesses in the past. They will  need go  from traditional problem solvers to being solution tasked for the future. This insightful KEYNOTE focuses on how to take exponential steps in developing a mindset that goes along with a new set of behaviours that will help them stay relevant and ahead of the market.
  • Resilience, respect and relationships
    Businesses today may make their money on bricks or clicks but if we don’t look after ourselves and our people, our ability to perform successfully is severely compromised. Our role as leaders is not just about the financial health of our business but includes the emotional health and the ability to be resilient and respectful in challenging times can be more fragile the more challenged we become. This Keynote will talk about how to we can become more resilient against pressure or fatigue and care for ourselves, each other and those we love and work with.


Testimonials for Ricky Nowak

I got so much from the day and making sure that I implement what I learnt is really important now for me, Thank you for a great day!
Blue Orbit Finance

We really enjoyed your session. Thank you so much for sharing your valuable leadership insights.
Uni Grain

I’m excited to share some of the things we covered now with our Management Team. In fact I have already introduced the idea at our Management meeting today and will be sure to implement what I learnt. We are using the cards and loving them.

I enjoyed key learning and have already used your POWER template twice and written to my Board to implement my ABC. You may have created a monster.

Ricky Nowak was a pleasure to work with as lead facilitator for our conference! She helped bring the agenda to life, and brought her professional, creative and leadership perspective to the event.

Ricky Nowak worked collaboratively with the entire team in the lead up and during the two day DFAT Inaugural Returned Volunteers Conference. During the two days her warmth and positivity brought a great energy to the conference. She was able to keep the event on track, while ensuring that there was a depth to the conference and delegates received tangible outcomes.

Ricky Nowak has an innate ability to read a room and get to the heart of the matter. She challenges conventional thinking and discards pretence. Through her skilled facilitation, she creates an environment where self reflection and learning can thrive.

As Conference MC, Ricky Nowak’s customization, presence and professionalism with the client and each speaker was impeccable. She has an excellent sense of humour, and made everyone around her including the Event and AV team feel at ease.

In facilitating our planning day, Ricky Nowak brought a level of professionalism, structure and insight that enabled our team to feel completely engaged throughout and ensured that the threads generated out of all discussion topics were captured and summarized, so that nothing was left unresolved.  Her open and dynamic style brought out the very best in our team and delivered a positive and constructive outcome for GDV.
Guide Dogs Victoria

The demand for Ricky Nowak’s presentation was so strong that we sold out a month before the event - which is a huge success for us. She is an entertaining, engaging and highly informative presenter and I would consider this event to be one of the most successful we’ve held.
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

Ricky Nowak is educating and guiding the leadership team to improve their teams within the organisation and has helped us understand what we need to do to move forward.
Managing Director
Cummins Filtration

Ricky Nowak was our MC for the second time and has done another amazing job. She really pulled the groups together and created a lot of energy for everybody while getting the thought processes happening for all the delegates. I can highly recommend her.
Exit Alliance

Ricky Nowak is the Best Speaker Presenter we have worked with at McCain Foods.
McCain Foods

Ricky Nowak was lead facilitator in the 2 Day DFAT Conference and brought the agenda to life with her professional, creative energy and leadership perspective.                                                                 
33 Creative Conference Planner

Your session delivered powerful tools to help them be more confident and effective The high level of interaction and the emphasis on practical exercises ensured the session was energised at all times. I felt that you delivered an outstanding and very valuable presentation. Your passion and professionalism infused the meeting room and your generosity with your many hand-outs was very much appreciated.
The Executive Connection