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Key Points for Renée Giarrusso

  • Renée Giarrusoo has worked across at 24 industries at all levels with clients including Metricon Homes, Telstra, GS1 Australia, Workskil, SPC, George Weston Foods, William Adams, Drummond Golf, MLC, JLL, Intrax Engineering and many more.
  • Renée has published 3 books including: Limitless leadership, Leaders of Influence, and the International award-winning book Gift Mindset.
  • As award-winning author (Gift Mindset, Limitless leadership & Leaders of Influence), a media contributor, blogger and podcaster, your audience will find Renée easy to connect with and will leave with actionable insights and an experience to be remembered.
  • Renée is a highly sought-after leadership, communication, motivation, and mindset expert bringing in over 25 years’ experience, knowledge and insight gleaned from a diverse array of clients.
  • Delivering over 4000 presentations across 24 industries Renee is known as highly adaptable, relatable, and engaging. She is a well-known dynamic and energetic presenter, both as a face to face and virtual presenter.
  • Renée Giarrusso is a regular columnist with CEO Magazine and the CEO Institute. She is the host of the popular Limitless Leaders Podcast and on the leadership team of professional Speakers Australia (PSA).

Topics for Renée Giarrusso

  • Unwrapping a Gift Mindset culture
    Creating a culture where we adopt the Gift Mindset can take leadership, connection, and collaboration to the next level. By sharing the experiences and lessons we encounter from both challenges and successes, we can empower others and create a culture of honesty and openness and live our legacy. There are 12 key Gifts we can master when we adopt a Gift Mindset®. These are all soft skills or what we call “life skills” and are important to build on in any role to remain fit for the future.
    • The Gift Mindset concept and the barriers that get in the way.
    • The importance of a Gift Mindset culture and key barriers.
    • The 4 drivers of a Gift Mindset.
    • Provide the G.I.F.T process to embrace challenges and successes as an opportunity to share and learn from each other.
    • Tips and stories to reinforce learnings and make this part of the culture moving forward.
    • Increase vulnerability, connection, and collaboration.
  • The 12 gifts of a Gift Mindset (12 Stand-alone keynotes)
    There are 12 key skills we can deepen and develop when we adopt a Gift Mindset®. These are all soft skills or what we call “life skills” and are important to build on in any role to stay relevant, and future fit and build a collaborative workplace culture.
    These interactive sessions will explore and expand on the concept of the Gift Mindset® and will then deep dive into each of the 12 gifts.
    Resilience, connection, gratitude, curiosity, re-energising, optimism, empathy, growth, change, contribution, courage, and forgiveness.
    Any of the 12 Gifts can be run as a stand-alone keynote OR conference workshop depending on the priority focus and relevance to audience needs.
    These presentations include:
    • The Gift Mindset® concept and how to adopt it.
    • Stories relevant to each gift.
    • 6 key strategies to implement.
    • The G.I.F.T process to unwrap each Gift.
    • Interaction (optional).
  • Motivate to collaborate
    When people do what truly motivates them, they have a spring in their step; they feel lit up. By understanding what motivates ourselves and others, we have a platform to appreciate and leverage each other’s strengths. This also assists in building subliminal rapport and connection that contributes to deeper, more meaningful conversations and relationships.
    In this highly dynamic presentation, we explore and expand on strategies to identify and satisfy what motivates you, your colleagues, and your clients. We uncover powerful tips to decode language and tap into key drivers to maximise performance and fulfilment in role.
  • Limitless leadership - Lead from the inside out
    In today’s fast-moving world, as leaders, there is so much to deal with from technology, strategy, structure, systems, hybrid work and much more. These things can bog us down and hold us in a management mindset where leadership feels out of your grasp Leaders need to enhance their leadership to shape the future and be limitless! Authentic commitment, effective communication and deep connection are key contributors to being a Limitless Leader.
    During this keynote we focus on the key attributes and enablers needed to excel as a leader of self and others in today’s challenging and disruptive climate.
  • The gift of resilience
    Resilience is the strength of spirit to recover from adversity. It enables us to find hope and the courage to continue, even when faced with tragedy or negative circumstances. Resilience isn’t a trait but, instead, a result of tapping into internal and external skills and resources.
    In this session we explore the 3 key elements of resilience and the 6 keys to building resilience in the workplace including developing supportive relationships and empathy, fostering gratitude and reframing the script. We also deep delve into ways to spark your motivation and confront the things you fear.
  • The gift of optimism
    Optimism is a key trait of success, happiness, and effective organisations.
    In this keynote we explore and expand on the challenges with optimism and the benefits of it in our professional and personal life. We then unwrap the 4 stages of optimism and how we can move from pessimism to optimism. The 6 Keys to bring optimism into the workplace is explained through storytelling and strategies that can be implemented.

Testimonials for Renée Giarrusso

Renée Giarrusso facilitated a keynote on ‘Change and Motivation from the Inside Out’ at Telstra’s National licensee roadshow in Melbourne. Her passion, subject matter expertise, and ability to deliver an engaging presentation were just what the audience needed. Renée’s presentation set the tone for the remainder of the day and challenged all to think differently about how they personally lead through change. Thank you, Renée.
General Manager
Telstra Consumer and Small Business

Renée Giarrusso was incredibly engaging during our bi-annual conference, Supply Chain Week. She brought a great deal of energy and enthusiasm to the stage and very motivational content!
Head of Customer Engagement & Business Development
GS1 Australia

I was in the audience when Renée Giarrusso gave a keynote at a major industry conference. It was one of the best presentations I’d seen in years! She was dynamic, engaging, very persuasive and yet quite entertaining all at the same time. Renée knew how to connect with the audience powerfully and take the audience with her on the journey of leadership and change. Something that almost every organisation needs in these times.
Business Solutions Manager
Damco Australia & New Zealand

We first engaged Renee Giarrusso to deliver a keynote presentation on Building Relationships through EI for the members of SCLAA. Since that time, we have called on Renee twice more and have never been disappointed. Renee is very easy to work with and delivers more than promised. Her very engaging manner connects quickly with the audience and the content is highly thought out, organised, and always hits the mark with practical, real-world applications. Feedback from our membership has always been very positive whether the presentation was delivered at a face-to-face event or virtually. After attending the personal branding masterclass our members had a better understanding of their position in their chosen market, the importance of aligning their purpose with their passion and practical changes they can make to improve communication of their position to the market. We will certainly engage Renee for future SCLAA events and can highly recommend Renee and the RG Dynamics team for similar keynote presentations and workshops
Director at Supply Chain and Logistics
Association of Australia (SCLAA)