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Radek Sali

Key Points

  • Radek Sali is the former CEO of Swisse, whose role in the organisation was imperative in Swisse becoming one of Australia’s most recognisable and fastest growing companies.
  • Under his guidance, Swisse's revenue went from $13 Million to $650 Million and profit rose from $500,000 to $250 Million. He also assisted the sale of Swisse to Chinese Interests for $1.67 Billion in 2015.
  • During Radek’s 10-year leadership period, Swisse was awarded the most successful business of the year in 2012.
  • Radek is now the Executive Chairman of Light Warrior Group, a team of young, highly successful business people, who are wanting investments driven by socioeconomic outcomes, rather than purely financial gains.
  • Radek can be credited with generating in excess of $10M of charitable donations for the Lightfolk Foundation and the Swisse Celebrate Life Foundation.
  • He is Chairman of Food and Wine Victoria, 2018.

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