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Radek Sali

Key Points

  • Radek Sali is the former CEO of Swisse, whose role in the organisation was imperative in Swisse becoming one of Australia’s most recognisable and fastest growing companies.
  • Under his guidance, Swisse's revenue went from $13 Million to $650 Million and profit rose from $500,000 to $250 Million. He also assisted the sale of Swisse to Chinese Interests for $1.67 Billion in 2015.
  • During Radek’s 10-year leadership period, Swisse was awarded the most successful business of the year in 2012.
  • Radek is now the Executive Chairman of Light Warrior Group, a team of young, highly successful business people, who are wanting investments driven by socioeconomic outcomes, rather than purely financial gains.
  • Radek can be credited with generating in excess of $10M of charitable donations for the Lightfolk Foundation and the Swisse Celebrate Life Foundation.
  • He is Chairman of Food and Wine Victoria, 2018.

What things do I need to consider when booking talent for my event?

It is always helpful to have a clear idea of your ultimate objective. Some considerations include: What is the purpose of the event? What do I want guests to walk away feeling, thinking? What are key issues facing my organisation or industry? If this is an ongoing event, how was previous talent received? What sort of venue is being used? What is the budget? Discussing these questions with your ICMI consultant will help them make suitable recommendations to ensure a most memorable event.

What should I expect when I contact ICMI?

After an initial briefing, your ICMI consultant will forward a proposal with suitable recommendations for you to review. This will include biographies, specialist profiles, testimonials, a description of what the talent does, and where applicable a promotional video.

Why choose ICMI?

We understand that selecting the most appropriate talent can make or break your event.  With more than 30 years experience, ICMI has a proven record of getting it right.  Our consultants listen intently to the customer brief and ask the right questions in order to make the best recommendation. With 16 offices throughout Australia and New Zealand, ICMI consultants also bring a valuable understanding of their local area.

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