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Key Points for Professor Debbie Haski-Leventhal

  • Debbie Haski-Leventhal is an awarded and internationally renowned professor of corporate social responsibility (CSR), volunteering, purpose, and impact – with over 60 academic publications, five books, and numerous podcasts and media mentions, include The New York Times. She twice received the Vice Chancellor Award for Teaching Excellency.
  • She is the bestselling author of Make it Meaningful, a half memoir about growing up in a cult, escaping it at 19, and becoming a renowned professor of CSR – and half a guidebook on finding purpose in life and work. The book was published by Simon & Schuster this year.
  • An inspirational speaker. A TED speaker on purpose with numerous public and corporate talks and writers’ festivals, Debbie is a gifted storyteller who captivates audiences with her personal story and the tools she provides for finding purpose, meaning, and impact in life and at work.

Topics for Professor Debbie Haski-Leventhal

  • From escaping a cult to a life of purpose and impact
    Inspirational talk with powerful storytelling. Suitable for corporations, employees, large and small audiences:
    • Story of childhood trauma and family tragedy.
    • Joining the Kabbalah Centre and growing up in a cult.
    • Escaping a cult, devastated and shattered, and undergoing a profound meaning search.
    • Finding meaning through higher education and volunteering.
    • Becoming an academic and a researcher of volunteering and CSR, to a full professor and internationally renowned scholar.
    • Lessons from 25 years of studying pro-social behaviour on meaning and purpose.
  • Finding purpose and meaning
    This talk integrates the powerful personal story with ideas and tools for finding purpose in life and work. It is suitable for large audiences and employees as well as for small groups and workshops.
    • Short version of the personal story above.
    • What purpose is. Shift from discovering purpose to living a purposeful life.
    • The TIP model for purpose: Talent, Impact, Passion.
    • The meaningfulness in life and work model.
    • From little things big things grow: Transitioning from being purpose-driven to purpose-enabling and purpose-leading.
  • Business as a force for good
    This is an excellent talk for corporations, leadership, and employees. It can also integrate elements from the other topics.
    • Debbie’s story of meaning search: From growing up in a cult to becoming a Professor of CSR.
    • The shift from “best in the world” to “best for the world”. The holistic approach of Strategic CSR.
    • Purpose-driven businesses: what purpose is, how to tie who we are, what we know, and what we have to positive social impact.
    • How to create, measure, and share positive social impact.
    • From social intrapreneurship to brand activism: cutting-edge and world-changing trends in CSR.
  • Joint talk with Manal al Sharif – The Israeli and Saudi sisters who are out to change the world
    • Debbie was born in Israel and grew up in a Jewish cult. Manal grew up in Saudi-Arabia and extreme Islam. The two girls were raised in “enemy” countries, taught to hate each other before they even had a chance to meet.
    • Debbie escaped the cult at 19 and became a purpose-leader and a professor of CSR. Manal swayed away from extreme Islam and led the Women2Drive movement.
    • When they met in Australia many years later, they almost instantly became best friends. Despite the profound differences, they are so similar that they call themselves “sisters” - both aiming to change the world. They each did a TED talk and published books (“Daring to Drive”; “Make it Meaningful”).
    • In this joint talk, Manal and Debbie share their incredible - and unexpectedly intertwined - life stories with courage and vulnerability. They discuss the issues of women’s rights, religion, the conflict in the Middle East, and activism from a global viewpoint and what Australia can still learn from what is happening worldwide. It is a conversation filled with laughter, tears, wisdom, kinship, and, most importantly, their sisterhood.

Testimonials for Professor Debbie Haski-Leventhal

I just wanted to say to HUGE thank you for joining us last week on Thursday for the Leadership Meeting. It was so very good of you to support us the way you did, and I have nothing but brilliant feedback from some of the managers about your session. Everyone loved hearing your story and seemed to really enjoy the interactive session in the afternoon around building our Impact Statement. I too loved it and was so pleased you could play a part in shaping our future.
Managing Director
Medline Australia

In June 2023, I had the privilege to arrange Debbie to speak to 50 executive women, on the topic of finding purpose. Debbie was an absolute pleasure to work with from end to end, and her delivery on the day was nothing short of amazing. We received 10/10 feedback on her keynote which was the perfect blend of storytelling, painting a vision and sharing of tactical tools we can all adopt to live a life with more meaning. Debbie is the poster woman for purpose and is incredibly authentic and devoted to her mission. I strongly recommend Debbie as a keynote speaker who portrays professionalism and always gets the “wow” from the crowd. Co-Founder
Nine on Purpose