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Key Points for Prof. Geoffrey Blainey AC

  • Professor Geoffrey Blainey is one of Australia's best known commentators and academics.
  • He is also author of many books including The Tyranny of Distance, The Causes of War and most recently to top-selling A Short History of the World (an economic, social, political and religious history of the world).
  • He received the International Britannica Award for excellence in the dissemination of knowledge for the benefit of the world’s peoples in New York.
  • He was Chairman of the Australian Council for the Arts, Chairman of the Australia-China Council, and Chairman for the National Council for the Centenary of Federation.

Topics for Prof. Geoffrey Blainey AC

  • China, the USA, and Australia:  What does history tell us about great-power rivalries?
  • Australia in World War Two:  What lessons can we learn?
  • Aborigines and other Australians? What we should know.
  • The history of the world in 40 minutes. Three big conclusions emerge.

Testimonials for Prof. Geoffrey Blainey AC

“Excellent.  Our international visitors were most impressed with his knowledge, presentation and clarity.”

“You more than satisfied our expectations with your riveting comments and ideas about Australia.  What a pleasure it was to listen to your entertaining and informative talk.”
IFPRA World Congress

“A delightful person, willing to contribute his knowledge generously.”      
Kormilda College
“Thought provoking and able to deal with current issues.”
Australian Insurance Institute

“Everyone I spoke to commented how they enjoyed your passionate address regarding Australia’s unique history and the meaning and reality of Federation.”
City of Glen Eira
“Excellent.  A most fascinating and enjoyable talk.”
Benalla Primary School

“He has an awesome knowledge that is communicated casually and interestingly.”
Time & Place Event Solutions

“Excellent.  Professor Blainey provided an excellent, adaptable presentation.  He challenged the traditional thought process.”
Sealcorp Holdings Ltd