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Key Points
  • Nine Network's foreign correspondent and regular reporting for Nine News and The Today Show
  • Has travelled the world to reported on major international news events
  • Frontline stories from being the foreign correspondent, with a passion for conflict reporting
    • Peter was a constant presence in North Africa during 2011's historic Arab Spring, which saw revolutions in Egypt, Libya, and Tunisia.
    • He reported from Cairo's Tahrir Square the night Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was toppled as leader.
    • He was also among the first western reporters to enter Libya for its uprising, which turned into a civil war and resulted in the death of dictator Colonel Moammar Gaddafi.
    • He was based in Baghdad and the northern city of Erbil, as militants cut swathes through Iraq and Syria.
    • He spent weeks in Eastern Europe as civil war raged between Ukraine and Russia.

  • International memoirs from the most historical events
    • Reporting from the Academy Awards (Oscars).
    • Royal wedding of William and Kate.
    • Coverage of three Olympic Games.
    • Spending a week documenting the life of international superstar Ed Sheeran.