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Key Points for Peter Shepherd

  • Pete Shepherd has coached, led and supported more than 10,000 leaders and executives around the world from over 150 companies including Google, Slack, Kraft Heinz, Amazon, UNICEF, Westpac, Woolworths, and The Australian Navy.
  • Pete is the Founder and Director of Leadership Development company, Human Periscope.
  • He served as a Head Coach for Seth Godin’s global leadership workshop, the altMBA, for 4 years. Seth is a 20 times best-selling author, entrepreneur, and world-renowned speaker and teacher.
  • Pete is the co-creator and co-host of the popular podcast The Long and The Short Of It.
  • He is a TEDx speaker, having delivered his talk: What if imposter syndrome is a good thing? in 2019.
  • Pete writes a weekly blog.
  • He was recently featured in a Culture Chat with global company O.C. Tanner: The 3 Superpowers of Modern Leaders.
  • He was interviewed by Seth Godin on FB Live.
  • Pete is a popular guest on podcasts all around the world.

Topics for Peter Shepherd

  • Modern leadership (aka Human Centred Leadership)
    • The three most important skills of a modern leader (and how to practise them).
    • Why everyone is an imposter and what to do about it.
    • How leaders can embrace a coaching posture to motivate, energise and get the most out of their teams.
  • The future of work
    • How to effectively lead and inspire your people in a hybrid and remote workplace.
    • What does the future of leadership look like and how to train your people for it.
    • Why cohort based learning is the most effective way to develop your leaders and how to create a program that works.
  • Human centred change management
    • How to motivate your employees during times of significant change.
    • Why storytelling is the most powerful skill for communicating ideas effectively and with confidence.
    • How to master your message when communicating during significant change.

Testimonials for Peter Shepherd

A refreshing and engaging speaker who has absolutely no PowerPoint slides. Pete is certainly very tall and I found myself looking up to him both metaphorically and physically for the great conversation around the three most important skills of a modern leader – Humility, Empathy and Curiosity. Pete’s presentation landed well and was followed up with a great Q & A session which left our audience wondering; What the HEC just happened!?
Deputy Director
Leadership Development at the Navy

Pete was so effective that after just one short session 100% of participants were able to identify tangible next steps and felt reinvigorated. We look forward to continuing and expanding our collaboration.
Senior Manager

Pete’s session was a breath of fresh air.
People Leader

A really engaging and practical session and I appreciate that Pete drives discussion.
Senior HR Leader
Kraft Heinz

Of all the speakers who have spoken at my events, Pete Shepherd is the tallest. Oh... he’s also a funny, clever, inspirational, captivating storyteller and speaker that everyone totally loves, but mostly he’s super tall.
Craig Harper
Author, Speaker and Educator

Pete is an engaging speaker, using humour and storytelling to bring his topics to life.
Senior Learning & Development Leader
Transport Accident Commission

Pete’s stories and talks provide practical tools that you can take away and use each day to better understand people around you and build more effective teams.
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