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Key Points for Peter Shepherd

  • Pete Shepherd has worked with and coached thousands of leaders around the world from companies such as Google, Slack, PwC, Westpac, NBA, Adobe and Lululemon.
  • Has served as a Head Coach for Seth Godin’s global leadership workshop, the altMBA for 4 years. Seth is a 20 times best selling author, entrepreneur, and world renowned speaker and teacher.
  • Is the co-creator and co-host of The Long and The Short Of It Podcast with Jen Waldman. The show has had over 300,000 downloads across 150+ countries.
  • A TEDx speaker, having delivered his talk: What if imposter syndrome is a good thing? in 2019.
  • Writes a twice weekly blog designed to coach leaders, creatives and changemakers that has been viewed over 30,000 times.
  • Co-creator of The Big Ideas Lab - an intensive 6-week workshop that teaches people around the world the skills, tools, and techniques for creating and delivering high-impact content.

Topics for Peter Shepherd

  • The real, human (not soft) skills of leadership (aka Human Centred Leadership)
    • The most important skills that make up a world-class leader, team and workplace and how to practise them.
    • Why everyone is a bit of an imposter (including you and me) and how that holds the key to culture, connection and innovation.
    • How leaders can embrace a coaching posture to inspire, energise and get the most out their people.
    • Effective ways to unlock creativity and innovation that drive performance.
  • Sparking and enrolling others in change
    • How to craft messages and communicate ideas that spark action.
    • Why storytelling is the most powerful skill for communicating ideas effectively and how to best create and deliver them.
    • Delivering content that is high impact and leads with an understanding of the audience.
  • The future of work
    • What it looks like to effectively lead in a hybrid and remote environment.
    • How to harness the power of different generations in the workplace.
    • Leading across time zones and how to leverage a global, distributed and decentralised workforce.
    • Creating effective learning and development opportunities for your employees.
  • Delighting your customers
    • How to best understand your clients needs so that you can connect with and delight them.
    • Why delighting your existing customers is an effective strategy to generating more sales.
    • How to most effectively communicate to prospective customers to drive sales.

Testimonials for Peter Shepherd

Of all the speakers who have spoken at my events, Pete Shepherd is the tallest. Oh... he’s also a funny, clever, inspirational, captivating storyteller and speaker that everyone totally loves, but mostly he’s super tall.
Craig Harper
Author, Speaker and Educator

Pete is an engaging speaker, using humour and storytelling to bring his topics to life. Our staff really connected with the concept of ‘seek to understand’ in order to use empathy and build connection with our clients. Thanks for a memorable session Pete!
Learning & Development
Transport Accident Commission

Pete has an amazing ability to present and ask the right questions at the right time, getting you to reach clarity that you may not have on your own. His stories and talks provide practical tools that you can take away and use each day to better understand people around you and build more effective teams.
Product Box