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Key Points for Peter Hutton

  • Peter Hutton possesses over 30 years of expertise in educational leadership, known for his transformative insights and commitment to innovative, student-empowered learning.
  • Appointed as Principal of Templestowe College when it faced closure, Peter's visionary leadership transformed it into one of Australia's most innovative schools. Student numbers increased from 286 to 1,150 within eight years.
  • Templestowe College's groundbreaking "Yes is the default" policy earned a place among Finland's hundrED organization's top 100 most innovative educational concepts globally. Peter's TEDx talk has garnered over 345,000 views, and the school has been featured on prominent TV programs.
  • As a Co-Founder and Director of Future Schools, Peter supports over 100 forward-thinking schools worldwide, fostering collaboration and innovation. He envisions sustainable communities of practice as beacons of hope for educators, showcasing the potential for reimagining education and achieving remarkable student outcomes.

Topics for Peter Hutton

  • Working with twenty-somethings
    The 3.2 million 20 Somethings have a reputation for being self-centred, highly distracted and difficult to manage. Peter Hutton, has been a school principal and employer of young people for over 20 years and has been part of the education system that helped to shape them. He will share insights into what works and what doesn’t in order to bring out their best when managing this complex cohort.  
    From student voice to student empowerment
  • It is no longer enough to just listen to student voice. We must engage and empower them if we are to co-create genuine learning communities that will prepare students for the future. Hear how one school was transformed from a “school of last resort” to one of the most innovative in the world.
    No bells, no year levels, no uniform, no bullying, no detention, no compulsory subjects. Instead over 1150 students develop their own individualised learning plan, run their own businesses, are employed to help run the school and “YES” is the default answer to any student, staff or parent request. Could this be the new model of education?
    Leading the EdRevolution in your school and classroom
  • Australia’s academic growth has been stagnated for a decade. Over 40% of students are disengaged and no longer accept that the assignments they complete “will be useful to them one day”. Half of all teachers leave the profession within five years and 25% of first year university students drop out. Top down educational reform has failed. It is time for educators to take control of not just the educational debate, but to take ACTION in their classrooms, schools and communities. This keynote will show you how. 
    Questioning assumptions challenging paradigms
  • Going to school is one of the few communal experiences most of us share. Now imagine a school with no bells, no year levels, no uniform, no bullying, no detentions, no compulsory subjects. Instead over 1150 students develop their own individualised learning plan based on what they want to do, including running their own businesses, being paid to help run the school and where “YES” is the default answer to any student, staff or parent request. This is not make-believe, it is Templestowe College. Hear how by challenging assumptions and creating a change culture, TC transformed from a “school of last resort” to one of the most innovative in the world. How could your organisation benefit from questioning assumptions and a little more out of the box thinking?
    The future of education
  • Journey over the educational horizon. Learn about the concept of multiple futures, emerging futures and how technology in particular artificial intelligence, will redefine education. Discover the latest developments in cutting edge schooling from around the world. Be exposed to the greatest risk to the traditional schooling model and what you can do to ‘future proof’ your school. Don’t let your school or organisation be caught on the wrong side of history.

Testimonials for Peter Hutton

A big shout out to Peter Hutton for delivering a highly engaging keynote presentation and innovation workshop at our event. Attendee feedback has been very positive. Will definitely look to tap into Peter's expertise at future events. 
The University of Adelaide

Warmly received by the audience, great content, engaging style.
Knox City Council

Peter Hutton joined our executive panel which considered the current challenges school boards face in light of rapid technological change.  He has an acute understanding of future trends relating to education, individualised learning and the necessary change management needed to support our students meet and embrace the opportunities of the 21st century. His presentation was exceptional. A warning for participants – Peter is very addictive.
Conference Convenor

Peter Hutton is a highly engaging and passionate educator who can not only challenge an audience to think differently, but also provide the arsenal of strategies with which to overcome those challenges.
Conference Coordinator
Queensland Secondary Principals Conference June 2018

Peter Hutton is a highly engaging and authentic presenter. He was able to connect strongly with our workshop attendees, despite them being a large and diverse group. Peter’s ideas about the future of education are inspirational.
Conference Organiser
Nous Group