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Key Points for Pete Goss MBE

  • Pete Goss is the author of the best-seller, Close to the Wind.
  • He’s competed in seven transatlantic journeys and two races around the world.
  • Took part in the Vendee Globe single-handed non-stop round the world yacht race. In the midst of a Southern Ocean hurricane Pete rescued French sailor Raphael Dinelli. Pete was awarded the MBE and Legion d’Honneur for his bravery.
  • Pete is also an Associate Fellow of the Said Business School, Oxford University, England.
  • Built a revolutionary catamaran Team Philips (which was brought down in a freak storm). This was a five year project, employing more than 100 people, Pete brokered multi million pound sponsorship deals and set up a number of new companies.
  • Built the 37’ Cornish Lugger Spirit of Mystery as seen on BBC Coast. Pete recreated the voyage of the smallest migrant vessel to make it to Australia 150 years ago.

Topics for Pete Goss MBE

  • Innovation and technology
  • Leadership and teamwork
  • Challenge, risk and learning from your mistakes
  • Communication
  • Overcoming adversity a will to win
  • Vision and strategy
  • Responsibility and trust
  • After dinner speech: Dare to dream
    Weaving a story through history, family, risk and adventure. This is a unique, amusing yet thought-provoking speech recreating Pete’s journey on-board  the ‘Spirit of Mystery’.
  • Goss in action
  • Project preparation
  • Achieving your goals

Testimonials for Pete Goss MBE

Absolutely First Class. We were mesmerised. Without doubt the most interesting, stimulating and motivational speaker we have experienced… Pete Goss has excellent management motivation
Peek Plc

A superb speaker for our annual sales conference. He made sure that he understood our company, the event and the messaging we wanted to flow through from the conference. He tied together a fascinating and personal story of adventure, bravery and determination, with underlying key messages around teamwork, risk management and the drive to succeed, annotated with hair raising video and photographs. Pete kept our top table chatting all evening. I would strongly recommend him for your business event without hesitation
Andy Bennet | Head of Corporate Communications | e2v

What strikes me most about Pete Goss is that he’s authentic! No pretences, no self-adulation, just exceptional wisdom and leadership skill. He takes real-life adventures and extracts lessons that are relevant to many business situations
Dick Ehst | President |Customers Bank |Wyomissing PA

Pete was recommended to us as a motivational and leadership speaker.  We wanted to put him in front of our customers, a senior group of no nonsense operational management. Having not seen Pete speak before, I was apprehensive. His session was a keynote, the audience was tough, but one minute into his speech, the attention was 100%. You could hear a pin drop, everyone related to his adventure and story of determination in business. We were all truly motivated by it. In our feedback survey everyone voted 5/5 for Pete, we would definitely hire him again!
Robert Nehme |Director of Corporate Marketing | TECSYS Inc. USA.

Pete’s work with executives exhibits his ability to reinforce important business lessons. These include, how to move on from having an idea to making it happen and how to manage risk. He always remains humble and grounded - reinforcing the concept of the team approach. Pete’s sessions provide the ideal backdrop for global senior executives to challenge their capability, whilst remaining true to their values'
Steve Mostyn |Associate Fellow Said Business School University of Oxford

During a lunch event held in Monaco, Pete Goss gave one of the very best keynote speeches we have heard. He inspired the audience with his lively, well organised and thoughtful presentation, which was delivered with a fun and appealing approach. Members of the audience were inspired and could easily relate Pete’s incredible experiences to their own day to day business challenges
Kevin Marsh | Azur Productions

Just a few words to say how the team, and I thoroughly enjoyed your motivating and highly inspirational talk.  I was captivated.  For once, I had nothing to add.  I was silenced. You showed us that if the human spirit is there then anything is possible. You demonstrated again and again that when your chips are down and you have your back up against the wall, deep-seated resolve and determination will see you through.  You really fired the team up!   The other personal reflection I had is the ability to let go and rely on the team around you. Some things may not be exactly the way one likes, but so what! Trust the team.  Empower every individual.  Give responsibility and opportunity to grow. 
Sanjeev Pandya  |Advanced Oncotherapy

 Pete Goss has a “can-do” spirit that’s infectious. His exploits are both inspirational and awe-inspiring. When he recounts his adventures, you feel you are at sea by his side! I could listen to him share his stories, insights and wisdom for days - whether in conference or in the pub!
George Harris, President | HBM Marketing/Communications | Philadelphia, PA

I have heard Pete speak several times over the last decade. Every time, I see the audience go still, all heads point in one direction; one word comes to mind: Absorbed. Pete is a humble, eloquent and clear speaker, who tells the stories of his team’s remarkable exploits in a manner that powerfully and directly translates to the world of business
Peter John Brickley | Global CIO for SAB Miller