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Key Points for Paul Wallbank

  • Paul Wallbink has helped businesses and communities deal with technological and social change for over 20 years.
  • He is a regular contributor on Business Technology to The Australian, Fairfax Media and Smart Company.
  • Has worked with companies such as Google, Microsoft, Dell and the NSW Government helping their clients deal with digital disruption.
  • Paul has written 7 books on technology for businesses and households.
  • Founded a tech support start-up that grew to be a national brand.
  • Runs an award winning blog discussing the technological and social changes facing our businesses and society.

Topics for Paul Wallbank

  • Decoding the new economy
    A keynote on how the world is changing for businesses and communities.
  • Leadership in the digital age
    A keynote or workshop examining the challenges facing managers and executives in a rapidly changing environment.
  • Employment in the robot era
    A keynote covering how the workplace is evolving as jobs become automated.
  • Tools for the new economy
    A keynote or workshop exploring the business tools available for connected businesses.
  • Future proofing your business
    A keynote or workshop which looks at the strategies executives and business owners can use to future-proof their organisations.
  • The age of connected kettles
    A keynote exploring the challenges facing businesses and consumers in the Internet of Things.
  • Building digital communities
    A keynote on how communities and markets are changing in the connected, digital age.
  • The future of team work
    A keynote or workshop on changing office work practices.

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