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Key Points for Paul Spinks

  • Advanced Care Paramedic and a Trauma Councillor for fifteen years, Member: Australian Paramedic Association, Australian Counselling Association, Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine. Paul’s stories are taken from the treating chair of an Ambulance and cut straight to the core.
  • National Training Manager, Government funded employment services: conducting self-development courses to some of the country's hardest hit. Chief Instructor Northcliffe SLS, featured news segment for Channel 7 News and a columnist for the Sunday Mail, educating people of the dangers of the surf.
  • Director/Producer/Television Presenter. Credits include: Best corporate trainer for Air BP on behalf and the Australasian Petroleum Industry. Produced the official training video for the opening of Sydney airport dual runways and the profile of a Boeing 747-400 whilst on route to Antarctica. Starred in mainstream programming such as Brownies Coastwatch, Leisure World – a Channel 9 lifestyle program featuring Paul’s Kitchen, International Water Ski Titles and Col Elliott Coming to a Town Near You for Channel 7.
  • Board Member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA): representing some 70 world airlines in the development of their corporate training safety programs producing Interactive training films and videos that led to the corporate stage for aviation seminars worldwide.
  • Commercial Pilot: working alongside the safety department of Qantas and Ansett, while recognising the correlation between the development of an aircraft accident and the country’s ailing mental and physical health epidemic.
  • Clients include: BHP, Northern Territory Government, Stanwell Corporation, Department of Education &Training, Bunnings, Workplace, Health & Safety Queensland, HCF Health Insurance, Deutsche Bank, CEQ Islanders Board of Industry and Service, Glencore Coal, TAFE, Department of Transport, Queensland Health, Queensland Resources Council, Office of Industrial Relations, Meandu Mines, Stanwell Energy. Queensland Parliament.

Topics for Paul Spinks

  • The wake up call - The game changer
    Motivation and inspirational speakers all seem to echo the same message; all selling us a better version of ourselves. How can we become better managers, how can we have better relationships, how can we perform better at work, earn more money, have more confidence, be more resilient? All of this is meaningless if our mental and physical health is in free-fall, or the most concerning, you don’t even notice!

    I challenge anybody to perform at their best until we address the most important thing in the world …us!

    No, I don’t have a victory story for you, or a story from rag to riches, but I can promise you a presentation so raw and so real and so close to home that it will be life changing. Through sixteen years in the Ambulance service and as a current practicing Paramedic and a trauma counsellor of twenty years, my eyes and ears have witnessed many things and provided me an ideology of what a better version of ourselves probably needs to look like.

    This presentation reveals the crucial lessons learned from being an ambo in your lounge rooms at your darkest hours. Messages that will last a lifetime, and a tool kit to act on.

  • “Do life differently”
    The leading cause of death in the civilised world is suicide, what have we got so horribly wrong?
  • Chances are you know somebody who is depressed
    Let me make this personal because NOW, I’m talking about your family.
  • Know your cracks and get in early
  • Broken families and a box of pills to get through the day; your leadership academy somehow over looked this.
  • 85% of us will have a chronic illness by age 65, time to stop the rot. 
  • Drugs
    A real perspective through the eyes of a Paramedic and the shocking truth  that nobody knows. 
  • Turn yourself OFF to turn yourself ON.
    Who would have thought that we would create something that was going to change the behaviour of an entire species, from all looking up, to all looking down.
  • Breathing, cortisol and adrenalin; your ticket to sanity
  • The 8 minute and the 2 second rule everybody needs to know
  • “License to Speak, how am I doing?”, the question we all need to ask
  • We may have spent years studying the mating habits of the Wobbegong shark, but when was the last time we turned the microscope on yourself?
  • Solutions – and it’s not a pill!
    Paul will inspire change and provide a tool kit to act on, bring about purpose, direction, retention and meaning into your homes and workplace.

Testimonials for Paul Spinks

Firstly, thank you very much for such a powerful and well delivered seminar you presented here on site at Clermont. I have been lucky enough to attend two seminars over the past year that I have found to be extremely rewarding and insightful. I have just returned from a family trip to the USA and noticed that our site was generous enough to have you present this seminar in town for families. I would have loved to have my wife attend the seminar and I would have went to the extent of flying her up here from the our residence at the Gold Coast to see it, I took that much away from it and thought she would too.
Clermont Open Cut Mine

Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you. The actions following the sessions have been earth shifting in my workgroup. Awareness, questioning lifestyle choices it has opened up a lot of previously closed off minds.
Trade Supervisor, Central Energy Unit
Princess Alexandra Hospital

Wow inspiring, emotional, Informative, educational and a big wake up call to myself and lot of other people in the room (especially the blokes that don’t talk feelings) I wish you had of been around when I was in my 20’s I think my life would have taken a whole new direction....Thanks again Paul you are a true legend, it takes a special kind of person to do what you do, especially being able to rise above all of the trauma in your own life. You’re making a difference in someone else’s!
Bulga Mine

I want to start of by saying thank you. You have fundamentally changed my life. In August I attended a fantastic function organised by some selfless volunteers, hardworking members of our community, spear headed by the Central Queensland Rural Health where you were the speaker of note. While I myself volunteered for the event, I thought I was just helping out a little and I suppose it could be interesting. Boy was I underprepared. From the minute you started speaking I was hooked. There were tears, laughter, fascinating stories and a wealth of knowledge. Since then I have heard from people’s family members, employers, employees on how your talk changed something about someone. I can honestly say that you coming to Emerald to present your talk was exactly what this town needed. Since August, multiple events have popped up raising awareness on mental health and breaking down the stigma that goes along with it. I am proud so say we are now a community who is more open to helping each other, supporting others in time of need and advocating for those who are struggling to advocate for themselves. While we still have a long way to go, it’s an amazing start. I have had multiple business associates approach me about the possibility of you returning to Emerald, and I hope that you are able as I believe you have a voice worth hearing.

It was a pleasure having you present to our people across our many sites. We do honestly believe that we need to give our people the best information possible so that they can manage themselves well. We need to be strong and resilient both physically and mentally for the many challenges we have in our lives and your work with us made a huge impact on many of our people. I look forward to Thrive 2.0 and to keeping in contact with you.
Stanwell Energy

I wanted to express my sincere thanks and admiration to you for your inspirational talk at our Seminar last week; I found it gut twisting, heart warming, challenging and thought provoking, and it gave me lots of reasons to ponder the big questions in my life, so all good, keep up the Great work.
Queensland Health

I am finally getting round to saying a huge thank you for your fantastic session with us at TAFE on Tuesday.  I can't recall the last time I was so engaged and sympathetic to someone else's concerns and opinions on such fundamental values. It was full of fantastic stuff...such a timely reminder at the start of a work year. What an amazing man you are to share such wisdom and make yourself so human and vulnerable. You are going through big times yourself...I'm not sure how you are able to keep giving. I just wanted to say I'm incredibly grateful. Paul...keep looking after yourself in these times and lean on people when you need provide that support to many others!   
Department of Education & Training: I can’t thank you enough for the outstanding talk yesterday which has undoubtedly had a profound impact on attendees. We are receiving constant feedback about how amazing the launch was and numerous requests for the recording (already!) There’s no doubt you were the perfect choice to assist us change the perception of our staff wellbeing program from the ‘nice to have/optional extra’ to something that’s fundamentally essential to our core business – which is delivering the best quality education outcomes to Queensland children and families.
Names withheld due to Government ruling

YMCA Queensland Youth Parliament: This year’s panel discussion was titled “Will the Gap ever close; discussions on Indigenous health and education”. Our organisation was extremely blessed to have Paul on the panel; he made an invaluable contribution to the highly politicized conversation around the major gaps between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. Paul's real life experiences in remote and Indigenous communities added a unique perspective to discussion.
Youth Parliament Coordinator

Thank you so much for the speech you gave last night. Your seminar I can say single handily saved my life. I am a person who always sees the best side of life. I have so many amazing supportive special people in my life who are there for me no matter what. I have been best man on 2 weddings and a groomsman 6 times. I would like to think I am a person who people like and who many have come to for help to advise in their own lives.

I broke up with my fiancé on tues which was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. I spoke to you momentarily about her and the demons she has been fighting and my lack of being able to cope with a partner who one minute can be the most amazing person in the world to someone who is f##king horrible! Until now I have never understood depression. I always thought it was a weak person’s excuse on them not being able to say f##k it life is tough, but if it wasn't for the shit things in life the good moments would be just normality.

After your seminar, giving myself clarity with the breath exercise and looking at suicide from a different perspective, I thank you from the bottom of my heart mate. I was going to book a ticket overseas and go on a wrecking mission to destroy myself. I am so glad I didn't and I came into work and your seminar was on. Your seminar should be given globally mate I guarantee it would save so many people’s lives. You talk about the week before someone does it, if all those people who gave their life sat through your seminar in that week before I know so many people would seek help and wouldn't do it. I think to myself, was I in that week before period before hearing you speak.

I now know why people do it, a human’s natural reaction when they’re hurting is to hurt the person who made them feel this way. And by taking their life is the ultimate f##k you to that person or people that put you into a mental frame where they think that's their only option. Speaking to someone about what's going on isn't always the option mate in some cases, all my mates could of picked me up and spoke to me, but it wasn't until seeing you that my mental head space changed. I know I am just rambling on now mate, but just wanted to once again say thank you thank u so much mate your truly an amazing man and a life saver.
Mining Community Participant

You spoke today at Tweed Shire Council and I wanted to thank you from an over achieving Academic! You’re right we don’t always need to have the research and statistics to back up a conversation about the reality of life! Your presentation and real life stories today certainly supported that….although you did throw in a few stats, hehe :-)

I saw you shift a room today….I saw men and women wipe their eyes including myself. I have been fortunate to live a rich life working in diverse roles across health, education and care, am one of nine children and am about to welcome my eighteenth niece/nephew to my family. Whilst I don’t have children myself I have worked with vulnerable children and families my whole life and have recently moved from Victoria to Queensland. In my 20 years in government work, and following 6 degrees I have never seen such an amazing motivational speaker and I don’t say this lightly but ‘move’ both men and women in this bureaucratic environment.

I didn’t get the opportunity to speak with you as it was more important for you to speak with a distressed colleague at the end of the session but just wanted you to know I did want to personally thank you for your amazing session today. Most importantly for your self exposure. When you referenced that it was your daughter in tears answering those questions on the video I thought Wow! The ability to self reflect and see we are part of the problem and the solution in our families and in life is critical. Keep up the amazing work as it is so vital we keep having this conversation.
Tweed Shire Participant

The first time (ever) I have been to a workplace seminar where every attendee was riveted and listened to every word spoken!

BHP Billiton

In all my time here, I have never seen hundreds of men sit so silently for so long, riveted by a presentation.
BHP Attendee Life Coach

I have completed the survey. But of all the seminars and training I have attended in my years with Stanwell, this is top of the pile for content and satisfaction. It’s not often I say that a two-hour commitment was worth it, but in this case it was and I would have willingly stayed longer if he had more to reveal. Thank you to you and your team for arranging this.
Stanwell Attendee