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Key Points for Olivia Arezzolo

  • Olivia Arezzolo has over 14 years of academic and professional experience, including a Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology), Certificate of Sleep Psychology, Diploma of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine) and a Certificate 3+4 in Ftiness.
  • She is the go-to guru for The Today Show, Studio 10, Sunrise and The Morning Show.
  • Olivia has a bestselling book - Bear, Lion, Wolf - in 11 countries and 8 languages, backed by publishing powerhouse Harper Collins.
  • Olivia has been a speaker and spokesperson for global brands such as Ikea, Samsung, Sealy Posturepedic, AIA Insurance, Toyota, Ovolo Hotels and The Body Shop.

Topics for Olivia Arezzolo

  • From surviving to thriving: Olivia's personal journey
    In this deeply moving presentation, Olivia uplifts her audience by sharing her harrowing journey through severe anorexia, depression and suicide - and how she came out the other side to become the Leading Sleep Expert in Australia. From the depths of hospitalisation through to helplessness and hopelessness, Olivia's incredible story of triumph and transformation over mental illnesses moves each listener to the edge of their seat - and inspires them to do the same, for whatever battles they face. Intertwined within the session, audiences learn actionable tools and techniques to master their mindset, take control of their lives and decide their destiny - exactly as Olivia has done. Unforgettable and unmissable - to say the least.
    Guests will walk away with:
    • A raw, authentic account of Olivia's journey to overcoming severe anorexia and depression.
    • The specific moments that moved her from surviving to thriving.
    • Evidence that true transformation is possible.
    • Actionable tools and techniques to master their mindset and determine their destiny.
    • A deeper respect for themselves, and a newfound sense of self compassion.
    • Feeling inspired, uplifted and motivated like never before.
  • Sleep: Your ultimate superpower
    Transform your organisation from the inside out with this invigorating, inspiring and insightful session. Empowering guests with the exact tools and techniques to get their best nights sleep, they will move from surviving to thriving, with Olivia’s expert strategy for sleep success.
    Key takeaways:
    • Why sleep is your superpower.
    • How sleep helps you to become your best you - mentally, physically, cognitively.
    • Why peak performance and productivity are dependent upon quality sleep.
    • Key signs of sleep deprivation: is this you?
    • The underlying link between sleep and stress.
    • Top sleep saboteurs - and how to overcome them.
    • Chronotypes: the hidden key to deeper sleep.
    • Non-negotiables for your bedtime routine.
    • A step by step guide to your best night's sleep.
    • The system for long term sleep success.
  • Sleeping for success
    Designed especially for leaders, this interactive, results based session will engage and energise like nothing before.
    Addressing management issues such as peak performance with inadequate sleep, jet lag and energy optimisation; guests walk away relieved, revived and ready for ultimate action - with the roadmap to achieve it.
    Second, they also leave with a straightforward, science based strategy to enhance sleep - ideal for personal use and sharing alike.
    Key takeaways:
    • A thought provoking discussion on unique leadership sleep challenges Why sleep is pivotal, and needs to be a priority, for peak productivity and performance.
    • Impacts of inadequate sleep, such as chronic stress and burnout.
    • How to switch off easier after late night meetings Evidence based expert secrets to deeper sleep Chronotypes: the hidden key to your best rest Tips and tricks to overcome insufficient sleep.
    • Jet lag management.
    • Enhancing energy with caffeine and napping.
    • Must-have supplements to deeper sleep and boosted brain power How to curate the perfect sleep sanctuary - for home and hotels alike.

Testimonials for Olivia Arezzolo

Olivia consistently elevates her game as our annual speaker. Her sessions are robust, driven by solid evidence, and packed with actionable insights. Genuinely impactful - 10/10!
CEO, Link.Tree

Olivia's keynote was beyond brilliant - she completely blew us away with actionable advice and insider only knowledge, and we can't wait to have her back. The brief was to inspire, motivate and share expert insights on how to sleep well, even as a nurse on night shift, or a parent - and she delivered over and above. An absolute must for organisations seeking something impactful, unique, memorable and truly extraordinary.
NSW Nurse & Midwives Association

Olivia’s keynote boosted productivity by 41% in one week alone - with a measurable impact on revenue. She energised, inspired, motivated, and best of all, created real results.
CEO, Nuclear Media

Olivia went above and beyond. Not only did she deliver an inspiring, uplifting and informative workshop, she stayed after the event to answer questions from my enthusiastic guests. We loved her warm, friendly approach, practical tips and collaborative presentation style. I’ve already booked her for my next retreat!
Your sanctuary space

Olivia was outstanding - our group couldn't stop asking questions. she presents incredibly well, is professional and personable; and shares actionable expert advice with practical take home tips.

Olivia's presentation was flawless: we couldn't fault her. Presenting to an intimate group of high profile media and journalists, she had to nail it - and she did. Not only did Olivia provide clarity on how our guests could get their best nights sleep, she strategically interlaced our key brand messages, and helped them understand how the Samsung range could support the process - we were thrilled.
We'd love to have her back, and have already recommended her to our network.

As our keynote speaker, Olivia was a huge drawcard for our nationwide event. As soon as she walked on stage, she was engaging, interactive and full of expert tips and tricks - the audience loved her, and so did we. Without a doubt, she lives up to her reputation as Australia’s Leading Sleep Expert.

Olivia’s sleep seminar was outstanding - she is passionate, professional and has a genuine desire to help others get their best night’s sleep. Starting with a thought provoking discussion on our team’s sleep, she outlined consequences of insufficient sleep for mental, physical and cognitive health. Following that with a step by step guide to sleeping better; our team left clear on exactly what to do each night to sleep better, plus the motivation to do so. She surpassed expectations, and we’ve already booked her again.