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Key Points for Nigel Marsh

  • Nigel Marsh has been the CEO of a number of leading international marketing companies such as Leo Burnett, Y&R Brands, The Leading Edge and worked with organisations from almost every category imaginable.
  • Nigel is a gifted story teller. He has written three bestselling books Fat, Forty and Fired , Overworked and Underlaid  and Fit, Fifty and Fired-Up. The 30,000+ reader emails he has received provide unique and invaluable insight for his talks.
  • His new book, Smart, Stupid & Sixty will be released August 2022.
  • Nigel is a successful entrepreneur co-founding the global environmental movement Earth Hour and founding the world famous Sydney Skinny.
  • Nigel Marsh’s TED talk has been watched by over 5 million people.
  • Nigel gives entertaining, thought provoking and actionable keynotes on how to get the best out of yourself and others.
  • Nigel Marsh is a hugely successful MC with years of experience, his clients include TED and the Simon Sinek Tours.

Topics for Nigel Marsh

  • Master of Ceremonies / Host
  • Leadership
    Nigel Marsh had an epiphany when reading the latest leadership book on a plane a few years ago. He suddenly suspected that the author couldn’t run a bath let alone run a company. Ever since he has dedicated himself to cutting through the waffle, cliches and latest business fads. What REALLY leads to peak performance? For your business, your team and yourself. Nigel highlights the mistakes to avoid, and fundamentals to follow, if success is to be created and sustained.
  • Change
    How do you develop the capacity to view change and hard times as a good, not bad, thing? In his personal and business life Nigel has successfully learned to do just that. In this talk he candidly and humorously shares his secrets on how to turn disaster and adversity into success. Nigel Marsh provides a toolkit that everyone can use to change their mindset and behaviours to make the most out of the cards one is dealt. (Adapted for each client.)
  • Work, life, balance
    Nigel Marsh believes more rubbish is written, and spoken, about work life balance than almost any other topic - well intentioned self appointed gurus giving advice that if followed makes the situation worse not better. As one of the world’s most sought after experts on the issue Nigel dispels the 3 myths of work life balance and explains the 6 key lessons. Nigel provides an inspiring realistic guide on how to create better balance in addition to, not in opposition to, achieving greater success.

Testimonials for Nigel Marsh

He was honest and realistic and I think this really resonated with our attendees.   

Nigel Marsh thanks again for a great job in bringing out the best in our speakers. Your research and preparation shines through in your skillful moderation.
Growth Faculty

Nigel Marsh moderated our virtual Simon Sinek event over two days. He was unflappable under pressure, cheerful, well prepared and professional throughout - a joy to work with. Clearly focused on making the event a success he was open to feedback and approachable. A great MC – fabulous job.
Growth Faculty

Congratulations on a fine job Nigel, you were unflappable under pressure, cheerful and conversational throughout, professional and well prepared, and a joy to work with. You were clearly focused on making the event a success. Thanks for being open to feedback, being approachable, and for your cookies! All round great guy.

You facilitated the two days really well Nigel. It's not easy having over 1000 questions and a virtual audience. The pace was terrific and l felt as though l was observing a conversation between friends.
Infinite Game

Nigel Marsh gave a truly wonderful presentation - heartfelt, thought provoking and challenging. His theme and tone really hit the mark and enabled us to conclude the conference in a great fashion.
Managing Director
Aberdeen Standard

Nigel Marsh is a fantastic and inspirational speaker. He closed our conference yesterday and went down a storm with clients and staff alike. Highly recommended.
Head of Marketing
Aberdeen Standard

We have engaged Nigel Marsh as a keynote presenter and event facilitator at a number of Sunsuper’s corporate events attended by CEOs, CFOs and other executives from our key employer client and prospect companies. In both roles at all our events, he has consistently excelled. Nigel’s expertise, energy and natural ability to tailor his message and performance to each event and audience are outstanding. He is a true master at what he does.

I have heard so much positive feedback from our members. You did a phenomenal job for us – thank you. You clearly moved many, many people. I’ve received numerous comments such as ‘that was the best keynote speaker we have ever had’ and ‘ I am utterly inspired and committed to taking action’. Your personal journey meshed so well with the delivery of your points – and you made it so relevant to our audience members real lives. Again, thank you.
President AAEP
University of Florida

I have heard nothing but great comments on your keynote address. You touched many folks. You truly hit it out of the park.
AVMA, Vancouver

I’ve been with this organization for 28 years and we’ve been having keynote speakers since the mid-90s. Your presentation tops my list! Thank you for sharing a message so many of our members – and me too - needed to hear.
Executive Director 

Your presentation was extremely insightful and inspiring. It really was a pleasure to work with you. Thank you for taking the time beforehand to discuss the program with the client and make sure we got the appropriate topic for our audience.
American Express

Irreverent, Engaging, Honest – Fabulous! One of the best speaker sessions we have ever had.

The perfect end to our conference, the audience was buzzing – great message with an engaging and inspiring delivery. Thoroughly thought provoking, relevant and humorous.

Nigel Marsh was simply fantastic – and a wonderful change to the usual presentations.

Empowering and inspiring – the audience loved it. Great fun under pinned by a serious and relevant message.

The response to Nigel Marsh was terrific. We’ve had advisors and staff say they could have listened to him all day. If you would like a presenter that makes your audience laugh, think and reflect Nigel is the right choice.
Asteron Life

Nigel Marsh’s presentation was nothing short of fantastic – a real treat for our attendees. Everyone got something out of the session. This was clearly reflected in the feedback – he was unanimously rated our top presenter for the conference.

Excellent  - It was refreshing to hear someone speak so openly and honestly about his experiences. He was engaging and interesting to listen to.
Colonial First State

Excellent. Nigel Marsh was as expected - extremely effective.  We had Nigel speak to the McDonald's franchisees and for NIBA even though we gave him the grave yard shift - last day /after late night/first up keynote session he handled the audience exceptionally well.
Waldron Smith Management

Nigel Marsh was absolutely wonderful and his presentation was a success (as I'm sure it always is!). Great presenter, very entertaining. Nigel's presentation was very witty and I'm sure gave the conference  delegates a lot to think about with regards to their lifestyle choices. 
Conference Action Pty Ltd