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Key Points for Nick Abrahams

  • Nick Abrahams is known as the 'comic futurist' – as a former professional stand-up, his presentations are both informative and entertaining. Lots of music, videos and energy.
  • Nick is the global innovation leader at top 5 international law firm Norton Rose Fulbright (8,000 employees).
  • Impressively, Nick Abrahams built the world’s first AI-enabled legal chatbot, Parker the Privacy Chatbot (on IBM Watson).
  • He founded online legal disruptor, LawPath as a side business and it has become a very successful with over 60,000 customers & $5M of funding.
  • Nick Abrahams sits on the boards of: ASX300 software company, Integrated Research; global genomics leader, the Garvan Foundation;  the Vodafone Foundation; and the Sydney Film Festival.
  • Nick Abrahams is the author of Digital Disruption in Australia and Big Data, Big Responsibilities: A Guide to Privacy & Data Security for Australian Business.

Topics for Nick Abrahams

  • The human factor: Why (CFOs) need to elevate these 5 core skills to thrive in an AI world
    Join one of Australia’s most entertaining, informative and thought provoking speakers, Nick Abrahams as he explores the profound impact of Artificial Intelligence on the CFO landscape. Artificial Intelligence is fundamentally reshaping the world of CFOs! While AI might make it easier to become competent, how do you become exceptional? Nick will discuss five timeless human skills which, when enhanced by technology, become remarkable differentiators for you in an increasingly complex landscape. As technology marches forward, our unique human qualities become even more valuable. Nick will explain why Service, Communication, Relationships, Leadership & Adaptability are the crucial keys to success in the age of AI.
  • Ransomware
    Real-rime Ransomware showdown: A live cyber attack experience
    Step into the heart of cyber chaos with Nick Abrahams, a leading light in the field of cybersecurity, for an unprecedented live ransomware simulation. This hands-on session is set to demystify the complexities of ransomware attacks, offering participants a front-row seat to the action. In an era where cyber threats loom larger by the day, understanding the intricacies of ransomware is crucial for professionals across all sectors. Nick will guide attendees through a real-time ransomware attack simulation, showcasing the immediate steps and strategic decisions that need to be made to mitigate damage. This immersive experience is designed to enhance your cybersecurity acumen, focusing on critical response strategies, preventive measures, and the importance of quick thinking under pressure. As we navigate through the simulation, Nick will highlight the Six Pillars Framework which is essential for defending against and responding to cyber threats effectively. In a landscape where technology is evolving at an unprecedented pace, elevating these core competencies becomes vital for safeguarding digital assets. Join us for this live demonstration to gain actionable insights and empower yourself with the knowledge to protect your organisation against the ever-growing threat of ransomware.
  • How can your business benefit from the Web3 revolution?
    The crypto market is now worth over US$3 Trillion. Sceptics dismiss it, especially given the recent slump, but, given the weight of smart capital flowing in and the ever-increasing legitimate use-cases, this is a market that is going from mystery to mainstream quickly. Visa, Mastercard and PayPal all accept cryptocurrencies - in fact soon you will be able to trade crypto via the CBA’s app. Superannuation funds are investing in crypto. Many companies are holding crypto assets on their balance sheets as part of a corporate treasury hedging/investment strategy. Even AT&T accepts phone bill payments in crypto as do many other retailers. Crypto is going mainstream fast and there are massive opportunities and threats for all organisations. Crypto is just the start. The other key Web3 trends enabled by blockchain tech are:
    • Decentralised finance. DeFi is a parallel financial system that has grown from zero to US$100 Billion of smart contracts in the last 24 months.
    • Non-fungible tokens. NFTs allow ownership of digital assets like never before. This market grew from US$13M to US$27 Billion in the last 12 months and companies like Walmart, Macys, BMW, Apple, Samsung and Penfolds are all involved – with more projects being announced daily.
    • Metaverse – the “embodied internet” where, using augmented reality and other tech, you merge with the virtual world. Facebook just changed its name to Meta and employed 10,000 developers to build its part of the Metaverse.
      This session is perfect for people who are interested in how technology will impact the future of all industries, including their own. Key take always will include:
      • Overview of how your industry is being impacted, including case studies of how other businesses in your industry are investing in significant Web3 strategies.
      • Your customers want Web3. The key market for Web3 offerings is GenZ (<26 years) but it is expanding to older demographics fast.
      • A simple explanation of the key technologies involved. Not enough to build your own smart contract but enough to sound smart at a dinner party.
      • Issues involved in accepting payment in crypto or holding crypto in corporate treasury.
      • How NFTs can supercharge your CRM, your loyalty program and your “gifting market”.
      • What products & services will your customers need to buy from you as a result of Web3.
      • Simple strategies for how your organisation can benefit from the Web3 revolution.
  • Future of work - Technology, the future and you
    • Motivational, hi-energy ride through all the major trends; AI, robotics, data, Bitcoin, blockchain, millennials, app-ocalypse, healthtech and social. It is funny as well as educational and gives people the tools they need to make sure they stay relevant in the period of major technical upheaval. It also shows companies what they need to do to help keep their employees relevant.
  • How Artificial Intelligence is becoming mainstream and how you can get on board
    The machines are getting smarter! They are not going to take over the world just yet but they will massively enhance the capabilities of the people who know how to use them. In order to win in this second machine age, we all need to work augmented by the machines. We have to embrace the remarkable opportunities that artificial intelligence will bring.
    • Is it AI or is it just really, really good mega-spreadsheets?
    • How hospitals and clinicians are using AI today and what does the near-future hold?
    • Data is the lifeblood of AI, but at what cost?
    • Data storage moves to organic - the rise of the Synthetic-DNA Data Centre
    • AI is intuitive and for everyone - how a non-programmer built Australia's first AI-enabled legal chatbot in 5 days
    • Why you cannot ignore AI, no matter what your role
  • Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain
  • Data and cyber risk
  • Fintech
  • Health tech
  • How organisations can innovate

Testimonials for Nick Abrahams

Nick, YOU are a national treasure, thanks for a great presentation.
Magazine Editor and Conference Series Producer

We recently had Nick attend our National Conference of store owners, staff & suppliers. The presentation was exceptional, informative and captivating, as well as entertaining the audience at the same time! We particularly found it beneficial how Nick was able to bring the relevance of the technology changes into real life in a logical and very informative way.
Betta Home Living Group

Nick’s high energy presentation made sure our 250 franchisees were entertained and educated, but most importantly they were inspired by the opportunities presented by technology and the future. He uses a unique blend of music, video, humour and personal stories to get his messages across. Happy to recommend Nick.
Executive Director
Harvey Norman

We recently had Nick Abrahams attend our National Conference of store owners, staff & suppliers to our Industry. The presentation was exceptional, informative and captivating, as well as entertaining the audience at the same time!. We particularly found it beneficial how Nick was able to bring the relevance of the technology changes into real life in a logical and very informative way to help us understand how these can be used in our business and personal life.
Chief Executive Officer
BSR Group

Audience feedback was exceptionally positive about Nick hitting precisely the right note.
GRC Institute

We were delighted with Nick’s speech on future trends. He lights up a room with his energetic and engaging style. He even has the audience engaging with each other in a fun way. He had us listening, learning, laughing and (almost) crying. We could not be happier with our choice.   
VP, Asia Pacific
Docusign, Inc

He has an insider’s understanding of the world of technology and innovation. His speech was funny, fast-paced and insightful as well as being motivating for our people.
KPMG Australia

Nick Abrahams spoke on “AI and the Future” at our events in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. His performance was energetic, funny and insightful. Great stories and great engagement with the audience. Unlike other speakers, he gets the audience to engage with each other - but in an easy and enjoyable way. We have had terrific feedback.
Chief Business Director
WPP Group

Nick, your presentation was outstanding. This is the third year we have run this and it is by far the most engaging and entertaining presentation I have seen so far by a long way. It was a tough gig doing the graveyard shift. You somehow embraced that and you had the floor laughing out loud and fully engaged in your talk. Your presentation was well researched, thought provoking, relevant, absolutely entertaining, and very professional.
RSM Australia

Nick Abrahams was the after dinner speaker at the annual conference for our mentors, who work with Australia’s top SME business owners and CEOs.  His presentation on tech trends and the future was interesting as well as entertaining. Nick’s speech covered important topics, relevant to all businesses.
The Executive Connection

Nick Abrahams came on and immediately lifted the energy in the room. His presentation was a mixture of entertainment and information- much of it from his own personal stories. The feedback has been great. Happy to recommend Nick
Head of ANZ
Information Services Group

Nick Abrahams gave the futurist's presentation at our conference of 200+ attendees. He was everything you want in a keynote speaker - informative, accessible and, importantly, entertaining. Highly recommended.
Australian Healthcare Week

Nick Abrahams is a “P” speaker – powerful, persuasive, on-point and purposeful. He was hand-picked to address a group of 200 innovators, entrepreneurs and industry executives at  SWITCH Festival. If you are lucky enough to hear Nick speak, you had better be a multi tasker as I have never witnessed a room full of people more engaged and in uproars at Nick's wit and storytelling and at the same time furiously capturing the insights that Nick imparted. He is the complete ‘Package’.
SWITCH Festival

Nick Abrahams gave a keynote on "Digital Disruption" to our Corporate & Asset Finance Group (inc. senior leadership). Nick is not only an expert on this subject but has an engaging and entertaining style. The session was filled with case studies and practical advice. It prompted excellent discussions on what our organisation should be doing to respond to disruption.
Division Director, Corporate and Asset Finance Group
Macquarie Bank Limited