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Key Points for Natalie Waters

  • Natalie Waters has a 13 year career in Law Enforcement career often as the only female, boarding hostile vessels at sea, facilitating Hostage Negotiation training, working for various government agencies such as Intelligence, Prime Minister and Governor General.
  • Has worked as Close Personal Protection for H.M The Queen.
  • A Human Behavioural Profiler, Natalie now passes on and teaches the Codes and Patterns of Human Behaviour such as; Why we do what we do, how we make our decisions, individual stress triggers, what motivates and challenges us to our mental and emotional limits. 
  • Natalie is an inspiring unique woman that believes anyone can achieve anything if you are willing to challenge yourself and take risks.
  • She delivers her inspiring and unique story with a refreshing approach and is able to make relevant to any industry, business and conference focus. 
  • She is a sought-after speaker that is ‘just that little bit different’. She has presented and spoken at Maritime conferences, NSW Government - Roads and Maritime, as well within the Financial sector - NAB.

Topics for Natalie Waters

  • The importance of leadership and leading your team
  • Risk taking
    How crucial it is for growth and development in business and personally.
  • Performing under pressure
  • Dealing and adapting to change
    The importance of being flexible.
  • The codes and patterns of human behaviour
    Being able to relate and create rapport with anyone and everyone, and the important of effective communication.
  • The codes and patterns of human behaviour
    Understanding why people do what they do.
  • The codes and patterns of human behaviour
    How and why your prospects buy.
  • Self-belief and the importance of following your passion
    Using her own personal story and varied career as inspiration.
  • Being 1/1 female shouldn't stop you
    Using her own personal story and varied career as inspiration.
  • Perspectives of FIFO roles and work (Fly In / Fly Out)
    The FIFO worker as well as the person at home.
  • Working in a FIFO environment
    The considerations and challenges of being away.
  • Working in a FIFO environment
    The transition back to home life and fitting in.

Testimonials for Natalie Waters

Natalie Waters presented at our event that brought together Leaders, Department Heads, Executives and Team members from different departments within NSW Government Transport Roads and Maritime Services. Our focus and theme specifically was ‘The Importance of Using Your Networks’ and Natalie was able to create an extremely relevant Key Note and presentation on “Using The Codes and Patterns of Human Behaviour – to Better Network. Our team were engrossed with her background, experience, knowledge, sense of humour, 'down to earth' personality and ability to connect with everyone there. She touched on current issues and was able to talk about her relevant experience within both the Australian and International Governments as well as within the Corporate Business sector. As a presenter she engages with the audience with much enthusiasm and she had everyone captivated from the time she started to the end. Not only is Natalie’s message exciting and refreshing, her dynamic presentation style and practical approach to relevant issues, left the event participants enthusiastic and eager to implement new approaches in connecting and relating to others.

Natalie has achieved a lot and is no doubt inspirational to all that meet her. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is after a speaker that is inspiring and unique with a sense of adventure. She was happy to tailor her message to ensure it was relevant to our conference focus. Her message that anyone can achieve anything the set their mind to – resonated and inspired everyone there.
Event Organiser
NSW Government, Roads and Maritime

We had Natalie Waters come and speak at our Annual Boating Conference. Her story and background is remarkable and had everyone there captivated and in ore of what she had done and achieved. Her vast and impressive Maritime experience proved to be highly relevant and real interest as a Key note Speaker at our conference, with a message that anyone can achieve anything they put their mind to if you have the passion. She certainly inspired everyone there with her outlook on life and her background. Natalie is a true pioneer that looks for Adventure in all that she does. She has shown us that taking risk is necessary in life order in order to gain progress within personal growth and in business.
Event Organiser
Regional Maritime Annual Conference

I was fortunate to meet the amazing Natalie from Elevate Coaching last year though the Sunshine Coast Business Network Group. As the group co-facilitator, we had identified a need within the business networking group for quality mini-workshops/presentations from inspiring women and asked Natalie to be our very first speaker. Her Human Behavioural Profiling workshop was held in front of a record attending room and Natalie’s confident friendly delivery had everyone completely focussed and engaged. Not only was the content wonderful, she also made it fun and relevant. It would become incredibly relevant to me just hours later, as during Natalie’s workshop I had a ‘lightbulb’ moment about a client I had been dealing with. I am a residential real estate agent and 18 months prior to Natalie’s DISC workshop I’d met a lovely lady “Jill” at her home and over the course of time our relationship grew. She was a soft, gentle person who would often invite me in to see the slow-but-sure home improvements, as she had mentioned she would eventually be selling. She and her husband “Jack” owned 3 homes and he was most often at one of the other residences. Jill often asked for my opinion on her improvements and on the real estate market in general and began referring to me as ‘her agent’, often discussing the future sales campaign.

Finally I received the call from Jill advising that they were nearly ready to sell, only there was a small glitch – Jack had decided to use another agent who had been recommended by a friend. She said, Jack had unbeknownst to her, had already met with this agent and that he had apparently impressed Jack with his professionalism. Jill was beside herself and upset, especially as she would be the one residing in the property during the sales campaign and dealing with the chosen agent. I called Jack and convinced him that we should meet and to give me a chance to outline my strategies for the property. I felt anxious, thinking how I could convince Jack in just one hour of all my (excellent) qualities, and help him to see (in a very short time) what Jill had learned about me in the prior 18 months. During Natalie’s workshop my lightbulb had gone off – I needed to use these profiling skills to profile Jack my prospective ‘tricky case’. I had realised instantly that his wife was very much that of ‘S energy’ and that Jack had to be a high ‘C/D energy’. Knowing that I was a definite I/S energy type that was energetic and nurturing – I identified that Jack and I were polar opposites. I left Natalie’s workshop confident that I now had the magic code that would allow me to speak Jack’s language. I realised that he didn’t want to hear my exciting and emotive case studies of wonderful sales that meant life changing results for families, that he would only want facts, figures – delivered directly. I had realised that I had only sold, the way I like to be sold to – not really understanding how to effectively relate to all behavioural types. I prepared for the meeting and ensured that I had printed out data, reports, testimonials, proposals and memorised every number remotely relevant, as I knew these would be important to him. When I arrived, I dampened down my usual ‘bubbly’ persona and adopted direct, assertive, super-efficient C/D Behavioural attributes right from the start – starting with a firm handshake. I commented on how busy he is and how valuable his time was, so I would get “right to the point”. I presented to him everything I had with a clear, direct confidence and knew I had to resist the temptation of backing down or crumbling if he questioned me as it was not personal to him – only business. When I had finished I knew that I had to be direct in asking for the business, so I said to him confidently “When are you going to put me to work?”, to which I thought I was hearing things when I heard his reply of “Well I am surprised, you have impressed me – Where a do I sign?” His wife was across the table with happy tears in her eyes surreptitiously giving me the thumbs up. The outcome for Jack & Jill was a record breaking sales result for a 3-bedroom home in their area, so they both were extremely pleased and wrote me one of the best reviews I’ve ever received. Thank you, Natalie, for giving me the awareness of some of the crucial tools, codes and patterns of Human Behaviour. Since then, I have noticed a significant increase in my listings and sales, just by ‘rejigging’ my approach. These are skills I will have forever and be able to apply in all aspects of life and in business.
Sales Consultant, Define Property
Sunshine Coast, Qld