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Key Points for Nadia Owen

  • Nadia Owens media appearances include: The Home Run with Hase & Marto (radio appearance) July 2022; WA Grand Final Week Show (channel 7 TV appearance) September 2021; Save It For Tinder Mate (newspaper article from viral LinkedIn post, and subsequent radio and online pieces) May 2021.
  • Her personal awards include; 40under40 2022 Nominee Business News (WA); Excellence in Customer Service Award 2012 Australian Achiever Awards (VIC); Best In-House Wedding Advisor 2012 ABIA Award (VIC).
  • Her other awards include; Business Event Venues Silver Winner 2019 & 2022 Perth Airport WA Tourism Awards (WA); Best Venue Cater (Events) 2019, 2021, 2022 Gold Plate Awards (WA) (no 2020 award due to COVID); Conferences and Functions 2022 AHA WA Awards for Excellence (WA); Best Events Caterer Silver Winner 2019 Savour Australia Restaurant & Catering Hostplus Awards for Excellence (National); Best Events Caterer 2019 Savour Australia Restaurant & Catering Hostplus Awards for Excellence (WA); Best New Caterer 2018 Savour Australia Hostplus National Awards for Excellence (WA).

Topics for Nadia Owen

  • Childhood and family background
    Nadia shares her upbringing in Sydney, highlighting her father's pioneering work in microsurgery and her mother's immigration from the UK. She talks about her early exposure to the medical world and her family's influence on her values and ambitions.
  • Bullying and challenges in school
    Nadia discusses her experiences of being bullied by her peers during her school years. She shares the emotional and physical hardships she faced and the impact it had on her self-esteem and relationships.
  • Career journey and ambitions
    Nadia narrates her career journey, from working in London's event scene to returning to Sydney and Melbourne before settling in Perth. She emphasises her passion for hospitality, events, and creating unique experiences for guests and talks about pushing boundaries in order to carve out the career you desire regardless of the obstacles met along the way.
  • Leadership and gender bias
    Nadia’s speech addresses the challenges she encounters as a woman in leadership, particularly in the male-dominated stadium management industry. She discusses navigating gender biases, stereotypes, and expectations while striving to assert herself as a leader.
  • Empowerment and speaking up
    The speech highlights the importance of empowerment and encourages her team members, especially young women, to be strong and independent in their careers. Nadia stresses the significance of speaking up about personal experiences, such as bullying and assault, to effect positive change.
  • Perseverance and legacy
    Throughout the speech, the theme of perseverance and determination shines through. Nadia shares her father's legacy in the medical world and her own commitment to creating her mark in the stadium management industry by empowering her team – sending the ladder down – and challenging traditional norms.

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